Fashion Video: TREVE STEVENS

A little short video of my shoot with Treve Stevens. Taken me quite a while to edit but finally finished! If you haven't already seen the photos from our shoot, they're on my website here. Enjoy!

Behind The Scenes | Brighton Editorial

I went along to Brighton this week for an editorial shoot with one of my boys from my agency, Conon (who is also one of my closest friends!). We caught the 11am train from London Bridge to Brighton and then met up with a fabulous makeup artist called Annalise Sandford.

The day was really lovely and the shoot itself went so well. The makeup and hair was exactly how I imagined it to be; editorial whilst keeping it natural at the same time. Just a very clear complexion and contoured cheek bones. Love!

We got some chips after and sat on the beach which was lovely after being attacked by a seagull which stole my sausage in batter! This editorial is such a strong one which I have been editing all week so I hope to have it up for you to all see soon, however there are some sneaky peeks on my Instagram!

Conon | Space Model Management
MUA | Annalise Sandford 


This post marks a major changing point within my life which will hopefully see me going far and working my way towards my hopes and dreams.

Being a fashion photographer means I have had the pleasure of working with various model agencies shooting their new faces for my portfolio and their own. I am predominantly a men's fashion photographer and have been working with five or so different agencies which has been a great experience. Every single guy I have met have been a dream to work with and for the last couple of months it's made me think about my career and where I see myself going in the future.

Booking models to work with means I am in contact with various different 'booker's who have a tough job in which it's entirely down to them to find their models work; either tests or paid work. When I think of model booking I immediately think of poor Anne Hathaway's character in The Devil Wears Prada. Stressful, tearful but exciting and dreamy at the same time. I watched channel 4's The Model Agency recently and it really was an eye opener at just how stressful a job within model agencies and just generally within the fashion industry can be. I have done various things from social media internships, blogger outreach internships and fashion PR internships aswell as attending events to do with my blog and attending shows for blog or photo purposes. I've had some amazing experiences and opportunities and I had my work cut out a few years ago when I met some really rude people at London Fashion Week which turned me right off the industry as a whole.


An opportunity popped up recently to be a model booker for a new agency starting up in East London. I've always wondered what it's like to do the other side of the beginnings of a photoshoot: the scouting, the contacting, the booking, looking forward to the final results etc. Recently, it's become pretty much my dream job and as of yesterday the journey began.

As a men's fashion photographer, I quite obviously have a keen interest in boys and so have been given the responsibility as the men's booker. I have been scouting all week for new guys for my board  and yesterday held appointments with all the boys I have scouted and it was amazing!

I'll keep this post short and sweet but I really just wanted to document this new journey within my life on my blog. I'm now off to the printers! Peace out!

Cheer Up Tuesday #2

It's Tuesday again which can only mean one thing, right?

1) Robin Williams 1951-2014
I was awake very late last night when I heard the news of Robin Williams' death. I never care much about celebrity deaths, marriages, affairs and that kinda thing but this devastating news has truly saddened me. Jumanji and Mrs Doubtfire happen to be two of my favourite films. It's hard to believe the fact that someone you never think would ever stop going is now gone yet you've never met them and they have no idea who you are. I am sure all of you will agree Robin was an absolute legend and his name will live on. Below is a mash up of all his best bits. Take a look.

2) Lion King Cast At Broadway Take Over NYC Subway!
TLK happens to be my all time favourite film. I saw the London based musical years ago and enjoyed it so much. I saw this little video trending and it gave me goosebumps just watching it. Why can't cool things like this happen on the tubes in London?

3) Camel Being Tickled!

Hastings Adventures

Yesterday I did a risky thing and cancelled all work plans to spend the day down at Hastings beach with my family. Since I was young, my family have made sure to go at least once a year but I've missed the last two or so years due to work so it was nice to spend the time with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend.

Hastings is only about an hour and a half car journey away from where I live. We always drive to the top of the mountain and then walk through the woodland, walk over the mountain, down 250 steps and then climb a load of rocks down onto the beach. So glad I wore Vans!

 I'm not really a beach person. Even on holiday I try to avoid the beach as much as possible. I hate sand and I hate not knowing what's touching my toes in the water which is why I love Hastings beach. The shore is all stones and rocks and there is a little pool (below) that you can dip your toes into so you're not stepping into the unknown!

I love these two photos above. My sister and her boyfriend are both 18 and they remind me of me and my very first boyfriend so much. We even came to Hastings once so I kept reminiscing about the good old days. It's so sweet to see two young cherubs in love.

My mum is in the other photo. I just love it; windswept?

I think it's about time I make the grand old debut of showing my blog my new hair. As of two days ago, I am now blonde! It was a very quick decision I made as I wanted something totally different especially for my parent's wedding in October where I'll get it re-done one more time a week before. I really like it although it's taking some time to get used to. I feel like a brand new woman!

 We finished off the day with cod, chips and mushy peas at our favourite little fish restaurant called The Fish Hut. If you ever go Hastings I really recommend it. It's opposite the little fish huts right at in front of where the boats are all parked up!

We also then found one of those silly 'stick your head in the picture hole' things which was heaps of fun! However, the 250 stairs and trek back to the car wasn't!

NEW FEATURE! Cheer Up Tuesday #1

Here is a brand new feature I will be posting every Tuesday. We all have a case of the Monday Blue's so after watching a really nice video on YouTube this morning, it got me thinking. Wouldn't it be nice to have a post you can read every Tuesday morning on your train to work or on your lunch break to make your Tuesday that little bit more motivated and lifting?

Let me know your thoughts below! If you like this kinda idea then I shall continue it every Tuesday!

Boys and girls, I present to you ...

1) Making Homeless Guys Wrestle For Money
This is the video that has inspired this new feature. A couple of prank artists get two homeless people from the streets to go head to head with each other in an arm wrestle. The winner wins $100. What the winning man does really pulls at your heart strings.

2) Cute Grandad
(found on Tumblr): "My Grandad just called me to tell me how big his cauliflowers are growing and it was so cute as he said 'They're TWICE as big as the ones you get in the shop!" I told my Grandad this tumblr post has 3,500 notes and he said 'who are they? do i know them?'. He wanted me to list everyone and see if he knew anyone."

3) Bulldog Puppy Can't Get Up!
The cutest video ever.

4) Find A Guy Who Wants To Listen
Speaks for itself really. Find a guy who doesn't want to date you, sleep with you, break your heart. Find a guy who simply loves you for who you are as a person. A shoulder to cry on, a supportive masculine figure. Find a good friend.

5) Don't Give Up On Your Dreams!
I've been close to giving up too. It gets better. Watch this: