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I always prefer the way electric toothbrushes clean my teeth rather than the standard toothbrush. After a trip to the dentist recently, I was told that using an electric toothbrush not only cleans the teeth better; but is a lot more gentler on the teeth and gums.

Whitewash Laboratories is an oral care brand that I had never heard much about before they got in touch. We had a little chat about my oral health and I decided to trial out an electric toothbrush. I have given this a THREE month trial because I wanted to test it out properly to see whether it worked.

Whitewash Laboratories have teamed up with a cancer charity and have produced their charity edition electric toothbrushes. These retail for £24.99 and come in pink for women and black for men. For every brush that they sell, they give £2.50 to the Pink Ribbon Foundation or to Prostate Cancer UK to help support awareness and research.

These toothbrushes use rotating and oscillating technology to clean by removing plaque build up and promote healthy teeth and gums.

The toothbrushes are manually charged with a base charing unit which has an extra long life battery. I found mine lasts around 3-4 weeks before I need to re-charge it again. I think this is amazing considering other electric toothbrushes that I have had in the past need re-charging after a few uses.

What I liked most about this toothbrush was the two different modes it has: normal and sensitive. Upon visiting the dentist, I was told to be more gentle when cleaning as hard brushing was causing my gums to bleed and were really red. I started off using this toothbrush on the sensitive mode and found there was no blood when spitting (sorry, TMI!).  After 2 weeks, I then switched it to the normal mode and found the transition easy and not at all damaging to my teeth or gums.

The toothbrush also has a two minute timer on it so you can ensure your whole mouth is clean. With this, the brush stops for 2-3 seconds on 30 second intervals so you can move the brush to another area in your mouth. I love this feature as I know I am not missing any areas when brushing.

I have been using this for 3 months now and am just about to change one of the heads to a new one. Head replacements can be purchased online. 

All in all, I am very pleased with how this product works and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has sensitive teeth and gums. It's made brushing my teeth pain free, blood free and a whole load more enjoyable... and it's probably the most mundane daily task we all have to do, right!?

Disclaimer: PR sample but all words, opinions and photographs are my own.



We all know what typical festival outfits are made up of so if you haven’t yet purchased a fedora hat or if your denim shorts from last year are a tad too tight; it’s time to get prepared because festival season is here once again!

I’m sadly not going to any festivals this year but this hasn’t stopped me creating fantasy outfits that I would wear IF I was heading to one. 

This outfit below is something I have created using stuff I already have. I have a major tendency to buy things and never wear them but I am also a sinner because I more often that enough only wear items once or twice. What is the point in spending dollar on a brand new outfit when you’re likely to:

  • Lose the glittery rain mac you brought especially; because the sun has decided to finally join you. You took it off, hung it over a bin and completely forgot about it.
  • Accidentally drip burger sauce down your new Topshop top whilst being unknowingly distracted by the group of lads from Manchester with their abs and V-lines on show for all to see. 
  • Leave your brand new denim shorts in Mr-Forgot-His-Name’s tent whilst making the shameful dash back to your own tent at sunrise. 
  • Take your clothes off and do a strip tease (unsensible answer).
  • Buy an official festival merchandise t-shirt on Day 1 to last you the whole weekend (sensible answer). 

The UK weather is slowly improving so hopefully by the time big name festivals such as Reading and V roll around; it will be hot enough to wear bralets. I only have one myself but AdoreMe is a great brand to look at if you’re looking for some pretty (and also very sexy) and affordable bralets. 

AdoreMe have a wonderful belief; that all women are beautiful and should be able to wear what they want with confidence and without judgement. I don’t particularly like my stomach but an option like the Elvinia Bralette is perfect for me as it has extra material to cover up more of my skin so I can feel a little more confident walking around in public!


I am loving wearing bracelets at the moment and bought quite a few when I was holidaying in Greece. Ankle bracelets are a lovely decoration; especially with statement platform shoes or trainers. Colourful beaded bracelets are perfect because they will look really summery and eye-catching next to your festival wristbands; which are actually all manufactured from the same company, did you know?

Denim shorts are a necessity for me; not only for festivals but for every woman’s wardrobe. I in-particularly prefer vintage denim shorts such as my Levi ones which are high waisted and have a true “mom fit”. Perfect for my personal style and paired with bralets or crop tops.

A kimono is another great option because they are light enough for an overcast but warm day and can be chucked into your bag. They also transform any outfit from a 4 or 5 to a solid 9/10! I would recommend checking out the PJ/lingerie aisles in shops such as Primark because they have some great night time cover ups which can easily be worn as a festival kimono. What’s more, it’s likely no one else has thought of this so you can turn up at a festival knowing there is a very low chance of spotting someone wearing the same kimono as yourself. Handy tip!

Shoe choice for a festival can be tricky. Will it be muddy? Likely. So, you won’t want to wear your brand new Nikes you got last weekend. And if the sun decides to show up by 3pm? You’ll have to suffer in sweaty and skin hugging wellington boots but I’m sure you won’t care by the time you’ve spent £30 on 3 beers and you’re having the time of your life singing along to Jess Glynne and her ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ track. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of that too.

Finally, there is makeup which is completely optional. Do you go as a Plain-Jayne and love life even more knowing you didn’t bother doing eyeliner flicks this morning so you won’t be walking around in the typical UK downpour looking like your boyfriend has just broken up with you? Or, do you go all out and wear more highlighter than a student’s science exam notes or maybe go out looking like your 3 year old niece decided to decorate your hair with glitter glue? What ever you choose; EMBRACE IT!

What ever you decide to wear this year at festivals; you’ll look great. Remember these three things: colour, glitter and there’s no such thing as “too much highlighter”!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Festival Wristbands; the provider of all festival and event wristbands over the UK. All words, opinions and words are my own.