There is a handy little company called Fantastic Services that offer you so many different home services ready to book today for tomorrow! Let's face it, we mostly all hate ironing and cleaning for example, but you can book some magic fairies to come round and do that for you. Amazing.

I was given the chance to try out the service for review and I had a good think about what I could really do with booking. There are so many different home services to choose from: cleaning, gardening, handyman, pest control, removals, home organising and pet care.

Over the winter months, we neglect both our front and back gardens. Therefore, our front garden which is actually a drive for the car was looking a little sorry for itself. I booked a service for two gardeners to come over for 10AM to tidy up our drive. This job included ripping up weeds and overgrown plants and clearing away rubbish that the wind had blown in.

The app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or iTunes store, depending on which device you have. It's also free to download and incredibly easy to navigate around. The service I booked was called Garden Maintenance and it was around the £200 mark for two men and a two hour job in total. 

To finish off the job, they jet washed the drive down to clean it and it was left looking absolutely clean as can be. The two men worked really hard to get it done as quick as possible, but still worked as hard as possible to not rush the job. 

As you can see, our drive now looks a little more less scary to step on and in all honesty... is the best looking drive down our whole street! 

I am reviewing this service, so I got the treatment in exchange for an honest review on my blog. As I have said, it would have been around the £200 mark which could be considered quite a large chunk of money, but I believe booking this service once a year would be enough. It's easy to maintain a few weeds popping up here and there, but the jungle that it was before was near impossible to tackle. 

I 100% recommend Fantastic Services if you're looking for someone else to do the jobs around your house that you hate the most. It was a very smooth process from downloading the app, booking the service and waiting for them to arrive on my selected date and time. It's also worth adding that you can book services online too. 

I mean, if someone else can do the job whilst you put your feet up and catch up on the soaps, then why not book something and get your home ready for the new season approaching!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Fantastic Services. I received this treatment free of charge for an honest review on my blog. All views and photos are my own. 

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  1. I need this app. I don't like doing housework (and I really don't have the time for it, such an inconvenience) so this app would make my life so much easier.



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