Organic Colour Care Conscience Clear Tan

If you have been reading my blog for a long time then you will know that I am the blonde Snow White. I am really fair and only found myself adventuring into bronzing and contouring early last year. Any kind of colour on my face scares the hell out of me incase I end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. Infact, I remember once when I was an early teen I got a tanning product free in a magazine and it's safe to say it was far too dark for me and I didn't end up leaving the house until it faded. Cringe!

OCC (Organic Colour Care) are a beauty brand based in Ireland founded by two hair professionals, Ronan Stewart and Connor Grant. When they got in touch asking if I would like to try out a tanning product, instantly I thought of that horrific week as a teenager but then saw they have different shades available for different skin tones. 

Browsing the website led me to believe that the products are created with such passion and thought out plans i.e offering a lighter shade for fairer skin tones. This is something I struggle to see in the over saturated beauty market who only ever seem to offer orange and muddy toned tanning products which I simply cannot use.

I tried out the Conscience Clear Tan in Light after bathing. As a first time try I decided to 'trial' it out on only my legs incase it went horrifically wrong then I could hide away in jeans for a week and no one would have to know! 

The strange thing about this tan in particular is that it's a liquid which is something I was a little unsure about as I thought all tanning products were in cream or mousse form. However, it's free from harsh chemicals and made with organic ingredients; something I strongly support! I was also provided with the official OCC tanning mitt which was so soft as it has a velvety texture on the tanning side and isn't harsh on the skin like most tanning mitts.

Applying the liquid onto the mitt did prove a little difficult as the product can drip but I found it was easier to apply the product onto the mitt in small amounts each time. The product itself was so easy to apply onto my legs and seemed to work into the skin effortlessly. You see a slight colour change as you're applying it which is great so there are no chances of missing bits. It dried within a couple of minutes which is when I then put some shorts on, got into bed and totally forgot about it. 

It wasn't until a couple of hours later I remembered and checked to see the outcome. I WAS SO TANNED! In a good way!  There was no streakiness, tan stains on my bedsheets (which are white!) or residue left behind. I was actually so shocked to see how magically tanned I was and more importantly; how good it looked!

I did notice the familiar biscuit smell left on my skin but it wasn't overly overpowering or off-putting. I showered the next day and was impressed how the tan stayed and still remained after a few more showers/baths. OCC claim the tan lasts for 7 days which I agree it does but I did need a good scrub around my ankles the final day, as expected. 

If you're looking for a good tan with no streaks or muddiness, I totally recommend OCC. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @OCCOrganic and give them a like on Facebook and help support such a fantastic beauty brand.

Reach For Your Dreams

A little pick me up for anyone who is like me and underestimates and puts themselves down too much. 

I remember when I was transitioning from college to university and I was incredibly envious (not jealous, there is a slight difference) of people within my atmosphere who were heading to shows at LFW. One particular memory is of a friend who turned around to me one day and told me straight to my face that I would never make it. My end of education report from university even states "You are too stubborn to make it within the fashion industry".  The sadness I felt at this time in my life which isn't even a year ago yet really got me down. I put myself down so much. I stopped blogging as much and I didn't even pick my camera up a lot anymore. How sad is that? The two passions I have in life I stopped because I let people kick me down.

I graduated 9 months ago and am now a published freelance photographer. I have been shooting for majority of model agencies and have built up a fine contact book of people I have collaborated with. My blog is doing well and is something I created in 2011 from scratch with no help. I work with so many great brands and companies and I feel that is something to be proud of.

LFW this month is 20-24th Feb and I am heading to 23 shows. No one helped me. I did it all myself. I just want to remind everyone that if you have a dream and it seems like it's a little too far to reach; it's not. You have to believe in yourself, work hard (usually for free), intern, offer to help people out, put yourself out there, say hello to people and surround yourself with other people who do all of the above. You will do it. Take a risk and try it.

Venus With Love Locket

Customised Locket*

Watch my video review above! :-)

Venus With Love kindly allowed me to customise my very own locket. These lockets are beautiful and sentimental; making them a perfect gift for someone. I decided to make one for my Mum as it's always nice to give rather than receive! 

I chose the silver medium locket which holds 3-4 charms. It took me a while to choose as there are so many but I eventually decided on: a cat/dog paw, an angel, a family heart and a Mum heart.

The quality is superb and I can't fault anything about it or the service from the company. They ship worldwide too if you fancy ordering one for a friend who lives in a different country. To make things even better, you can 20% off with discount code ASHLEIGHD20. 

Happy Shopping!

New Beginnings

It was on a Saturday afternoon, on Valentines Day infact, when I was simply wandering through the stables market in Camden. I had my magpie eyes on a gorgeous leather handmade satchel glistening in its beauty a couple of feet away from me when all of a sudden he grabbed me, pulled me in, smiled and simply said.. "I want you to be my girlfriend".

Made it sound like something out of a cheesy chic flick but that's genuinely how it happened haha.

I have been known as that girl who dates a lot and then moans on Twitter about the douche bags she dates so I never could get my head around at actually finding a good man to have anything more than a casual date with. That was until I met him back in January. A very short and sweet conversation on Tinder that only really started because of a conversation about One Direction (I'm joking, he was actually a good chat) leading to us dating and now this...

I'm super scared but super excited at the same time. It hasn't quite sunk in completely that I have managed to bag a guy who likes me for me so I really hope things work out because right now as I write this on a Tuesday morning at 02:41am; I am a really happy girl and it's all because of Joe.

Facial Sheet Masks by Beauty Masks

Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask* 

Beauty Masks are a beauty website that distribute Timeless Truth facial sheet masks. I am an avid pamper girl especially on a Sunday afternoon alongside a bubbly bath, a deep hair conditioning treatment, a fresh lick of paint on my nails and of course.. a good face mask!

My skin is genuinely quite clear but can often look quite bleak so I try to look for any products which claim to brighten the skin. I was sent the charcoal detox brightening mask to try out. I have never tried a sheet mask before; only having ever tried wash on/off and peel off masks. I know sheet masks are quite a popular option but I just never got round to trying them so I was super excited to give this one a go!

It says to cleanse your face before so I did my usual cleansing regime and then patted my face dry. I left my face to calm itself for a minute or two and then opened the sachet up. The mask has a plastic film over it which you remove to reveal one side of the mask being darker than the other. This is the side that you apply directly onto your face. The mask was super coated in its charcoal serum. There was also some left in the sachet which you can pop into your fridge and use alone within a few days! The application of the mask was quite easy however I did find it was a little too big for my face hence the slight crinkles in places. I left the mask on for 20 minutes and found it super easy to remove. No mess, no pain. The remaining serum on your face you just massage into your skin but I wasn't sure if you was meant to wash it off with water afterwards? Either way, I did!

So what did I think?

I did notice a brightening difference. My skin looked a lot less bleak and more fresh and awake. It was soft to touch and didn't break me out so this one in particular works great for sensitive skin. This mask in particular is £4.95 which I think is an okay price. There are different mask ranges which go up in price; the most expensive being £8.85. I'd say if you have the spare pennies to splash out on one time masks then sheet masks are great for that.

Sponsored Video: High End Makeup Wishlist

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→ I've been really getting into contouring the past year. I wasn't blessed with naturally perfect cheek bones so contouring for me really is the only option. I have used a few different bronzers since I started defining my cheekbones and jaw a little more but am yet to try an actual contour kit. Everyone seems to be loving various Anastacia products at the moment; one being the contour kit. Obviously, I would get the light one for lighter shades but I like the mix of contour powders and setting powders... especially as I am also on the hunt for a yellow based powder to set the concealer under my eyes! This has it all!

→ I haven't yet tried any Laura Mercier products but I know they are very hyped about in the blogging world. I like a foundation that isn't too cakey and doesn't look like i'm slapping paint on my face. I am also quite pale and find most drug store foundations in 'Ivory' are too orange/yellow based for me. Therefore, I don't mind spending the extra pennies on something a little more expensive if it means it's going to work for me. This particular foundation from watching youtube reviews/tutorials, seems to be quite light and blends really well... not to mention it has a huge colour choice.

→ I have used the creamy concealer by NARS before and have to say it is without a doubt the best concealer I have ever used.  I religiously use my Collection lasting perfection concealer which I find is better for imperfections whereas I find the NARS concealer is better for under eye circles. I've just ordered a new one!

→ I have seen a few bloggers talk about the L'Oreal Smokissime pencil sticks and they look so good! I love the whole ~grunge/rockchick/just got out of bed look~ but never know how to do a black smokey eye for daytime because I find black eye shadow can end up going very grey after a few hours wear. The sponge applicator on the Smokissime stick makes it look so easy and quick to blend the product out on the eyelids, so I am looking forward to buying it when they're available!

→ I don't tend to ever buy high end mascaras purely because I think you can spend £10 on a good high street drugstore one that does near enough the same thing. However, I think I need to get my paws on the YSL Luxurious Mascara which claims to give a false lash effect in just a single stroke. The formula is enriched in a conditioning oil leaving lashes stronger and easier to layer on coats of the mascara for length. The applicator brush itself is a new design with nylon fibres of different lengths to give volume and length at the same time. 

The advert features Cara Delevigne effortlessly strutting herself, running and dancing around in a huge British house whilst then applying the mascara to her own lashes. I'm a massive lover of Cara so anything Cara loves then I need to try! It's available in six different shades and is out now. Find out more on the Twitter hashtag #YSLMascara

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent, but all words are my own.

Outfit: Hold Back The River

Primark Dress · Primark Coat · eBay Boots · Sunglasses London Retro c/o Glasses Direct*

Soooo, 40 days into the year and this is my first outfit post. Tragic. I don't really know if I class myself as a "fashion blogger" anymore. I'm just that girl who writes about her life and occasionally takes a selfie to share with you all. So, what do I call myself?! The lazy once in a blue moon blogger from London? 

I picked up this dress in Primark months ago so I doubt it's still available. Sorry about that! I really love the 60s smock shape where it flares out at the bottom and of course the quilting. It reminds me of something The Whitepepper would have.  I automatically paired it in my head with bare legs and boots and today realised it was still sitting on my rail wearing its £10 price tag. I'm so bad with money ): The coat has been my most worn thing throughout the winter and for good reason. It's on trend, long, warm, affordable and comes in a range of colours. Primark just get better and better!

The sunglasses are my new babies and I absolutely love them. They are the London Retro Retrospectiv Fairbanks glasses from Glasses Direct who stock designer sunglasses with either prescription or no prescription. I got no prescription as I often wear contact lenses now. They also offer a free home trial if you want to try out different shape frames to see what suits you before you buy. I have used this before when getting some prescription glasses and cannot recommend it enough!

29.01.15 - The Day I Lost My Best Friend

A week ago yesterday, on January 29th, I lost my best friend. I couldn't bring myself to write about this devastation until now.

Two weeks ago our beloved pet dog Maisy really started going down hill. Cutting a long story short it was most likely that she had a cancerous tumour on her brain which was making her seizure every so often; each one being worse than the last. It was quite obvious in the end at ten and a half years old, that she was in pain and our furry best friend was suffering in ways we didn't want to imagine. So, as a family we made a tough and heartbreaking decision that it would simply be selfish of us all to keep her just so we wouldn't lose her. We needed to do what was best for her and saying goodbye was our only option. 

I made a video all about the journey between getting Maisy and losing her. It would mean the world to me if you watched it because it is without the doubt the worst heartbreak I have ever experienced and therefore was the hardest thing I have ever created. It was super hard not to cry on video and took so many attempts! 

Rest in perfect peace, Maisy. I love you and will see you one day soon.