Sienna-X Gradual Tanning Lotion

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'm a little late to the party as I have only just started trying out different fake tans. I am actually very white (but you probably already know that) so it's often quite difficult for me to find any kind of skin based make-up product that doesn't make me look like an extra oompa-loompa on set of Charlie & TCF.

I remember when gradual lotion tans were huge when I was a young teenager as you could moisturise your body every time after a few showers and the result is a natural and sun kissed tan. I have really enjoyed using this one particularly because the tan is very gradual and easily build able. It's perfect if you're pale and not used to tanning products like me because you can carry building up the colour to get your desired shade or use it once and twice for a healthy glow.

Sienna-X stock a whole range of different tanning products from mists, gels and mousses so there are a lot on offer depending on what you are looking for. The gradual glowing self-tan smells SO delicious as it's main ingredient are sweet almonds. It also has an interesting anti-celluite formula which is great for prepping your body for the beach this Summer!

(Except me... no holiday for me...)

I also tried out some samples of their body scrub and body balm which prep your skin for the tan so you're super soft which allows for a much better application. It's great that you can get all these products in one place!

I've really enjoyed using the Sienna-X tan and will be using it a lot over the Summer for that gradual but natural looking tan! It's also a product you can get for under £15 which I think is very purse friendly as tanning products can be pricey!

Printing With Leaflet Distribution Team

Monday, April 27, 2015

It's essential for any business owner (no matter how big or small) to promote their product or services as much as possible. I'm kicking it back old school today and talking about a fab printing company which print many promotional products. It's not just about social media promotion these days, kids!

Personally, I run two businesses. My blog and my photography freelance work. It's essential I have business cards for both businesses to hand out at events and to people I work with on shoots. Or to make things easier; just merge both businesses into one business card i.e Ashleigh Dougherty; photographer and blogger.

Leaflet Distribution are a great printing, design and promotional company based in London who not only print different products such as leaflets, business cards, stickers and customer surveys; but you can also leave your business in their hands and get the team to design you a creative flyer. Perfect if you have no spare time whilst running your business or if you're just completely clueless when it comes to anything creative!

Printing can be expensive and sometimes it's hard to know where to go but it's great to know there is one very reliable company in London who are very passionate about printing should I need any more business cards in the future. I really want some postcards made up of my photography work. I think these would be great to hand out with a business card to whatever team I work with on a photo shoot. Always nice to keep something, isn't it?
Disclaimer: In collaboration with reviewing their printing services; however all words are my own.