GIVEAWAY! Win 2 tickets to the Hot Tub Cinema!

Hi everyone!

I have a really exciting giveaway today for one lucky person. I have teamed up with the guys at the Hot Tub Cinema in Shoreditch and they have kindly gifted me a pair of tickets to see the 1984 classic film Gremlins, Friday 5th December, 6.30pm - (the film starts at 7.30pm)!

The Hot Tub Cinema is pretty self explanatory; you watch a film whilst relaxing in a hot tub! The amazing team have transformed the former Shoreditch Tube Station into an indoor cinema as we approach Winter and all throughout the lead up to Christmas they are showing festive films. How exciting!

All you need to do to enter is fill the form in below. Bring a costume/bikini/swimming shorts, a towel, a bag to put everything in, flip flops and something warm to wear after and you're set to have a fantastic night!


I am giving away two tickets for ONE winner to watch the film Gremlins next week. I have the tickets so will email them across to whoever the lucky winner is. In order to win them, you need to fill out the little form (widget) below. Please make sure you're a follower of my blog via Bloglovin and that you follow Hot Tub Cinema on Twitter @HotTubCinema. These are essential so I will be checking! Good luck! :)

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Terms & Conditions:
Prize is x2 tickets to see Gremlins Friday 5th December 2014. This event is strictly an over 18's only event due to a licensed bar on the premises.
The winner will be emailed so please check your emails! This giveaway ends 11:59pm on Tuesday 2nd December 2014.
No alternative film, cash alternative is available.
Anyone entering MUST be a follower of Being Ashleigh on Bloglovin. Anyone entering MUST follow Hot Tub Cinema on Twitter. 
I will be checking both of these!

The prize for this giveaway is c/o Hot Tub Cinema. I have the tickets as a PDF so the winner will need to print these prior to the event. I was not paid for this giveaway. 

The Men (Boys) I Date

This year has been my year. I haven't had a relationship. I've been hurt, friend zoned people and just generally not really given a damn!

Dating apps such as OkCupid!, Plenty Of Fish and my personal favourite, Tinder, have meant meeting people is super easy and quite fun. However, almost a year later since I started online dating, I am still as unsuccessful as I was at the beginning of the year. I've had some experience in the whole online dating shenanigans now,  so I thought it would be funny for my own amusement and yours to look back on some of the "men" I have dated this year. Some are worse than others!

In no particular order...

Mr Tattooed & Pierced
This was actually my first ever date at the beginning of the year. I was incredibly nervous! We went to a pub for a drink and then to Starbucks for a hot chocolate which was nice don't get me wrong, but he was SUCH a bad person.

Mr Guitar Singer
Picture this... the guy you used to hang around with as a teenager and circumstances never allowed you to both "go there". Now picture this, it's years later and you both get into contact again, find out you're both single and it just so happens you're now both mature adults. So yeah, we attempted to "go there" and spent a couple of months seeing each other but things just never worked out.

Mr Milkshake 
Probably the sweetest guy I have ever dated. We went to a milkshake bar for our date which was chilled and I felt super relaxed around him. We then decided to go cinema but I can't remember the film (oops - I promise it was a good date!). We kept talking for a few weeks after but things soon fizzled out and it turned out he still had feelings for the EX-GF anyway. Doh!

Mr 'I Have a Good Job So You Should Automatically Fancy Me'
First things first, he had a goatee. I literally hate the in-between facial hair stage. Either grow a beard or shave it off!!! We actually didn't have anything in common so now I'm just puzzled writing this wondering why I actually ever met him but they do say opposites attract and all that. Just not in this case! We met up in London and went for a pizza which was nice but all he did was go on about himself and then thought taking me for a meal meant a ticket into my knickers!

Mr Italian Stallion
Not reeeeally a stallion but he was Italian! He was a sweet guy and we hung out quite a bit but he just didn't know what he wanted.

Mr Big Man, Small Car
Lee was a lovely guy and was a whole 6 foot 4 so it was funny standing next to him. This was another cinema date and he picked me up in his fiat 500. Do you know how funny it was seeing a 6 ft 4 guy driving a fiat 500? HILARIOUS. He wasted my time though and all he did was bitch about his ex to me. Turn off!

Mr Instagram
Hahaha still to this day I love this guy to bits but decided a long time ago he was and never would be relationship material. I find it REALLY off putting when guys follow about a million other girls on Instagram. Guess I friend zoned this one from day one!

Mr Toy Boy
A little younger than me (he was almost 20), so definitely a risk for any twenty one year old independent woman. The first date was more a hang out in his car (sigh) and the second was the cinema and I actually remember seeing 22 Jump St! However, things fizzled out and he got a girlfriend soon after. Double dater!

Mr Work Buddy
Always a bad idea to say the least but we actually started talking when I left the job we met at so I didn't have to face any awkwardness. We had one date to a local bar and he was a very good kisser!!! But that was simply it.

Mr 'Come Round & Watch X-Factor?'
OK this one is laughable now. I spoke to him for quite some time and the above question was proposed to me. Me being so bloody naive, I went round there purely to watch X-Factor but again, he thought it was a ticket to down under. Siiiiiigh.

Mr 'I Like Watching Rape Documentaries'
This guy drove down from Essex to pick me up and I thought there was a spark. This was until we reached the motorway and he started telling me how he's fascinated by documentaries to do with raping women and such. For real. I have never wanted to go home so bad before. I think it was plain obvious I wasn't interested in him as he dropped me home, without a goodbye to each other and he zoomed off right away and we never spoke again haha. FREAK!

Mr Photographer
Ok now picture this... someone who is exactly the same as you. He was an automotive photographer so I was immediately in 'OMG Mum I think I've met the right guy' denial.  I'll hold my hands up high and admit that our date was so darn sweet. We drove around London late at night taking photos of stuff including a cute walk in Battersea Park followed by walking along the Thames. I liked him so much I even let him stay at my house for a cuddle as he didn't drop me home till 3am. Everything was great and I saw him a few times after. HOWEVER..... we then had an argument. He told me how I should ALWAYS use a tripod in my work and this annoyed me so much. He was incredibly arrogant and thought he was the bees knees so I got rid of that one ASAP!

Mr Let's Hook Up When We're Bored
We'll name this one. Okay so you know there's always that one guy you end up going back to? This is Alex. There was no chemistry between us at all. It was all just very sexual. The first time I met him within minutes we was arguing and we carried on arguing throughout the whole day. I ended up telling him where to go and then a week later we were back together doing what we do best... arguing whilst hanging out. I met him one last time and put him in his place. No more! It felt great saying no :)

Mr Bar Man
He was lovely but I just wasn't ready for a relationship at the time.

Mr Postman
Not much to say about this one other than I was stupid and went to his house and ended up leaving my favourite DVD there. He was actually a postman though!

Mr Laid Back
In some ways it's good to be laid back but in other ways it's bad. I don't like being the only person to initiate a conversation and this is how it ended up being between us. The date was good and we got on great but we didn't see each other again.

Mr 'Got What I Want, Nothing Else Needed'
Probably the only one who has actually hurt me. I met this one when I was having a break from dating and I wasn't looking to date again.  He claimed (like they always do) to be different to other boys because they "wouldn't want to see a man treat their mum/sister bad so they don't treat girls bad". I've heard it all before boys! Anyway... I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we started hanging out. Things felt right between us but unfortunately he was just a liar like the rest of them and I decided to walk away.

Mr Double Date
This date was unplanned but just made sense. My friend was going out with his friend so whenever me and my friend went out we would all hang out as a group of four. He was a very attractive guy and I was so happy when I found out he liked me. We went bowling for our first date and then for a meal for the second but things went so weird after and even to this day I am still confused as to what happened. Never mind!

Mr Garden Gnome
He was short hence the nickname but he was also nice, lived local and we seemed to get on. Things just didn't progress.

This is pretty much all of the Mr's I have dated this year although I may have missed out a few?! As you can tell, I sure do pick them. I like guys who are sweet, family orientated, not flash, with a nice enough dress sense and with ambitions in life. Where are you all?!

What's the worst guy you've been on a date with like? I'd love to know if anyone tops mine!

Always remember to stay safe when online dating. It's a fantastic concept but can be dangerous if not thought about carefully. Always let a parent or a friend know who you are meeting, where you are meeting and give them an address if you plan on hanging out at their house or a car number plate if they are picking you up. I also always give someone the phone number of X guy I am meeting as you just never know these days! Touch wood, everyone I have met has been the person they claimed to be but you have to be SO careful!

Green People

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying some samples from a brand called Green People. The sample kit doesn't seem to be available for sale but there are a range of sizes that you can buy should you prefer to start off with something small. 

Green People are a brand I have never heard of but reading about them made me intrigued to try them out. Their main and important ethic is that they DO NOT test their products on animals and instead like all brands should, volunteer on humans. The ethics and work put into the brand is fantastic as they only use organic and natural ingredients so there are no harsh and unknown chemicals going on your skin.

Let's move on to what products I tried out...

I was sent a hand cream, moisturiser, shower gel, shampoo and makeup remover. Straight away I thought as an avid hot cloth cleanser lover, I would try the makeup remover. I used it the same way I would my hot cloth cleanser by distributing the product all over my face on top of makeup and then using hot water and a face cloth to buff the makeup off. It seemed to work as well and as quickly and left my skin feeling clean. The moisturiser is a nice product to use straight after too and it's great because you can use it all over the body if you wish... obviously if you had a bigger size.

I also tried out the shower gel which had a very organic smell; something I was unsure about as I generally prefer sweet smells when it comes to bath time. 

The shampoo again has a very natural eucalyptus-esque smell which can be a little off putting but it did leave my hair feeling rejuvenated but I did need to wash my hair again two days later so there was no prolonging of washing using this.

The only sample I didn't try is the hand cream which isn't something I have ever thought to use as my hands are very soft anyway - something people always comment on!

It was great trying Green People out as sometimes it's nice to switch up your holy grail products and use samples instead of devoting money to full size products in risk of you not enjoying using them or them not working for you. I would probably buy the makeup remover full size but I find it is easier for me to purchase my No7 one in Boots. Saying that, if Green people were a brand sold in a high street drug store such as Boots, I would definitely consider trying more of their products; providing there are sample sizes available if I wanted to try out new products.

Sponsored Video: INSPIRED by Moroccanoil

As women, we are automatically expected to be the more mature gender, the mothering and caring gender, and the gender who will simply bring in the money, put the food on the table and put the kids to bed. However, being a woman is so much more than that.

What does it mean to be a woman?
There is no exact answer. I look around at the women in my life today and begin comparing myself. My Mother had me at twenty one years of age; the same age I am now, and managed to bring me up with very little help whilst also juggling jobs and studying. Then we move onto my Nan... a woman who has worked various jobs all of her life from factory work to caring for other people. Then there's my Aunt who has worked in banking finance for what seems like forever. All these people are generations within my family and they all have children. They have all built something from scratch but I am currently in the opposite seat. I am only twenty one years of age, a recent graduate with no stable job, no partner, no children and I am thousands of pounds in debt from my University studies. If this was forty years ago, I would be married, working in a factory with a baby on the way by now. However time, law and ethics have changed and now I am in the generation that is in the advantage of being able to have an education, make their own choices, make mistakes and learn new skills without being told 'no'. This is what makes being a woman so wonderful. We are encouraged to make our own choices and have evolved to stand on our own two feet.

I may still be at a young age, but I want to be remembered for something. I want people younger than me to look up to me for something incredible that I have done. I don't want to fall into the expected box of 'girl gets a 9-5 job, meets a nice boy, gets engaged and has children with an okay income'. I have plenty of years for all of that. I want to make more mistakes, experience more, travel the world and I will most probably have my heart broken a fair few more times.

Moroccanoil have got together with six women to create a campaign called 'Inspired by Women'. Each woman has an amazing and inspiring story to tell in the form of short video films directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. The campaign is led by ambadassor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; English model and actress. It's proof that anyone can do anything and you don't need to be a certain gender to start something from nothing, make a change or lead something from start to finish.

Below is the campaign video but here is some more information if you want to really get to grips with what these everyday, ordinary but powerful and inspiring women do to not only better themselves but to better others. It truly does make you want to face the world head on and create something fantastic. Head on over to the Facebook page or follow the hashtag #InspiredByWomen to support this  campaign. Go do something inspiring!

*This post has been sponsored by Moroccanoil, but all thoughts and words are my own.

Christmas gifts for Him, Her and Them, for under £50

It's that time of the year when everyone is starting (or in some cases finishing!) their Christmas shopping but never know what to get Grandad Jim or Aunt Sissy. I thought I would put together a little Christmas gift guide which has something for every one. Even better, every item I have chosen are from one website and are all under £50 each.. making shopping this Christmas that little bit easier.

I chose to shop around at Urbanara which is a fantastic homeware brand offering luxurious and high-quality homeware products at affordable prices. I love nothing more than shopping around for things for my bedroom from makeup storage to bed linen which happens to be my absolute guilty pleasure.

Urbanara have just released their Christmas section on the website which I totally recommend if you are looking at shopping around in one place for every one. They offer gifts for Her, Him and even the kids.

So, let's talk about my top 6 picks...

You can find all of the above items on their Christmas section.

→ I absolutely ADORE this notebook which is bound in real leather and comes with a traditional fountain pen. It really reminds me of Tom Riddle's diary (only fellow HP fanatics will understand!), and it also comes in black!

→ Everyone needs to keep their hands warm in the colder months but every girl NEEDS cute mittens. These remind me of mittens an eskimo would wear... super cute.

→ I don't know about kid's cushion as I could totally see this owl printed cushion sitting on my own bed however this makes a perfect present for a girl who has just got her own room and is looking to make it a little more grown up.

→ I never ever know what to get men such as my dad but this bath robe is perfect. It's soft, fluffy, luxurious and comes in a few different colours and sizes.

→ You can never go wrong with buying candles at Christmas and vanilla is just one of those must-have scents for every room!

→ Finally, who doesn't love a cute teapot whether you actually use it to brew tea or just use it for display. I'm sure any tea loving woman would love this.

And there we have it! I know it's only mid November, but I got super duper in the mood for Christmas when I read Grace's latest blog post featuring some really festive bits you can decorate with in your home. 

Very Party in Style Event @ The Oxo Tower!

This week, I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited along to the Party in Style event with and Cosmopolitan Magazine at the stunning OXO Tower in London.

I met the lovely Lorna from Studs and Dreams outside Waterloo Station and we took a short walk over to the event. There was a short queue but once ticked off the guest list and handing our stuff into the cloak attendant, the party began! We was greeted by the team at Very and told to pick out our favourite outfits for the photographer to shoot us with. We then did some vox pops video work in which we were asked for our party tips. Here's the official video if you want to see me awkwardly talking to a microphone and TV presenter haha!

 We then watched the catwalk showcasing the collection by Sam Faiers which I LOVE. Soooo many sparkles and sequins in rich blues and pinks. I really want my Christmas dress from the collection!

I put together a little Vlog style video so you can virtually come along to the event and see the evening in action. The catwalk is in the video too which is why I never got any photos of it!

 Lorna from Studs and Dreams, and me.

Primark shoes

Huge thank you to Very for inviting me! :)

Moroccan Frizz Control Spray

Moroccan Frizz Control Spray*

Any product which claims to control dry hair is always one that appeals to me and ends up in my shopping basket. Due to bleaching my hair from brown to an ombre and eventually now to blonde all over, it means my hair can be quite dry and frizzy... especially after washing it. The Moroccan Frizz Control Spray is like an oil based liquid inside a spray bottle meaning it's very easy to disperse the product evenly in your hair. I need around 5-6 sprays but my hair is quite long and very thick. I have been using this for every other wash and a hair oil on the alternate wash and both products have been working very well to control the frizz and dryness from damage in my hair. 

The spray retails at £19.45 on for a 100ml bottle so again like most good hair products, it's a little on the pricey side of things but I probably would re-purchase this again.

Hairtrade hair extensions

Pixie Lott Magnitone Lucid

Last night was an extremely exciting evening between 7pm and 7:30pm as I was exclusively invited to listen and watch in on a live interview with Pixie Lott about her limited edition Magnitone Lucid cleanser. Pixie always looks flawless so I was very intrigued to learn more about her beauty product. I was told to think of some questions and to send them in for an exclusive Q&A with Pixie during the conference and I was ecstatic to have one of my questions answered! Find out what below :)

What is Magnitone?
Magnitone is all about giving confidence to young women by making their skin a lot more smoother and clearer. Magnitone chose Pixie Lott as their exclusive ambassador as Magnitone wanted a fresh and fashionable young woman to emphasis confidence in beauty.

The Lucid by Magnitone is a daily facial cleansing and exfoliation brush designed exclusively by Pixie Lott herself which comes in the colour pink  (very girly!) with white detailing. It's designed to be a replacement for your hands which is actually more gentle on the skin, making sure not to abrase the skin and especially working gently on pores. The Lucid is used for one minute either once or twice a day (morning and evening) which is proven to give amazing results.

The Lucid Magnitone by Pixie Lott is now available to order on the website here.


Why did you want to work with Magnitone?
I wanted to spread a positive message to other young girls. Glowing skin can really give you confidence!

How soft is the Lucid for sensitive skin?
The bristles are rounded so it's especially gentle on the skin and is actually proven to be even more gentle than using your hands as the brushes glide on the skin rather than rub against it. It is to be used for one minute either once or twice a day and has a timer on which will automatically turn off after one minute so there is no way you can over use it and damage your skin.

How has Magnitone changed your skin?
It's much healthier looking and makes putting makeup on in the mornings so much easier as my skin is a lot softer.

What is your skin care cleansing routine?
I use the Lucid Magnitone and a good cleanser! I always use the same products so my skin gets used to what I am using as I know I can then rely on those products. I use it morning and evening too as deep cleansing is good if you're wearing lots of makeup day to day like myself.

One beauty product you cannot live without?
Errrrrrrrrm... (After much debate of that being a very unfair question...) ... probably moisturiser!!!

Do you have makeup free days?
Yes! I love makeup free days. Or if I want some coverage but don't want to look too made up, I like to use light foundations with no impurities.

What are your top skincare tips?
I know everyone says it but it really is important to remove your makeup every night before sleeping. Also NO FACE WIPES! They are so bad for you! (The makeup artist next to her agrees!) Using the Lucid takes one single minute so there are no excuses not to deep cleanse.

What's in your beauty bag?
Errrrrrm, from memory I know I have my favourite highlighter by Benefit in there which I can always rely on to give me a healthy glow.

Does Oliver like you made up or natural?
Well *laughs*, he says he prefers me with less makeup but I look so rough in the mornings as I just chuck on my glasses so I have no idea if he's telling the truth or just being nice!

Who was your beauty/fashion guru inspiration when growing up?
Oh that's a good question! I always looked up to the 60s icon, Edie Sedgwick . I adored her big, quirky eyes. Errrrrm, but as a young child I was a huge fan of Britney Spears! *laughs*

What's your biggest beauty tip?
Don't use too much powder!

What's your must have skin care product whilst travelling?
I don't know. Maybe a lip balm?

What's your biggest beauty extravagance?
I absolutely LOVE spa days and a good pamper session. It make you feel so much better, like ahhh!

What helps you build your confidence?
A lot of things influence this for me. If I am with my friends, a little black dress can make me feel a lot better about myself, good makeup and hair days, my personal fashion style and if I am feeling comfortable in myself.

Who are/were your music inspirations/influences?
I loved and still do love big female vocalists. Whitney, Mariah and Celine Dion are amazing.

Finally... do you reckon you will win Strictly Come Dancing?
*Laughs*.. I don't know. I hope so!

Such an amazing experience and also my first ever video conference interview call! I am sure there will be loads more in the future. Thanks Pixie! X

Nip + Fab 'Dragon's Blood Fix' Range

Nip & Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Range
Plumping Mask* - £14.95
Cleansing Pads* - £9.95
Plumping Serum* - £19.95

I was SUPER EXCITED when the latest range by Nip + Fab landed through my letterbox. Anyone who knows me will know skin care is incredibly important to me. Not only do I remove my makeup before sleeping every night without fail but I am always looking for new lotions and potions to try out. Ladies, here is the Dragon's Blood fix range. Yes, I was a little confused about the estranged name too but fear not, no dragons were harmed in the making of this product*.

There are several ways I cleanse my face and I always mix it up every day. However, cleansing pads are probably the easiest way for me to cleanse if it means I get to stay in bed whilst doing it. Who else would rather stand in a cold tiled bathroom?! These cleansing pads (60 pads) are my particular favourite as they are already lathered in a gel like formula with one textured side to the pad which acts almost as a very VERY gentle exfoliation. I have been using these in replace of my toner after removing my makeup and they work very well in removing last traces of eye makeup. They do have a VERY strange scent as does the whole range so if you don't like scented products you probably won't like these but it's not a bad smell - perfumey and fruity; hard to explain!

I have really enjoyed using the plumping serum (50ml) too. It's like a gel based formula which you apply to your face after cleansing. It sinks in straight away and leaves your face feeling 'plumpy and firm'. That's the best way to describe the outcome. My skin feels healthy and regenerated ready for makeup application or a good night's sleep. I haven't used it every day however as I didn't want my skin to start relying on one product so I've been using a moisturiser every other day and the plumping serum the alternate days which has been working perfectly for me.

The third product in the range is the plumping mask (50ml). It wasn't what I was expecting at all but in a good way! The mask is a wash off one which I was surprised to see is a gel based formulation as peel off formulas are usually gel based and wash off masks are usually cream based. It was a completely different kind of mask as once spread over the face it says to leave for ten minutes to sink in. The product doesn't dry hard so your face doesn't have that stiff feeling that many face masks give. It left my skin feeling similar to the serum; firm and healthy.

The Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Range is available now at Boots. It's 3 for 2 at the moment across skincare so take advantage!

* We can all pretend we live in a fairy tale with mystical creatures sometimes.