MRP: A cheap online alternative to Primark

TROUSERS £8 // DRESS £3.50 // SHIRT £5.50 // SHORTS £6 // SHIRT £4.50

CHINOS £9.50 // SWEATER £9.50 // SHIRT £4 // BOXERS £2.50 // T-SHIRT

I don't know about you but when it comes to clothes, I do like a cheeky bargain. If it means hunting around for a cheaper alternative to a pair of shoes from Toppers that cost £75, then I will by all means set a challenge for myself.

The latest fashion brand I am 100% behind is MRP: a south african fashion brand who are similar to Primark... including their prices! They ship to the UK for jut £4. I know we are all guilty of reluctantly paying shipping prices but for a brand that are so cheap but SO good, I really don't mind!

I'm sure a lot of their good stuff will be out of stock soon so I would recommend getting in there whilst you can and grabbing all the best stuff! I am definitely going to have a splurge. I need that neon dress! 


XO love, Ashleigh x
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instagram/life catch-up!

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001: I feel so out of the loop with blogging :( I think this is only my 3rd post of September so far, boo hoo hoo! I literally feel completely lost. I have a lot I need to write about and a lot of clothes that need to be photographed and written about but I have to be patient for my new blog design, sigh!

002: Had a trip to the Natural History Museum a few weeks ago which was lovely. I am guilty of being one of THOSE Londoners who don't adventure out to places in my city enough. I think I want to visit the design museum next for my inner geek.

003: I appear to have eaten so much food. I'll keep this point short. Sorry, not sorry!

004: I start a second internship next week which I have mixed emotions about. Half of me is super bloody excited but the other half is terrified. I am terrible in group situations and have little confidence in just about every aspect of life. Maybe I'll do a post on that in the future?! But as it's a uni placement, I HAVE to do it!

005: I caved and bought a fedora hat. I posted on instagram yesterday asking if it's a YAY OR NAY and everyone said yay. Yay! What do you think? I am giving myself a two week trial. If I don't wear it I will return it.

Don't know when I will post yet but thank you to everyone who's sticking by me and my little blog. I <3 you!

XO love, Ashleigh x

mini update

Important meeting in London today but my anxiety's getting the better of me however I know I have something to fall back on!

My new blog design and domain should be live by the end of the month fingers crossed. I miss blogging SO much and cannot wait to get back into the game!

XO love, Ashleigh x

big news and changes for my blog!!!

001: You may or may not know that my domain expired meaning I lost my domain because Google are idiots and have failed to give me it back even though I've paid for the renewal. Big tip kids. Don't buy your domain from Google! My blog will be undergoing a lot of changes soon. I will be back hopefully with a brand new more permanent design which I will be paying someone to do for me.

002: That does mean I will be selling this layout for £20 if anyone's interested. I will design you some sidebar subtitles and a simple header aswell as installation to go with it too and change colours etc. This is my favourite design and I will be sad to see it go but I am no longer happy with it personally!

003: My blog content will hopefully be changing soon too. I am seriously going to start doing more regular outfit posts. It's something I really enjoyed doing and my stats go crazy when I do them but I have just been slacking due to laziness. Actually, I've been lazy to do with everything: posting, reading blogs, going to events. I will be back soon with more fashion posts!

004: A lot of crap is going on in my life at the moment which is why I have taken some time away from blogging including reading blogs. I keep comparing my life to other people's then realising how utterly crap mine is at the moment. Then I remind myself I need to be happy but I can't find happiness out of miserable-ness. Sigh.

005: I am back to Uni as of Tuesday and I am quite excited and happy to get back into a routine. This Summer personally has been a bit crap and I feel like I need to get back into the swing of having a workload, a schedule and something I have to get out of bed for. I have an awful lot of Uni stuff to do this year but bring it on! I can't wait to visit Paris in November with my class. Any Paris based bloggers out there?

I will be back soon I promise! Just remember ASHLLYD will no longer exist soon and I will have a new domain so keep your eye out for when I reveal it. I bought it today and I am already trying to think of header design options. Funnily enough, it was always difficult to find a font that displayed "ashllyd" nicely. Design geek, hiya.

Hope you all had a fab weekend and I will blog again when I am ready! x

XO love, Ashleigh x