Not Quite Made In Chelsea

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Yesterday, I had (probably) the biggest meeting/interview of my life. Everyone has dreams and I have known what mine is for quite some time. Yesterday, that dream became a little bit more of a reality and I literally have my fingers and toes crossed. I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, I spent the afternoon in Chelsea with my mum as that's where my meeting was. Being an East London girl, I literally never head West (partly because the district line is about the slowest thing going) so it was really nice to adventure around in a new area.

I've simply fallen in love with all of the cute little houses but it appears I need at least £12,000,000 to afford one. Not any time soon then?

Huge public thank you to my mum for shooting my outfit photos despite having a stinking cold and actually being cold; bless her! Although, I think she did pretty well for someone who has next to nothing camera experience? 

Topshop Top / Gok Wan Trousers / Primark Jacket / Primark Bag / New Look Shoes via Asos

I wanted something that was smart and "meeting/interview appropriate" but at the same time, killer stylish and a true representation of my personal style. After umm'in and ahh'in over it for a few days, my boyfriend suggested over a meal at Nandos on Sunday that I wear this red thin jacket. I actually wore it for our very first date and I figured it was a good suggestion considering I managed to bag him whilst wearing it?

I picked it up in a random sale at Primark a couple of months ago and it's one of the best purchases I've made in a while. I got it for just a tenner (£10) which I think is bloomin' marvellous. I tend to wear a lot of black which I can now completely get away with now I have a splash of colour to add to an outfit. 

On the same day, I also picked up this amazing bag for £3 in the sale which again I have had so much use out of since I got it. It's a real versatile small handbag or clutch bag as you can tuck the chain inside. Two amazing bargains if you ask me!

 I picked up the trousers ages ago when I worked at Sainsbury's in the sale but much to my dismay I realised they still had the tag on them after buying them absolute months ago. Luckily, they still fit like a dream. I love the silk side panels. They make them look and feel so much more expensive than what they originally were before sale price.

 These are my new favourite shoes in the whole world. I've never actually seen them in-store and they don't seem to be online which is a bit of a bummer but I've recently seen ASOS stock a few pairs of their own whilst other high street retailers are introducing pointed flats with ankle straps. Just the other day I saw a lovely pair in Aldo and I've picked up a couple of pairs in Primark recently. These ones have a gorgeous detailed slight heel with a silver metallic detail and black encrusted detailed ankle straps, which like the trousers, make them look a lot more expensive than they actually are!

We finished up the day over at Parsons Green at an Australian cafe/coffee shop where we enjoyed dinner, smoothies, cake and coffee. But more on that tomorrow! Stay tuned...

Sunday-gram #1

Sunday, March 01, 2015

valentines day · new purchase · healthy breakfast · albz

March 1st already! Where is this year going?!
Who remembers ages ago when I used to religiously report every Sunday my week in photos? Infact, every blogger used to and I appeared to have stopped doing it but I thought I would bring it back as I did really enjoy looking at my week snapped on Instagram. So, here I welcome Sunday-gram #1!

001: Me and Joe went to Camden last weekend which was lovely but cold; but that didn't stop us sitting outside to have Chinese for dinner 

002: I finally purchased some culottes after being so undecided on them for ages. I'm still convinced that they look more like 3/4 length trousers on me due to not having long legs but I will have to work with them! These ones in particular are from New Look.

003: I have been craving avocado on toast for absolute weeks but only got round to buying an avocado on a mini food shop this week. Hello best breakfast ever, ever, ever.

004: This is Albert. I have a post about him coming soon as he's just too adorable not to feature. Unfortunately, he isn't exactly our cat but this is how he fell asleep on Friday and I couldn't stop laughing!