Green People


Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying some samples from a brand called Green People. The sample kit doesn't seem to be available for sale but there are a range of sizes that you can buy should you prefer to start off with something small. 

Green People are a brand I have never heard of but reading about them made me intrigued to try them out. Their main and important ethic is that they DO NOT test their products on animals and instead like all brands should, volunteer on humans. The ethics and work put into the brand is fantastic as they only use organic and natural ingredients so there are no harsh and unknown chemicals going on your skin.

Let's move on to what products I tried out...

I was sent a hand cream, moisturiser, shower gel, shampoo and makeup remover. Straight away I thought as an avid hot cloth cleanser lover, I would try the makeup remover. I used it the same way I would my hot cloth cleanser by distributing the product all over my face on top of makeup and then using hot water and a face cloth to buff the makeup off. It seemed to work as well and as quickly and left my skin feeling clean. The moisturiser is a nice product to use straight after too and it's great because you can use it all over the body if you wish... obviously if you had a bigger size.

I also tried out the shower gel which had a very organic smell; something I was unsure about as I generally prefer sweet smells when it comes to bath time. 

The shampoo again has a very natural eucalyptus-esque smell which can be a little off putting but it did leave my hair feeling rejuvenated but I did need to wash my hair again two days later so there was no prolonging of washing using this.

The only sample I didn't try is the hand cream which isn't something I have ever thought to use as my hands are very soft anyway - something people always comment on!

It was great trying Green People out as sometimes it's nice to switch up your holy grail products and use samples instead of devoting money to full size products in risk of you not enjoying using them or them not working for you. I would probably buy the makeup remover full size but I find it is easier for me to purchase my No7 one in Boots. Saying that, if Green people were a brand sold in a high street drug store such as Boots, I would definitely consider trying more of their products; providing there are sample sizes available if I wanted to try out new products.


  1. I am so intrigued to try this brand I have never heard of them, I love that they do not test on animals! Thanks for sharing :) xx

    1. Hi Lucy, I am trying out a new skin care product by them at the moment and again I really do like it so will no doubt feature it soon.Such a fab brand!


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