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We have been swimming shorts shopping a few times recently as we patiently await for our holiday date to arrive! I didn't know there were so many styles available until we looked in House of Fraser on a recent shopping trip. We all know how exciting bikini shopping is as women so it's nice to see that men have so many funky prints and bright colours available to choose from at the moment!

The swimwear at House of Fraser features lots of different brands such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. If you don't fancy spending too much money on designer swimwear, there are more affordable brand choices such as Linea who have some amazing printed swimming shorts.

We had a look around House of Fraser and noted down our top 5 favourite pairs of swimming trunks. It was so hard choosing only 5 pairs but here they are!

1. Kicking off with the most expensive swimming shorts but probably the nicest pair are these Original Penguin 'Shanty' shorts. Priced at just under the fifty note mark of £47; the floral pattern features flowers parrots and fruit in a colour palette that screams out summer!

2. These Linea swimming shorts are reduced at the moment so are only £21! Perfect if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to hit the beach in. The simple triangle pattern is a mixture of different blue shades. Pretty simple!

3. Another cheaper alternative at £21 from Linea are these super cool flamingo print shorts. Pink flamingos are dotted around on a navy background so are perfect for that guy who likes to wear tank tops with his swimming shorts during the day. Pair these ones in particular with a pink tank that matches the colour of the flamingos and you're set to grab female attention!

4. These swimming shorts are from swimwear company Boardies and are priced at £45. They are slightly shorter than most swimming shorts so are perfect for showing off that tan and leg muscles!

5. Finally, are these pastel block stripe swimming shorts from Boardies. Priced at £45, I would say these are definitely worth having in your suitcase for a summer holiday this year. If I had it my way, I'd wear these but I'm not sure I could pull off men's swimming trunks!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with House of Fraser but all words and opinions are my own.



I'm off travelling for three weeks in just 12 day's time and I couldn't be more prepared or excited. There's something about leaving London temporarily and exploring a new country that makes me feel so at peace with myself and the world so I am really looking forward to getting away. My last travel related post explains where I am off to this year so I had better get packing pretty soon-ish!

1. A durable iPhone case. 
I have an iPhone 6 which is just under a year old. I don't fancy breaking it any time soon so I think the most sensible idea for me right now is to get a durable phone case that will see my phone returning home in one piece with me. Tech21 have a whole range of different iPhone case styles that are specifically designed to protect your iPhone. My top case of choice is their Evo Xplorer which is waterproof, rustproof with impact protection. Absolutely perfect for being around the pool or at the beach and having one too many holiday cocktails!

2. Power bank.
It's to no surprise that a power bank is a must have for just about anyone who has a smart phone. 100% battery can quickly go to 85% simply by just checking all of my social media in the mornings so I'll be taking my customised one which I wrote about a few months ago. I get about 2 full charges out of it so it's perfect for travelling as I can re-charge it every few days.

3. GoPro HERO4.
One of my favourite possessions, ever. I got the GoPro HERO4 last year before I went travelling and I used it so much whilst away. It's a great camera that is waterproof in its case for up to 40m, captures 12mp photos and films at 30 seconds per frame. Check out my travel post from last year for photographs shot on my GoPro and I also filmed a video here

4. Bluetooth speaker.
I love listening to music whilst chilling on holiday; whether it's in my earphones or through a speaker at the beach. The UE roll is a must have for me since I used it whilst travelling last year. The sound is amazing for such a small speaker. It's also waterproof so is perfect for being around water. It's pretty much THE perfect holiday tech essential.

5. DSLR.
My DSLR goes with me pretty much everywhere. I always get asked questions regarding what camera and lenses I use and I will do a post on this in the future. I use a Nikon D5100 which is a very old model now but as with all photography; your lens choice is the most important thing. I'll be taking my 50mm and 35mm lenses as these are perfect for outfit and food photography!

6. Tripod.
It's not always the best idea to rely on other people to shoot your outfit photos whilst on holiday. Together with the hot weather and general laid back approach; it was tough getting everything that I wanted shot done by the end of my holidays last year. Therefore, I've decided I'll be taking my tripod away this year which is a super light one so is perfect for travelling with weight restrictions. I got it from eBay about 4 years ago for around ten pounds.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Tech21. However, all words and opinions are my own.

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