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It's inevitable that these days it's within the norm to walk into a tattoo studio, get a random tattoo and then regret it a few years later. More often that enough, I come across people in day to day life with tattoos but there is usually always that one tattoo that they wish they could change or even remove. 

I personally don't have any tattoos because I simply haven't got around to deciding on something I want to be scratched into my skin for life. I much prefer when tattoos have a meaning but I think I would probably end up going for a small pointless one as a first tattoo anyway!

In fear of getting my first tattoo and instantly regretting it; there are solutions to reversing the decision. Laser tattoo removal treatment is something I have been aware of for a couple of years but something I have never considered. I never really understood how the treatment worked. After all, tattoos are meant to be a permanent thing, right?

Pulse Light Clinic in London is initially a laser hair removal clinic but now offers laser tattoo removal treatments. This is perfect for anyone who lives in London or just outside because the clinic is on London Fenchurch Street.

So, let's get straight to it. How exactly does laser tattoo removal work?

The job is done using the PicoSure tattoo removal system; a laser machine that can remove a tattoo in the fastest way possible. The PicoSure destroys each individual particle of the tattoo which are then absorbed into the body and therefore removes the ink. It takes around 2-6 individual treatments to remove the entire tattoo and even removes stubborn colours such as blues and greens.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, prices can range from £75 to £560, so it's worth checking out the price list if you have a tattoo you're thinking of getting laser removed.

Watch the video below to see how it works!

 1st floor
150-152 Fenchurch St

0207 523 5158

Would you consider laser tattoo removal treatments? I think I definitely would consider it! However, I'd like to think if I did get my very first tattoo; it would be something I love and want on me forever!

Ashleigh x

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Pulse Light Clinic. All words are my own.

Ultimate Ears Portable Bluetooth Speaker Roll

Hands up if your usual morning routine involves dancing around in your underwear to some feel good tunes?!

I'm guilty.

When I upgraded my phone, I soon realised that I needed a new system to play my music through as my old dock only fitted my old phone. My poor little laptop gets so hot if I play music through it whilst working so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Ultimate Ears Roll* which is funnily enough; a portable speaker that connects to your phone via bluetooth.

It actually arrived in a box full of summer game activities such as frisbees, water guns and tennis rackets. I knew my travel holiday would be the perfect time to test out the speaker and of course... play lots of games! You can check out my vlog in Switzerland where we had lots of fun with the water games.

So, how does it work?

It's simple. You have to download the official app called 'UE ROLL' which is free to download from the app store. The app allows you to control the volume, change the EQ and even set an alarm through the speaker itself.

The actual speaker itself connects through Bluetooth on your phone... meaning no silly cable connections! The sound is amazing and sends the bass sounds all around the room; incredible for such a small device. I was really impressed when I very first used it and have since been using it every single day.

The UE roll takes around 8 hours to charge fully and then I find lasts about 5 hours before it needs another charge. This isn't that long but it lasts longer than if you was to play your music through your phone or laptop! A yellow charging cable is provided (thank the heavens for a yellow cable and not black!) which charges the UE roll via a USB connection. This could be through your laptop or through an Apple plug. 

What's your favourite song at the moment? I'd love to know so I can save it on my phone and have a listen!

Ashleigh x

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