my week in photos 24th sep - 30th sep 2012

cute nails: elf's 'innocent' base-coat + technic's 'carnival' glitter top-coat · film night.. for one! · uni work has started · wore jeans for the first time in years! 
1) I've kinda procrastinated over the past three weeks and left starting my three Uni assignments until this week (may i mention I begin the forth week tomorrow 01/10!). I have two practical projects which involve thinking of an idea, shooting, printing and presenting and the other is an essay. I'm so undecided on one of the projects but I need to get my bum into gear cos time will soon creep up on me!

2) I enrolled at UEL (University of East London) on Wednesday which is my second campus. It was alright there. The photography facilities are okay but I feel they're better at my primary campus, however the library seems a tad on the amazing side compared to my primary campus, so I think I'll be using both over the next two years. Made a new friend who was simply the most random person I think I've ever met. Turns out he performs in his band in Hoxton/Shoreditch/Camden which is where I grew up, how mad! Also popped to Stratford Westfield Wednesday with my Uni buddy Bardha who I should have probably mentioned in last week's post as she's so lovely and funny!

3) Last, but not least, I met up with a friend on Friday night for a cinema trip around the Canary Wharf area. I've never been there and did completely judge it to be full of business people and banks, but it's so nice, especially at night! May have to take another trip up there soon to adventure some more, hmm!
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things i like #6

A series of photographs that feature old people with tattoos!
♥ View the full series here 

Ophelia Horton is a 12 year old fashion blogger, receiving 35,000 hits on her a blog a month. She even attended London Fashion Week. How amazing?!
♥ Read the mail online article here
Visit her fashion blog here 

originally found on tumblr (credit unknown)

Found on tumblr, original credit unknown
♥ How cute :) 

♥ I literally cannot stop staring at this photograph; how beautiful is she!? 

♥ songs i'm listening to:
dancing song (little comets), crazy chick (charlotte church), grind with me (pretty ricky) [LOL], naughty girl (beyonce), fill my little world (the feeling)

♥ other things:
1) I was featured on the fashiontreatment website a few weeks ago! Check it out here

2) This guy's Lookbook! I think I literally adore men's fashion a little more than women's. Is that weird?
3) This made me laugh - try and punch the guy's nose! Have a go here :-)
4) Jessie J's auto-biography is officially on the shelves and I haven't bought it yet!

I'm designing blogs again but because of Uni I'm only accepting 3-5 commissions a month, maybe every two months if I'm busy with work. I currently have two templates I've been working on for a few months available on my new shop. It was opened a few nights ago but I haven't really advertised about it! So here goes! One design has already been purchased so if you are interested then check them out and email me. Introductory price of just £20 :-) SHOP HERE

♥ blogs i'm reading:
1) penny from fashion fade ♥ - amazing style!
2) maria from funfairs and triangles ♥ - a great fashion/style blog :-)
3) sammi from beautycrush ♥ - lovely girl and i've really enjoyed the LFW street style posts!
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instagram: ashllyd £50 blogger challenge

One of the latest blogger's competitions making its way around is the Boo Hoo £50 challenge, run by Fashion Vouchers. The competition basically involves choosing an outfit from the Boohoo website that totals £50 (you're not allowed to use any kind of discount!). I know a lot of girls love Boohoo's stock, but I've never purchased from there, so it's been fun having a nosy around the website looking for items to choose for my entry. It's been really fun and I'm surprised at how affordable Boohoo's range is!

I chose a pleather skirt as they're on trend for A/W '12, are smart and casual at the same time, and can be easily dressed up or down. I absolutely love pleather skirts mainly for the fact that you can pair ANY top/jumper/shirt with one and you're good to go. I recently picked up a similar version of the skull tee in H&M but I like this version a little better as it's longer so could be worn with thick leggings too. The flat-forms have been on trend for a while and I think they'll be sticking around for quite a while yet!

On a whole, I adore this outfit. I would happily wear it to University, maybe with sheer tights and frilly white socks. I'd also wear it out on a date or to a family celebration. It's super chic and an outfit I really want to wear!
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my week in photos: 17th sep - 23rd sep 2012

Monday's outfit · Cheeky lunchtime starbucks · Thursday's outfit (post here· Bought a cool new top! · Wednesday's outfit · Watched Ice Age (1) for the first time · Trying to keep warm · Pizzaaaaaaa
001: I've been really unwell this week, which is a rare thing for me. Jack Frost found his way to me and gave me an awful cold, which was so bad I stayed in bed for two days straight. I'm feeling a little better now, but am definitely wrapping up warm for the coming week, especially as it's pretty much raining everyday.. starting today!

002: So, let me give you a Uni update! I really love it! - I've been given three projects this semester and have around three months to complete them. One of them is a self-portraiture project which is slightly scary, but I've thought of an idea! I went to the library this week and checked out the photography books etc. I found a really cool photography magazine called Hot Shoe, which I'm thinking of subscribing to. It's only £30 for 6 issues aswell!

003: I bought a new camera yesterday which has set me back a grand total of £844. I decided on the Nikon D5100 after being undecided between Nikon and Canon, however I felt Canon were too 'plastic-y and light' in my hands compared the solid-brick-like-ness of the Nikon. I'm absolutely in love with it though and can't wait to start using it on proper shoots. Just gotta get back into the swing of things and look for some more freelance work! - I also bought a wide angle f/1.8 portrait lens and a flash gun, aswell as insurance (couldn't risk dropping it and dying of heartbreak) which is why it was all a little more pricey... but so worth it!
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toothpaste kisses

cross necklace: can't remember where it's from!
shirt:charity shop
tights: primark
skirt + belt: urban outfitters
shoes: topshop

This is actually what I wore yesterday to University but as soon as I got home my mum asked if I wanted to go shopping so I obviously couldn't pass up such an opportunity!!!

This is my most worn shirt ever. I got it for about £1.30 in a local charity shop and I've worn it over and over again. It creases like mad but I can deal with that. It looks really good with levi shorts too but mine are currently too big so I need to buy some new ones. This skirt literally matches everything so I think this on a whole, is one of my favourite outfits ever.

I thought I would include my mum's pride and joy at the moment: the massive, random sunflower we have growing in the garden. I have called him Sunny. Everyone say hello to Sunny!!!! 
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vanish and the stain is gone!


Vanish is a very well known brand that produce the best-selling cleaning and washing products for us consumers to try. I've always been aware of the famous pink bottles and tubs that sit on the shelves in supermarkets, but my mum does the laundry (she refuses to let me touch the washing machine - I have offered!), so it's down to her what products she decides to buy. 

Vanish kindly sent me/my family some cleaning/washing products to try out last month. My mum's been really enjoying trying out the products and will definitely purchase more in the near future.

The products tackle stain removal which we were pleasantly surprised to say worked! One of my favourite t-shirts was stained due to me having red hair and letting my hair air-dry (the banes of having coloured hair) - so there was wet drip like marks on the back of the t-shirt. Once the stain removal was applied, it took around twenty minutes for the product to soak in and after an hour or so, the stain had disappeared... just like magic!

They also offer products to remove carpet stains and coffee stains. If you have a specific stain you wish to remove, you can use this chart selector to select the stain (there's many!) and it will give you a direct product that is recommended for you to try. You may want to check out their FAQ page for any specific questions you may have. 

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my week in photos: 10th sep - 16th sep 2012

Monday's outfit post (blogged about it here· Walking home from Uni Tuesday · Liz Earle goodies (: · Blog's "to-do list" · Thursday night's outfit · Hangover cure (i love this film) · Too hungover to answer the door to parcels · Off to work! · Beautiful walk home from work Saturday · Sorting out stuff I no longer wear! · My beautiful niece · The best text I've ever received.
Had a really easy week if I'm honest. I think I'm a lot happier with Uni compared to the college days due to the fact I start at 10am everyday, finish at 4:30pm Monday and Tuesday and then finish at midday on Wednesday. Easy peasy!

Caught up with an old friend this week and went for drinks. Got stupidly drunk by being silly and mixing drinks. Had my very first jägerbomb and I don't think I shall be trying a second! But saying that, it was a great night and now I can be a real student and waste all my student loan on alcohol and more nights out! Only kidding, I have camera lenses to buy, books, photo paper, film and all that jazz!
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things i like #5

found via tumblr (here)
♥ I'm a strong believe in karma so this made me smile! 

found via tumblr (credit unknown)
♥ This has really inspired me! 

watch on youtube
♥ Found this girl's channel randomly the other day and i'm actually in love! 

♥ "intimacy": 
Nobuyoshi Araki published "Sentimental Journey": a book of pictures of his wife taken during their honeymoon. When she died a few years later, the Japanese photographer thought that those pictures were the most beautiful present he could ever have. 

watch on youtube
♥ This pretty much makes my YEAR! 

♥ songs i'm listening to:
i'm not sorry (the pigeon detectives), wings (little mix), red (daniel merriweather), tambourine (eve), you got the love (the source/candi staton), & send me on my way (rusted root)

♥ blogs i'm reading:
1) mona @ chippedandchapped // she's a total babe anyway but i've been really enjoying reading her blog this week :)

I haven't read many blogs lately due to being super busy, but i shall update my blogroll soon!
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bags of love: personalised make-up bag

Personalised makeup bag* Bags of Love

I always buy cheap little makeup bags which get ruined after a couple of weeks and just end up being thrown away. When bags of love asked if I would like to try out one of their items, I was a little stuck for choice as they have so many products to choose from! However, I saw that they do personalised makeup bags; either made from leather (£49) or italian patent vinyl (£34.95).  This particular bag comes in a choice of four colours; pink, blue, black or yellow but I went for the black as black's a little more.. classy. It wipes clean (which is great if your makeup bag eventually gets messy like mine!), has a cute heart zipper and has a fantastic satin printed image. For an extra £9 you can get the bag printed double sided, however I just got a picture of me and my sister printed on one side.

I really recommend bags of love if you're looking for a customised item either for yourself or maybe a gift for someone's birthday. They have lots of items to choose from such as: kindle cases, handbags, laptop bags, washbags for both men and women, iPad cases, bedding and cushion covers, lunch bags, photo books, cards and calenders and lots more.. for a wide range of celebrations! The item also arrived within two working days which is a guarantee when purchasing from bags of love. I absolutely love my makeup bag! 
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red, red wine

dress: primark (about three years old!)
glitter flats: topshop
lipstick: mac ruby woo

If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know that i'm on a disco pant "ban". I seem to wear them far too much and they've unfortunately started to form a ladder so I'm giving them a break... hopefully they will recover?! Unlikely! Sob!

Today I had Uni and finish every Wednesday at 12:30 (not bad ay?!) - so this morning I just picked the first thing that appealed to me. I bought this dress years ago and I'm so glad I did as velvet never seems to go off trend! It's a beautiful deep wine colour, (which happens to be my favourite colour) and is the perfect length for my not-so-long legs. However, it does have the tendency to slip off my shoulders so I should have probably downsized, however I paired it with my leather jacket (not photographed) as it was a little chilly today, and I was good to go!

red, red wine* -  title sourced from the famous bob marley song :)
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send me on my way

american apparel disco pants via asos
chain - vintage

Taken on my iPhone but sometimes it's just impossible to come home after a long day and photograph an outfit; especially as the evenings are drawing in more quickly as Autumn approaches! I hope you don't mind! It won't be a regular thing or at least I don't think it will. I have a particular style when it comes to photographing my outfits which will still be the regular way - hope that makes sense!

I picked up the tee and trainers on a whim whilst in London last week. I've wanted air max 1's for ages, after already owning air max 90's, so these were definitely an impulse buy as I had to buy them as I never find trainers in a size 5! Had to take advantage! Plus a really (really) nice (bloody gorgeous) (male) sales assistant (a uni friend will back me up on this one) was helping me choose between these and Nike X Liberty dark obsidian floral free runs (what a mouthful!) which are now next on my wishlist!

send me on my way* - reference to a song from the film Matilda.
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two weeks in photos: 26th aug - 9th sep 2012

Me and Louise on our way to a family meal in celebration of excellent GCSE results! · Outfit post · Off to the cinema · Chilling over the park · Bought a book at the airport and love it so far! · Drinks in Italy · Me and Louise family meal in Italy (no idea why my hair is purple!) · Waiting at Gatwick for a missing suitcase (it was later found abandoned on the runway!) · First day of Uni outfit · Second day of Uni outfit · Where I blog from · Feeling sorry for myself · Uni day 3 outfit · Thursday's face · Uni trip photography exhibition (Roger Mayne's work) · Elsbeth Juda's work · Sneakuurz · Chilling over Leicester Square · Popped into Carnaby Street · M&M world · New trainers (now skint) · Last BBQ of the year! · Maisy · & again!
 Just a little update as to what i've been up the past fortnight! Feel like I've mentioned this a million times, but my induction week at Uni was this week and so far I am really enjoying it. It's my first real day tomorrow so I'm super excited! Already been given three projects which seems like a lot of work but I can't wait to get stuck in!
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things i like #4

originally found on tumblr, credit unknown
♥ Traci Wise: - "I found my son sitting having a moment with his daddy (SFC Benjamin Wise) the other day. We lost him January 15th in Afghanistan" 

original video here:
♥ A video about the bullsh*t men come out with when they say to us girls "i prefer natural girls". 

original source here:
♥ Daily mail article featuring a collection of photographs by Kevin Bauman who has a series called "100 abandoned houses". These look great for a photography shoot location! 

original source here:
 I really hate unrelevant quotes on pictures of landscapes, trees and the sky.. but I found this and I agreed with the quote straight away. 

original source here:
♥ I've decided to stop being a scaredy cat and start planning for a tattoo. I already want something small, harry potter related (don't judge me ok) for my "first tattoo" but really want a thigh piece. I think I want a sugar skull but more like the obey style. Not decided whether I want to add colour or not though! 

♥ songs i'm listening to:
whistle for the choir (the fratellis), fit but you know it (the streets), love shack (the b-52's), monster (professor green), irreplaceable (beyonce), 

♥ blogs i am reading:
1) gee // geehorsfield -- A complete an utter babe.. with pink hair, a fantastic sense of style and an amazing illustrator!
2) aimee // aouibitof -- A lovely blog featuring beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts.. a jumble like my own. My favourite type of blog.... and her blog is set out lovely too!

♥ etc:
I started uni this week and I absolutely LOVE it! Everyone is so nice and I can't wait to get stuck in properly. Hi if anyone from uni's reading this! :)

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