Film Review: Arthur Christmas

Yesterday evening, me, my mum and sister adventured to the cinema to see Arthur Christmas in 2D.  It was such a fantastic film; something that I would watch even when Christmas is over!

The main character is obviously Arthur; Santa's son. He is a big kid who loves Christmas and loves helping out Santa and the other elves deliver the presents to every child in the world on every Christmas Eve.  He has a big brother called Steve who is quite the opposite. Steve is a big man with huge muscles and a tiny waist. He is next in line to be the next Santa (they feature Grandad Santa too!) and wants everything to be modernised i.e presents delivered by elves, not Santa and other such things. 

The storyline is basically about a little girl who's present accidently doesn't get delivered. Steve is very much the nasty man and would rather forget about it, whereas Arthur is adamant to get the gift wrapped bike to the little girl all the way from the North Pole, to England.  He goes on his delivering adventure with the help of Grandad Santa, eight reindeer and the help of a little Elf called Bryony. 

Honestly, it is one of the most lovely films to watch and it made me laugh so much!

Have you seen it yet/are you planning to?

Racist Journey

I mentioned on twitter yesterday that I had something awful and disgusting to blog about; so here's that post.

After finishing work yesterday afternoon, after a long and tiring 8-5 shift at the cinema; I caught my usual bus. It's a twenty minute journey from my house, not including the walk from the bus stop to my house.  I live in Essex/SE London so I always have to share my daily bus journeys with the most horrible people.  Let's just say.... oompa loompas in tracksuits?!

I walked onto my bus and sat towards the front, behind an old couple; most probably in their late 60's.  The woman stated (for everyone near her to hear!) how she felt she wasn't in her country anymore. She began to count every black person boarding the bus. 1......5......9.......13.  The husband didn't really say anything about it, although he did mutter a few things under his breath. As an onlooker, they reminded me of Hyacinth & Richard Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances?! (thank you to the girls on twitter who reminded me of the name of this show, it was bugging me for ages!)

The whole journey until they got off consisted of the wife's rude remarks and opinions on people who basically were not true* British white people.  Her main opinion was that the buses that segregated white and black people during African/American civil rights movement, should be re-introduced. I actually shuddered as soon as she said that. I felt ashamed to be white myself; considering a black woman was sitting next to me. It was one of them moments where I wish I could have clicked my fingers and disappeared. Just imagine how that lady next to me must have felt?! -- 

I am against racism in any way, shape or form.  I believe everybody is their own person, no matter what race, religion, sexuality or gender they are (although I will always believe the school saying of 'girls are better than boys'!). I take into consideration that everybody is entitled to their own opinions on things but for goodness sake, keep them to yourself! Don't shout them about in public, especially when they're bound to offend people! I hope you all agree with me!

* 'true' - British from heritage. British and white. English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. Not black and born in Britain. I don't agree with the way I have stated the word 'true' but I am just trying to word across what the horrible couple meant.

Update: 30 days till Christmas :)

Pic taken: 24/11/2011
001: Finally handed in my Urban Landscape project this week. So pleased with my final prints. I scanned in the negatives and done a blog post here if you want to see! My critique went really well. Had to basically blu-tac my mighty eleven prints in my classroom/studio (along with everyone else) and everyone has to present their work. I loathe talking in public but I didn't stutter or anything so everything's good!

002: Todd passed his theory test today! He told a little white lie this morning about how he was off to a college trip in London, but he was too nervous to tell people he was sitting his theory test! He's been learning for months now, so hopefully he will sit his driving test soon! (If you're wondering whether I drive... nope! I don't even have a provisional yet!)

003: Might be meeting Emily on Tuesday from, yaaaaay! Such a lovely girl with the cutest new pup, ever!

004: I get paid on Wednesday and it's National Teacher's strike - win! Going Christmas shopping with my Mummy :)

005: I cooked dinner tonight. A mighty lasagna, with lots of cheese and pasta sheets. It's still in the oven as we speak. I did plan on taking photographs but my camera's battery died.

006: I have caught up with all my part time blogging designs ~entrepreneur~. I have lowered the prices for a limited time only so if you're looking for a re-vamp of your blog or even just a christmas themed header etc, then head on over to my shop and email me what you would like!

Glamour Magazine competition prize

Yes, I won another competition. If you're a new follower (hello by the way!) then you should know that I enter a lot of competitions and giveaways and I've won quite a few over the past three months. This is the most exciting one though! It was a competition on Twitter run by Glamour Magazine to win a signed still by GERARD BUTLER for his new film 'Machine Gun Preacher. There was two overall winners; myself and another lucky lady!

There's my beautiful man. It's a real autograph, not printed and fhhfdsfhdsfhsdjfnkdsfn.... that is my excitement for you, ehe. I am going to frame it eventually and place it beside my bed to dream about him every night. Only kidding, but he is the most beautiful man in the world!

P.S I also went to see Machine Gun Preacher a few weeks ago and it's such an amazing film. It really made me realise the amount of orphaned children in Africa and how they have to live their lives everyday; in fear. I want to adopt them all!

Film photography edition: Street Art & Style in Brick Lane

A few photos I have taken over the past few weeks as part of my Urban Landscape project for college.  I decided to use an Urban Landscape (Brick Lane) but capture street art and style instead - I add fashion into the majority of my work!

These were all taken on a film SLR using Fuji 400iso film, developed by myself and the negatives were then scanned in. I have loads more to show you, but for now...enjoy!

Ashleigh Dougherty photography.
All images are owned by the name above.
Please do not use the images as your own or distribute them across your blog or any other website.

If you're a company or blogger who would like to use my images for any kind of purpose, please email me stating your reasons why.

Britains Best Blogger entry; {}

Desireclothing are currently holding a competition open to bloggers in the search for Britain's Best Blogger! The task is to choose your favourite piece from the website and write why you've chosen it. The prize is £50 to spend on their website! I'm sure we could all do with an outfit to where for Christmas, so here's my entry!

I have chosen one piece from the website and paired it with other pieces from other brands to make it all a little more interesting!

item chosen: cream aztec knit. - DESIRECLOTHING.CO.UK
moto baxter jeans - topshop / satchel - miss selfridge / velvet pumps - topshop / lightening bolt ring blue stone ring - topshop

I chose the jumper because I immediately fell in love with the pattern. Aztec and tribal patterns are on trend and everywhere at the moment; such as asos and topshop (click the link for direct aztec pieces!).  I also noticed how it's a crop jumper, so it's a great piece to have as you can layer it over other things - and layering is a must this A/W!  I have paired the jumper with an outfit I would personally wear. I love these jeans and even though they're a little pricey at £40, I think they're worth it.  I found the shoes on topshop aswell (surprise, surprise!). I would only wear flats with this outfit (i never wear heels!) and I was looking for a ballet pair. These are also velvet which adds that slight romantic yet casual feel to the whole outfit.  I chose this satchel bag as they've been on trend for absolutely ages and I don't think they'll be going "out" anytime soon! I purposely made sure to find a bag that matched the shoes, yet still tied in with the navy/red/cream colour scheme.  I wouldn't wear much jewellery with this outfit, simply because the pattern is very "in your face" so I have chosen two rings that would add a little something extra to a casual but interesting outfit.

Make sure you follow them on twitter and facebook!
What do you think? Wish me luck!

Everyday Makeup

I cleanse my skin twice a day and these are the products I use. I usually always use Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser, but I ran out the other day, so I'm having to use face wipes meanwhile!  I use simple's moisturizer for the day time as it's lighter and the Liz Earle moisturiser for night time as it's super moisturising and really thick!

Maxfactor's weightless foundation is one of my favourite foundations. They have a range of shades which is awesome for pale girls like myself. There only ever seems to be orange foundations out there! Who agrees?
I love this pressed powder too. I have no idea of the brand but I have a few nail varnishes by them too, and I love them! You can purchase their products at Beauty Base in Westfield. They're dead cheap too!

I chop and change with blushers. My two most used ones at the moment are MUA's 'English Rose' from the professional line and ELF's 'Candid Coral'. I love the MUA one if I want a blusher and highlighter in one. I use the lilac shimmery shades for the tops of my cheekbones, but very lightly and just swish the brush all over the pink shades for a natural looking blush!

Since getting my Naked palette, I have used it non-stop! It's definitely one of them things that every girl needs. Do you own it?  I've been loving the HD brows kit since I received it in my Glossy Box (unsubscribed now though) a few months ago - the shades are super pigmented and double up as eyeshadows which is great for on the go!

ELF's mineral infused mascara was actually sent to me and I never used to like it. It has a really 'wet' formula which was a pain when you looked up and it smudged everywhere. However, it seems to have dried up over the past few months that it's just been sitting in my makeup collection. It really defines the lashes and separates them, but I couldn't bare to part with my faithfuls; no7's nutrient enriched mascara and my favourite, L'Oreal's 4D architect.

I have a HUGE lipstick collection. Would you like to see a separate post on them?  I wear different lipsticks everyday but these are my most worn.  From left to right; ELF's mineral 'nicely nude', Kate Moss' Rimmel range #4, Sleek's heartbreaker' and ELF's mineral 'cheeful cherry'.  I think my favourites of them all is cheerful cherry as it's a deep wine colour and lasts all day and I adore heartbreaker as it's a matt lipstick and that's my favourite finish!

LEFT TO RIGHT: elf nicely nude, kate moss' #04, sleek heartbreaker & elf cheerful cherry

I have a huge makeup brush collection (bane of my life when it comes to cleaning them all!) but these are my favourites. I don't use any MAC brushes, nor have I ever used them. I'm more of a ELF Studio & Sigma brush girl - cheaper & do the same job!

I have a few of ELF's powder brushes and use them for my foundation. They're really soft and similar to the Sigma F60 brush (same shape & use), just a lot cheaper; £3.50.  The powder brushes really blend the foundation into my skin and equally; nothing is worse than seeing streaky brush marks! 
I have used the Sigma stipple powder/blush brush for my blush for ages. It's great and picks up minimal product so you don't have to worry if it's a pigmented blush.

I use two blending brushes by Sigma for my eyeshadows which is usually always neutral shades. For my eyebrows I just use a brow comb to shape them to my desire ready to be filled in. I actually use a smudge brush from the studio line by ELF to line my water lines and then to line my lids if I decide to. It's not the purpose of the brush, but if something does something just as good, why not use it?

week in pictures #3

I misplaced my camera USB and still for the life of me, cannot find it. Hey ho though, my boyfriend has lent me his one and I also bought a new one off eBay which came today!

I think these pictures were taken about three weeks ago but I'm going to include them anyway! I live in my Grandad's jumper which he kindly let me take home clean from the washing line one day. I swear men's clothing can be so much comfier than women's! / These cereal bars are from Aldi and they taste so lovely. They're your typical cereal nutty bar but with a thick chocolate layer on the bottom, yum! / My Dad makes a stew from scratch every Winter. The tradition has run throughout his family since my nan cooked them every Sunday for us. Bread rolls are the best! / I think Todd took this... sleepy Ashleigh!

You may remember me posting about my adventures to the Imperial War Museum with my family a few weeks ago, but I wasn't able to post any of the photos from my camera because of the missing USB problem. Here they are! There was hundreds to choose from but I thought these were the nicest ones. I recommend you all to visit here to really learn and delve into the history of the world wars. I learnt so much and I knew quite a lot already! It was very upsetting though, especially the holocaust section. My cousins (pictured above... boys will be boys, hence Bobby's face!) weren't recommended to view it so my nan stayed with them. I can't believe the way jewish people were treated just because of one man who wanted to take over the world. It was a lovely day. I think my favourite part was visiting the Afghanistan troops section. It was a wake up call to the amount of soldiers who are out there fighting right now. I'm a bit of a non news watcher, so I never know what's going on in the world unless it's trending on twitter! My heart goes out to anyone who knows of anyone fighting in Afghanistan. God bless.

festive biscuits for lunch / red glitter by barry m - removing it is the bane of my week! / two trips last week to the gourmet burger kitchen, even got recognised by the American waiter, woops! / found a mostache shaped wedgie / todd leaves me notes in my room when he goes home, cute / my favourite restaurant in outer town has closed down, boo! / actually tidied my room the other day / college work has been the bane of my MONTH!

Hello to all of my new followers. Thank you so much. I recently reached the first major milestone of 100! I have also changed the design of my blog, do you like? I am a sucker for change; once I get bored, I go into creative mode!

I am going to start designing people's blogs. A few people have already sparked interest and I'm going to be sending you emails after the weekend. I haven't got time right now (until after christmas anyway) to literally create themes from scratch. I am happy to 'tidy' up blogs and can definitely design blog headers, subtitles and artwork buttons as I can work on them fairly quickly! If you are interested and would like to know more information regarding prices etc then please email me!

Sawyer & Scout

I treated myself to a deathly hallows necklace from Sawyer & Scout a few days ago and I absolutely love it. If you're a true Harry Potter fan, you'll understand how amazing this necklace is! It was only £7 with £1 delivery and it came super fast in such a cute paper bag (I'm a sucker for anything leopard print). There's tons of other stuff available on the website and some more Harry Potter related stuff too. I have my eyes on the golden snitch necklace and the pendant necklace. I love everything! The shop is run by Erin Elise and she also has a lovely blog which you can check out (and I recommend you follow for amazing posts) by clicking here.

Dislaimer: I purchased the mentioned item with my own money. I have not been paid to review Sawyer & Scout's shop, nor was I asked to do so. My opinions are honest!

Urban Landscape shoot 1: Brick Lane & Hoxton

Was going to dig out my new tripod today but it was pouring down, hence the crappy mirror picture, oops!
The jumper is a new purchase from H&M for £9.99 except the woman made a mistake and put it through as £4.99 for me. Score.

Today I ventured into Brick Lane & Hoxton to shoot some photographs. My current photography project is Urban Landscape and I'm a wee behind! I had so many problems with my film camera today. Film cost around £5/6 PER roll and I wasted one!

We started at Brick Lane and walked down random streets and ended up in Hoxton. I was "born 'n bred" in Hoxton so I knew the place well. I was having a lovely day until I realised my second and final film hadn't fed through the camera properly so I hadn't actually taken any photographs! *grr face*. So yes, we ventured back to Brick Lane for a second time. Hopefully they've come out okay. That's the only downfall with film. You never know if the pictures are okay until you develop them!

I shot all of these on my iPhone so you can decide if they're "photography". I don't know if they are as they were shot on the Instagram App and the effects were chosen by me but not exactly edited by me. I've done some video work though so I'm going to work on that after this post! - I just took these photos mainly for a blog post and for documentation (silly me forgot to charge my DSLR).

What do you think? These were the shots I basically shot in film too just so you have an idea!
P.s it's mine & Todd's 2 year anniversary today!