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Having a large breed dog is all fun and games until it comes to getting her toys. She has very sharp teeth and a big mouth, so toys have to be large and durable if they are going to last longer than five minutes. I have completely given up buying them from the supermarket, as she bites straight through them and they end up in the bin by the time I've unpacked all of the shopping! 

When TastyBone got in touch to ask whether Elsie would be interested in trying some of their products, I couldn't help but see the word 'durable' being used a lot in their initial email. I was a little hesitant as I was certain that Elsie would remain undefeated, but I was told that they are fantastic toys for breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds; so they should work perfectly for her.

Elsie decided to chill out whilst I got everything ready to show her what she had been kindly sent from TastyBone.

Inside the box was lots of silver tinsel, which I placed on the floor so I could get the products out of the box. However, I think Elsie thought this was a toy in itself!

I politely told her to leave it alone so that we could play with her new toys and she looked rather smug with herself...

Until she saw a dove pigeon land in her garden and she made sure that it wouldn't come anywhere near her new toys OR her silver tinsel!

Apparently, Mummy took too long setting everything up, so Elsie decided to have a nap on the pillow of silver tinsel.

UNTIL... I said come on Elsie, choose a toy! TastyBone sent a variety of different flavoured Nylon chew bones; including bacon and chicken (£8.84 each).  They also included two Dental Trio Bones (£17.98 each); one in peanut butter flavour and another in cinnamon. I have to admit that as a human, I was incredibly excited about the peanut butter one!

Finally, they included a Mighty Bounce Ring, which is a rubber ring that bounces and floats in water. We are yet to try this one out as Elsie wants to save it for a trip to the forest when she swims in the lakes!

But for now, it was down to Elsie to choose a toy or two to open...

Five minutes later...

Elsie chooses the cinnamon Dental Trio Bone! Time to open it and see if she likes it and if it lasts!

It's as if she knew she had to smile for a photo in order to get her new toy. It didn't take her too long before she got bored of posing and just wanted to play!

Elsie took her new toy and ran off with it straight away to see what it was all about. We are a week into her playing with this toy and a Chicken flavoured bone toy and I think they are her new favourite toys as she hasn't left them alone!

She has been non stop chewing them and although she has made a bit of damage to the Nylon bones, she hasn't made a dent in the Dental Trio Bones (yet!). I am very pleased about this as I am sure the nobbly bits on the toy are doing wonders for her teeth. As she hates having her teeth brushed, dental products are vital for Elsie. Although, she ALWAYS gets compliments on her Hollywood smile!

I am very pleased to see that these products have lasted longer than I could have ever anticipated. Even if they do need replacing after a few months, anything is better than having to buy toys every week! Elsie loves them and I fully recommend them to any dog owners that know the struggle of wasting money on toys that end up being ripped into bits within minutes!

TastyBone products are available for purchase from their Amazon shop.

Disclaimer: PR samples. All words and photographs are my own.
Did you know that 52% of us women agreed that Summer is our favourite season? That being said, Summer is just around the corner and I personally cannot wait. Today, the sun is shining in London (for once!) and I am really enjoying these sunny rays.

This weekend, I am going to be going through my wardrobe and putting away all of my jumpers; ready to make room for all of my summer clothes and anything new that I am bound to buy too. Doing this chore twice a year can be a little loathsome, but with some good music and black bin bags to the rescue, it can be made fun too.

I am going on holiday next month, so I am in need of some new summer items in my wardrobe. Putting swimwear aside, I am actually in need of some basics. I thought I would put together a post on 5 things every woman should introduce to her summer wardrobe and hopefully inspire you to have a Spring clean ready for Summer!

Slogan Tees
I wear slogan tees quite often and have quite a lot in my wardrobe. I find they are mega easy to style; whether it's with some jeans or tucked into a skirt or shorts. I also wear them a lot on holiday on top of swimwear if I am nipping to the shops or walking to the beach. They're really versatile pieces to have in your wardrobe.

Lingerie and Underwear
I am forever wearing and styling new lingerie and have no problem in spending my money on new bits every now and then. Think of underwear to be like moisturising before adding foundation to your face. If you don't moisturise, then your foundation won't apply nicely. So, if you're wearing a bra that is too big for your or knickers that are too tight on your hips; you're going to not only feel rubbish about yourself, but it will feel right underneath your clothes.

Chums are a fantastic brand to go to for basic underwear and lingerie. Not only do they have a wide range of different types of bras, but they are also one of the few brands I have seen that do front fastening bras. These are perfect if you struggle with doing bras up. I've lost count of the amount of times I've pulled a muscle in my back trying to do my bra up!

I don't know about you, but I am SO excited at being able to wear dresses and bare legs again. I actually live in dresses during the summer, so I am really looking forward to tanned legs and cute dresses. I have quite a few thin cotton dresses, but I really want to invest in some more tea dresses; either with floral prints or lace/silk detailing.

Midi Skirts
I am unfortunately too short to be able to wear maxi length skirts and dresses, so midi or mini is the way forward for me. I actually shy away from midi skirts quite often, but I have seen some gorgeous styles recently which I may end up buying. I love this black textured one from Chums, which would look great with a slogan tee!

Finally, I cannot wait to ditch my boots and trainers for sandals and flip flops. I've actually recently bought my first ever pair of sliders, which I am really looking forward to wearing. It also means it's a valid excuse to have to paint my toes!

There's 5 things you should introduce to your wardrobe, so you can feel confident this Summer. I am now off to browse all the online shops for new sandals and dresses for my holiday!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Chums. All words and opinions are my own.
We've all been there when we need a professional to do something. It's easy to scout the internet for a person for the job, but sometimes finding the right person for the job needs to be a priority.

Bidvine is the website to go to if you're in the process of looking for a professional to carry out a service for you. I had never heard of the website before, but it's something I always consider now when needing to find a professional for a service.

Whether you're looking for a photographer for your wedding, a piano teacher for your child or a gardener to plant some flowers; you're guaranteed to find someone for the job with Bidvine.

To test the service, I recently decided to look for a personal trainer within my area. I am going to the gym 4-5 times per week, but I feel like a personal trainer would help to push me to my absolute maximum. All  I did was type in that I am looking for a personal trainer and also included my postcode.

Straight away, I was asked a series of questions relating to looking for a personal trainer. I answered that I go to the gym 4 times per week and am looking for a personal trainer to work with my once a week; preferably every Monday between 9am and 12pm. I also added that my goal is to tone up.

My request was then sent off and I awaited bids from different personal trainers. They send in their hourly or day rates, biographies etc and it's then up to me to choose the right person for the job.

It took a little while, but the requests soon came in and I was able to choose a personal trainer who I felt was the right person for me. It does take a while to sift through all of the interests, but once you find the right person, the process is a breeze.

Carl is a 30 year old personal trainer, who specialises in body toning and muscle growth. He also puts together nutritional plans which I have been sticking to; alongside exercise everyday. I have trained with him a few times now and all is going great!

I highly recommend Bidvine as the place to go for a professional local to do any jobs that you have available. We have since used the service to look for someone to plaster a wall in our house and luckily found the right man for the job in no time.

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Bidvine. All words are my own. 

I've just bought one of them crunchy duck feather duvets which cost me £30. Quite a lot for a duvet when you're single, so it got me thinking. If I was in a happy enough relationship to be able to live with someone, then home essentials would be equally split between myself and the guy. However, that's not possible right now, so the duvet is mine, for my bed in my bedroom.

This got me thinking about the future and if I will ever live with someone. I have never been in a long enough relationship where I have had that initial I want to live with him one day thought and I don't think it will be happening anytime soon. With the rise of divorce lawyers being hired to see the journey of a divorce from start to finish; even marriage is just not something I want to get involved with so young.

I am honestly really enjoying being single right now and being able to do my own thing. For the first time, I actually don't care about dating or trying to maintain a conversation with someone. I tweeted this the other day, but the time I would usually put into a guy, I am now putting into myself at the gym and it's the best feeling! I haven't got any intentions of trying to look for love and feel like it's the best way to be when you're just so fed up of being treated the same way by different guys. No one proves that they are different.

Anyway, what with all of the political business going on at the moment, I doubt I will be able to afford to move out within the next few years. I will never want to house share, so will I ever be able to afford to live on my own? Do I just wait for the day where a hot guy falls in love with me, does all of the right things and we coincidentally end up in Ikea on a Sunday shopping for bits for our kitchen?

Cohabitation is quite a scary prospect for me. I don't want to be picking up crusty boxers at the end of  our bed (even worse if they are Marvel ones) and I certainly don't want to be the one slaving away peeling carrots and potatoes every evening.

Considering relationships never seem to work out for me, a cohabitation agreement is something that I would consider if I ever moved in with someone. This encourages couples to talk about their intentions before moving in together and what should happen if the relationship ever broke down.

Who's going to claim the velvet sofa? What about the brand new 50 inch TV?  Who gets the dog? Well, it's all in your cohabitation agreement that can be drawn up by London divorce lawyers, prior to moving in.

Moving in with a partner is a big step in any relationship and I look forward to the day where I feel ready to do this with someone. However, there are many things to consider if a break up was to ever happen. I personally would prefer to secure such a big step in my relationship and have everything covered from day one. Whilst it's not good to have negative thoughts about the future, it's also a good idea to be prepared should anything ever happen.

Oh, and I would definitely get first dibs on the dog. Just saying.

Disclaimer: In collaboration with KMJ Solicitors. All words are my own.
I have read so many stories about different experiences from women who have been on the contraceptive pill. Some have been positive stories and some have been negative. However, here is my experience.

The contraceptive pill is used not only to prevent pregnancies, but to also control mood swings and help with menstrual cramps too. It's a daunting thing walking into a doctor's surgery and asking them to prescribe you the contraceptive pill. I didn't know back then that you can get contraceptive pills online at The Independent Pharmacy. They have so many different types of pills available, you're bound to find the right one for you.

I have been taking the contraceptive pill on and off for around 4 years now. I have been on two different pills and had two completely different experiences with it.

When I got into a relationship in 2012, I decided that it was best for me to go on the pill to be safe and so I made that dreaded doctors appointment. My doctor is a man which makes "the talk" even more daunting, but I decided to just word-vomit why I wanted the pill.

My doctor went through the different contraceptive methods with me; including the coil and the injection. Looking back now, these are methods of contraception that I would have liked to try, but I always felt the pill was an easy enough solution for me.

For the first few months, the pill I was on was fine and worked for me. Not only were my periods lighter and shorter, but I was also able to have sex without the fear of getting pregnant*. However, leading up to the break of that relationship, I soon felt like getting out of bed was a struggle. I never seemed to laugh anymore and every day just seemed to be extra long and tedious, so I went back to my doctor and told him how I was feeling. To this day, I have no idea if that was down to the relationship or the pill. However, I decided to stop taking it altogether.

I soon came out of that relationship and had to no reason to start a pill again, because I wasn't having regular sex with anyone. However, the summer was soon approaching and holidays were being booked and I also had my parents' wedding to attend. I didn't really want to be on my period for any of these events, so I decided to enquire about going back onto the pill.

I had a chat with my doctor and he decided to put me on a different pill. This was back in 2014 and since then, I have been on and off with another contraceptive pill from a different brand. Each pack has 21 pills and then there's a 7 day break of no pills, which is when my period comes. It usually comes on day 3 of the pill free week and only lasts 2-3 days - literally the best thing ever! 

This is the best pill I have been on and the only one that I would consider staying on until I am ready to start a family in the future. It works for me and I have no complaints in the 3 years that I've been taking it. However, every woman's body is different so it may take trying a few different pills before you find the one that is right for you.

* I am aware that the contraceptive pill is not 100% effective and that there's a small chance that pregnancy can still occur. 

Disclaimer: In collaboration with The Independent Pharmacy. All words are my own. 
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Visiting different cities is one of my favourite things to do when it comes to making those yearly travel plans. Whether it's hopping on my local tube and heading into my own capital or stepping off the plane and into a taxi that's heading into New York City; I love the hustle and bustle of a city.

However, I will hold my hands up and say I'm not really a fan of getting the tube. Even though I know the London tube map off by heart and could direct myself from A to B with my eyes shut; I generally don't enjoy the commute.

When I worked in the city, I would often have to run to meetings and run errands. Sometimes, these would be on the other side of town or the city and it's no fun getting a tube during rush hour; especially when it's like a sauna in those carriages during Summer.  Central line, I am looking at you.

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Whilst it's convenient to order a cab via an app on your smartphone, it can also be incredibly frustrating trying to find your car in the middle of London. There's usually double red lines on the streets, so you sometimes have to spend 15 minutes chasing down your car. This is super annoying when you're running late for a meeting or need to get from one side of the city to the other to pick the kids up from the nanny, so wouldn't it better to pre-book your car?

Blacklane cars are the alternative to the traditional taxi and something I will definitely be considering. Working across 250 cities (London and even Bejing use this service), you simply book your car through the website or app (available on Android and the App Store). Add in your pick up address, drop off address, date and time and your car will be booked in advance. The price for your car is confirmed before the booking, so there's no nasty hidden charges which we all dread when booking things.

Stock image via Pixabay
There's no need to worry that you're going to miss your car either as there's a free 15 minute wait time for all pick ups. Theres even a free 60 minute wait time for all airport pickups, so if you're delayed waiting for your luggage; your car will still be waiting.

You are guaranteed to be driven around by licensed and insured drivers, who will send you confirmation texts when your car is both on its way and its arrival.

No longer need your pre-booked car? You can cancel your booked car for free up to 1 hour before its scheduled arrival. Perfect if you've decided to go for a last minute dinner in the city instead of heading home or maybe your meeting's been cancelled.

Stock image via Pixabay

You get the chance to choose your car type too, so if you're looking for something a little more classier, then that's no problem.

Business Class cars are the standard car if you're on a budget, whilst still being comfortable to travel in. A Merceded E-Class or BMW 5 series are examples, which can fit a maximum of 3 people in.

Business Vans are for the travellers who need more room. These can travel up to 5 people and have more space for baggage.

First Class cars are for those who have a higher budget or none at all. The traveller who wants to travel in complete luxury and arrive at their destination in an admirable style. These can fit a maximum of 3 people.

I will definitely be considering Blacklane in the future. I would rather know that my car is booked in advance and will be there on time to pick me up and drop me off to my destination. Sometimes, it's worth travelling around cities in style.

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Blacklane. All words are my own.
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