Vaping - what is it and why is it so popular in this day and age? Not only will this post educate you on the ins and outs of vaping, but if you vape yourself then you'll go to sleep tonight fully educated on how to vape in style thanks to Vapelux.

Lung cancer is everywhere. Smoking cigarettes is incredibly dangerous and I've very almost lost close family members due to their bad habit. Vaping is not something I have ever tried or even featured on my blog. However, if there's an alternative for smokers to try without inhaling the bad chemicals then I would love to spread the word across about vaping on my platform.

I'm a non-smoker so that's the main reason I have never tried it. However, the idea does intrigue me a lot and I am very fascinated by the way vapers inhale and exhale the vapour. I don't think I will personally ever try it but I think that may be down to being a non-smoker.

What is vaping?
Vaping is inhaling vapour from e-liquid through an electronic device. It was introduced to be the next best thing and replacement of a cigarette. However, it's tobacco free and a lot cheaper too. Vaping is very popular amongst people who are trying to give up smoking as they can still get their "fix" but without inhaling the harmful chemicals.

What do vapers inhale?
The vapour that is inhaled is from the e-liquid inside of the device. E-liquid is made from propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). With a mixture of either PG or VG; you can add either natural or artificial flavourings depending on your personal requirement.

Whether you're looking to vape because you're on a new journey to quitting smoking or maybe you are just intrigued by the hundreds of different artificial flavoured vapours. At Vapelux, they provide everything from e-cig kits, e-liquids, tanks and vaping accessories. They have a brand new tank available which is an improvement of the original Alantis Tank. With an improved airflow system, the new Aspire Alantis 2 Tank provides extra vapour for your enjoyment.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Vapelux. All words and opinions are my own.


Creating travel related content is one of my favourite things to share on my little corner of the internet so I am really excited to say there's lots coming soon!

Last week, I blogged about the competition that I was in with Thomas Cook Airlines. I was up against 13 other bloggers and needed people to vote for my Spanish Paella food dish that I was challenged to cook in order to win. Well, I'm very ecstatic to say that I only went and won the bloody competition, didn't I! I don't say it often enough but if it wasn't for you guys reading my blog then I wouldn't have opportunities that land in my email every single day. Thank you to each and every single one of you who took the time out to vote for me. Every vote really did count for something which means my first travel related post of the year will be coming sooner rather than later!


The prize was to win a holiday to Lanzarote so that's where I am heading in June for a week! We are flying from London Gatwick which is about an hour from where I live. Thankfully, this means we can drive and leave the car there thanks to Airport Parking. You can choose onsite or offsite parking depending on the budget you have but we will be choosing onsite parking as it's much easier for us rather than having to get a shuttle bus back to the airport.

I've been to Lanzarote once before and loved it there so I can't wait to return to another part of the island. I am hoping to shoot some really cool content whilst out there including outfits and some videos. Most of all, it will be nice to just kick back and relax for a week without worrying about anything.

Zante, Greece

I haven't been on a family holiday for a couple of years so I can't wait to kick back and relax with the three people in my life who mean the most to me. At the end of June, we are returning to a really nice hotel in Zakynthos in Zante which we stayed at a few years ago. I remember seeing turtles in the sea so I am SUPER excited to get back out there.

Costa Brava, Spain

Again, another opportunity I wouldn't have if it wasn't for you guys reading this little, old blog of mine. I am so excited to collaborate with Eurocamp this year. Last summer, I spent 2 weeks travelling around 4 places in Europe and we stayed with Eurocamp. Blogging about that holiday has landed myself this amazing opportunity with them in which I am reviewing a Eurocamp in Costa Brava.

I think my cameras are definitely itching to get back out into the sun again so I hope you're excited as me for the near-future content I'll be producing. Thanks once again for voting for me in the competition. I love you all! xx

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Airport Parking but all words/opinions are my own. 


Labradors are well known for being utter water babies. I've been itching to take Elsie to the beach but have had to wait for it to warm up a little bit as she's still so young. She's six months old next week - crazy, right?!

We took a 2 hour trip out of town last week, near Dorset which is one of my favourite places to walk. It's one of the places in the world that I feel most happiest in as I have a lot of happy childhood memories there.

Elsie was itching to get out of the car and have a run around. She's still in training so we haven't yet made the big jump of letting her off the lead in fear I will go home without my puppy. I don't think I could quite cope with that!

Elsie was a little unsure of the sea but it was nice to see her running around care free in the wind and chasing seagulls. She had a little paddle every now and then but was much more interested in chewing just about every rock and pebble she could find. It was funny watching her running away from the waves. She also tried running across the rocks in the sea and soon realised they were very slippery so she didn't try that again!

Unfortunately, the car broke down as we was leaving the car park which saw us stuck at the beach for longer than expected. It was getting dark and getting quite eerie. Elsie handled it fine though and was easily distracted with some doggy treats. I soon learnt that the car was due for an MOT service so the valve on one of the tyres needed replacing. We contacted Point S in Dorset who came to the rescue and fitted in a new tyre whilst also disposing of the original tyre too.

It was such a lovely and chilled day at the beach which has got me even more excited not only for Summer, but new places that I can adventure with Elsie. I recently said that a life without a dog in it is so boring and basic. Elsie brings so much joy to my life. Whether it's seeing her run away from waves or simply seeing her wag her tail when I say her name; it's all such a rewarding part of owning a dog.

Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored link but all words/opinions are my own. 


Finding a mascara that beats my old faithful re-purchase (Maybelline Lash Sensational FYI) is a task in itself. I like a mascara that is a true deep black, one than can really group my lashes together to make them appear thicker but still keeping the texture so they actually look like eyelashes and not stumps.

Nu Skin have just launched a mascara in their Nu Colour range. The Nu Colour Curling Mascara has silver packaging and a slightly curved wand. When I opened this, I knew it might be a good one at holding the curl in lashes and I was right. I've been testing it out for a couple of weeks now and the curl has lasted pretty much all day. The formulation of the mascara is quite 'wet' so I found it was best to wait a minute before building up more of the product onto my lashes.

The mascara is a very true black too which pleased me because there's many mascaras on the market that just aren't black enough for my personal preference. However, depending on how you like your mascara to look will depend on whether or not this is the mascara for you. I quite like the 'clumped lash' look as I like volume and texture in my every day makeup. The curved brush on this mascara prevents clumpy lashes forming so I found this was a good mascara to wear on 'no makeup days' or simply days where I didn't need a full face of makeup. 

This mascara retails at around £25 which is quite a lot more than I would usually pay for a mascara. However, it's a good mascara that doesn't transfer to anywhere but my eyelashes during the day which is something I find hard to find in more budget friendly mascaras. 

I probably wouldn't purchase this with my own money simply because I still haven't found a mascara that can beat my favourite but it's worth checking out if you have the extra pennies to splurge on a mascara that gives a more natural looking result.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photographs remain my own. 


I always love to support local businesses that support Being Ashleigh so Premiere Cinema got in touch asking me if I would like to review a film and the cinema experience, I couldn't say no!

Premiere Cinema is based on the top floor of  Mercury Gardens shopping mall in Romford. In comparison to other cinemas, Premiere is much smaller but still has large enough screens to enjoy a movie from start to finish comfortably. Even better and probably the best thing about Premiere Cinema is that ALL tickets are only £4. It doesn't matter what film or what time of the day you go, you'll never pay more than £4. It's no secret that the cinema business can be rather over priced but having worked at a cinema I learnt that the cinema industry only make profit on their food and not the films! 

However, a family of 4 can now enjoy a family day out on the weekend for under £20, so it would be pretty cool to see these opening up all over the place. Sadly, there is only the Romford one and another in Cardiff at the moment! 

I went along with my friend in the afternoon during the week and was pleasantly surprised to see it was quiet. No queues. No children running around. None of those annoying things about the cinema. It was also very tidy with no rubbish on the floor!

We was greeted by Premiere Cinema's social media guru, Tolu at the box office. It's always a big thumbs up from me when opportunities like this have great communication. They knew they was expecting my arrival which saved embarrassment of trying to explain to the staff that I'm a blogger and what I was there for.

We was treated to complimentary tickets to any film of our choice and food and drinks. I had not been to the cinema in AGES so I was a little out of the loop on what films were out but we settled on choosing to see the film 'London Has Fallen' which I had high hopes for. I really enjoyed watching 'Olympus Has Fallen' a couple of years ago and I'm a huge Gerard Butler fan any way*...

* By fan, I mean I have a huge, huge crush on him.

 We got a hot dog each, an ice blast (my favourite!) and some chocolates to nibble on during the film. There was plenty of food and drink options on the menu including cinema classics: cheesy nachos, popcorn, 'pick and mix' sweets and fizzy drinks.

It was nice to see the displays fully stocked up too! It has made my pictures look much, MUCH better haha! The complimentary food and drinks were yummy too. Perfect for when you've just finished working and you're super hungry!

London Has Fallen follows the story of Mike Banning; the president of America's personal bodyguard. A funeral is taking place for the British Prime Minister and all presidents and ministers of the world fly to London to attend. What they don't know is that it's been hijacked by a terrorist mastermind who launches a massive attack on London. Nobody is safe and it's hard to trust anyone...

The film had both me and my friend on the edge of our seats and gasping from start to finish. Although Butler can be (definitely is) rather distracting, I understood the story line and had a few predicaments at what was going to happen. Once it was finished, we both came out saying how good the film was and agreed that the general experience we had that afternoon was really good.

I was also provided with a Premiere discount card which I will certainly be taking full advantage of!  I really want to see The Jungle Book next which is finally in the cinemas! Anyone else super excited for it?

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary visit in return for an honest review on my blog. All opinions and photographs are my own.


Having platinum white hair can be the biggest pain in the world. However, I love my hair being white so I am always looking for new products to try out which can benefit my hair. Purple shampoos and toners in general can be a bit hit and miss. There's nothing more annoying than leaving a shampoo or toner on for a minute too long and having to deal with the result of purple and blue shades in your hair thereafter.

Paul Mitchell sent me over some of their Platinum Blonde Shampoo*; which of course, I was very excited to try. Like all purple shampoos, it claims to banish brassy and yellow shades in blonde hair. However, it all says it makes your hair a lot more softer and manageable. My hair can go quite frizzy if I don't use oils and serums so I was very intrigued to try it out!

I have been using the shampoo 2-3 times a week and leave it on my hair for 2-4 minutes. The product is a lighter purple than usual and smells really nice too. It's more like a thick gel like formula which lathers up within seconds. I definitely noticed a difference in the brightness in the white tones of my hair after the first time I used it, so it's remained a product that I've used all month so far.

Retailing at around £13.50, it's definitely more of a luxurious type shampoo compared to your usual drugstore or supermarket option. However, the pains I have with finding the right products for white blonde hair at a cheaper alternative makes it much easier for me to just put my money into a product that is pricier but does the job very well. Although I didn't pay for this product, I will definitely be purchasing it in the future.

Alongside trialling out the shampoo, I have also been using their Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair Spray* which smoothens and strengthens the hair. As I have to re-bleach my roots every 6-8 weeks, the hair around the front of my face often breaks very easily so it's been great to try out a product aimed at preventing just that.

The product distributes quite finely which can be a bit of a drawback as I felt I have to pump quite a lot of times to get enough product to cover all of my hair. However, once applied on wet hair, I comb through my hair and then blow dry it with a little bit of hair oil. I've been really enjoying this routine 2-3 times a week and I don't see it changing any time soon!

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me in return for a review on my blog. All opinions and photographs are my own. 


Tucked behind Holborn Tube Station, is a cute little pub called The Ship Tavern. With 500 years worth of history behind it, we was very excited to visit one of London's longest standing pubs. The historical tavern has been standing since Henry VIII was the King of England. Catholic priests would take shelter inside The Ship Tavern's 'hidey-holes' in fear of being caught by the King and persecuted for simply being Roman Catholic.  These 'hidey holes' are still in place around the pub today and it has been said that you can hear the moans of upset priests within the walls. SUPER scary!

It was quite a grey day in London on Easter Sunday as you can see from my latest outfit post so it was an utter treat for me and my mum to get out of the cold and be welcomed into one of the cosiest and welcoming little hideaways. The table was reserved for us at 3pm and we arrived on the dot. We were greeted by a friendly waitress who showed us to our seat which indeed had been reserved so no complications arised... especially on a busy Bank Holiday weekend!

I think we both had it in our heads that we wanted to go for a traditional Sunday lunch as I had been craving one for weeks! However, we both had to pick starters first. There is a wide range of different starters available including seared scallops, rock oysters and wild mushrooms with brandy. However, we both decided to go for soup of the day! This particular day it was carrot and ginger soup. I had a really bad cold at the time so I thought the ginger might help! 

I can only describe the soup as a party in the mouth. Arriving in a very generous portion, the carrot in the soup was buttery and creamy in the mouth. The moment of swallowing the soup was when the ginger really hit you and was just enough to benefit the carrot. The soup was accompanied with some bread and a trio of different butters. 

Next, it was time for our mains and of course, we totally ordered traditional Sunday roasts. I only eat chicken so went for the 1/2 Herb Rubbed Roasted Chicken and my mum chose the Roast Rib-Eye of Cumbrian Beef. The waiting time between both starter and main was perfect. Just enough time to let the soup warm up our bellies and settle; ready for more food. 

Again, both arrived in very generous portions served with goose fat roast potatoes, vegetable medley, cauliflower cheese, a HUGE Yorkshire pudding and gravy. I was surprised to see how much meat we both got. It was a generous enough portion for any fit man!

We were both left feeling VERY stuffed and me in particular very chicken'd out! But... when you're in a restaurant, you can always make time for dessert can't you? Well, I can.

Out came the dessert menus and I was pleasantly surprised that my all time favourite choice ever was on the menu! I went for the Downies Chocolate Brownie with homemade vanilla pod ice-cream. In all honesty, I don't really need impressing when it comes to chocolate. If it's chocolate; it's a thumbs up from me! I am very pleased to say that the brownie hit all of my expectations. It was just the right portion size, sitting in a puddle of hot chocolate sauce. With added chocolate chips and the home made vanilla pod ice-cream; I definitely made the right choice!

My mum went for something a little more special and classy; a slate of different mini desserts including a super cute little lemon cheesecake, chocolate brownie and profiterole. They were beautifully presented and are apparently the most popular dessert on the menu!

All in all, we left feeling very satisfied with the food and service that we received at The Ship Tavern. My parents are already in the talks of booking a table for dinner in a couple of weeks time so that's always a good sign, isn't it?! I myself will definitely be returning in the near future too for good food in a cosy pub setting.

The Ship Tavern

12 Gate Street

Disclaimer: This is a restaurant review. Dinner for me and a +1 was offered in exchange for an honest review on my blog. As always, all opinions and photographs are my own. I definitely recommend this place!


The time is here! Fancy winning yourself return flights to Lanzarote for 2 people? All you need to do is vote for Being Ashleigh to win Thomas Cook's current food blogger competition. You may remember my entry for the competition in which I cooked Spanish chicken, chorizo and baby prawns paella. Well, I'm pleased to say that it has gone down very well in the competition and I'm now in 2nd place.. but not by much!


I would absolutely love to win AND love to see one of my readers win a holiday for them and a +1 too! - It would mean the world to me if you could vote Being Ashleigh! Just head on over to this competition page and select Being Ashleigh in the drop down menu, add your name and email and that's it! THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK! x  


Recently, I headed into London and did that thing where you get lost purposely by walking around looking at stuff before finally retiring for the day and seeking the nearest tube station to get home. Hands down, my favourite kind of days!

These ASOS dungarees are making a second appearance on my blog because quite frankly, I can never get enough of anything denim according to my previous post. In fact, I styled these up almost a year ago now and I'm still wearing them!

I feel quite thankful that I picked up these khaki bomber a few years ago as bomber jackets are back on trend and are pretty much everywhere at the moment! Mine has the typical bright orange silk lining and over sized 80's look which paired with some trainers; is my style completely.


Dunagrees - ASOS
Top - Primark
Jacket - Primark
Trainers - Adidas Superstars*

We headed into London to review The Ship Tavern restaurant which is a cute little old pub located behind Holborn Tube Station. Not only was the service warm, friendly and welcoming but the food was fantastic and I will definitely be returning for future "pub grub". Look out for my review within the next couple of days but be warned... you WILL be left feeling rather hungry. 

Anyway, I cannot believe we are in April already! Spring is well and truly on its way (ok, sometimes) and there is a lot to look forward to this year. It's been an odd couple of months which I'll address in a post when I feel like writing about it but I'm much happier now I've ended a chapter of my life and started a brand new one. I'm finally back in control of MY happiness.

I am really happy with my blog content at the moment and really do have some exciting things in the pipeline including some travel content. Turns out I am going to Greece and Spain this year, yippee! I also have a few giveaways that will go up this month so definitely look out for those. 

I hope you are all well and having a lovely Thursday. If you are having a bad day just remember that there there is always tomorrow, next week, the 18th of next month, 6 months down the line and plenty more Summer's ahead of us too. Life is too short as cheesy as it sounds but you only get one shot at it so make it good!

P.S If you fancy voting for my dish to win in Thomas Cook's latest competition then please do! You can win a holiday for 2 to Lanzarote if you do!


It's no secret around here that I live in denim. From jeans to skirts, shorts and dungarees, if it comes in denim, I'll have it. If that denim piece comes in black and two different blue washes, I'll have all three!

Jeans have really spiralled out of control over the years. New styles have been introduced whilst old styles end up making an re-appearance before you know it. Cuts like bootleg and flares which I was rocking as a newly fashion loving 10 year old are now making a re-appearance; something I'm sure we all thought we would never debate buying again for AW15, right?!

For me, jeans are easy. More often than enough, I study my wardrobe for about half an hour pulling out different pieces that I could possibly wear for the day. Being honest with you, it all ends up on a pile on my bed (resulting in a floordrobe later on...) and I end up just climbing into a pair of black skinnies any way!

I decided to have a look at the different styles of denim I own and think about new ways I can style them for the Spring. So, here are some of the previous outfits I have styled involving jeans which are three totally different styles. The best thing about jeans (apart from being comfortable, affordable and easy) is the fact they can be dressed up and down. For example, I often wear mine with trainers but also heels! 

I have a lot of black denim styles that need to be re-dyed as they are fading to grey (is there anything more annoying?!). I do love a good pair of "mom" jeans as I find they are very flattering to my figure as I have a smaller waist compared to my hips and bum, so they always look great with crop tops!

Let's get down to the facts of denim now shall we...

So, how many pairs of jeans do YOU wear?

I've counted and I own 12 pairs! Most are skinny jeans however they all have different styles. From rips in the knees, to acid washes, denim culottes and of course my favourites... mom jeans! My most worn pair are a pair of black skinnies from Superdry which I wear on rotation with leggings ALL THE TIME. The pair I don't wear very often are a pair of white skinnies which I've worn only a handful of times, oooops!

As I wear my black jeans most days, they are always in the wash ready for my next wear. Here are some top tips for you when it comes to washing your denim! Anyone fancy freezing their jeans tonight?
I'm now off to look at some new denim styles to wear over the Spring! I'm really hoping I can ditch the black skinnies a bit more for more light wash options. But let's face it... black jeans will always win, won't they?

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Superdry but all words and opinions are my own.