week in pictures #3


I misplaced my camera USB and still for the life of me, cannot find it. Hey ho though, my boyfriend has lent me his one and I also bought a new one off eBay which came today!

I think these pictures were taken about three weeks ago but I'm going to include them anyway! I live in my Grandad's jumper which he kindly let me take home clean from the washing line one day. I swear men's clothing can be so much comfier than women's! / These cereal bars are from Aldi and they taste so lovely. They're your typical cereal nutty bar but with a thick chocolate layer on the bottom, yum! / My Dad makes a stew from scratch every Winter. The tradition has run throughout his family since my nan cooked them every Sunday for us. Bread rolls are the best! / I think Todd took this... sleepy Ashleigh!

You may remember me posting about my adventures to the Imperial War Museum with my family a few weeks ago, but I wasn't able to post any of the photos from my camera because of the missing USB problem. Here they are! There was hundreds to choose from but I thought these were the nicest ones. I recommend you all to visit here to really learn and delve into the history of the world wars. I learnt so much and I knew quite a lot already! It was very upsetting though, especially the holocaust section. My cousins (pictured above... boys will be boys, hence Bobby's face!) weren't recommended to view it so my nan stayed with them. I can't believe the way jewish people were treated just because of one man who wanted to take over the world. It was a lovely day. I think my favourite part was visiting the Afghanistan troops section. It was a wake up call to the amount of soldiers who are out there fighting right now. I'm a bit of a non news watcher, so I never know what's going on in the world unless it's trending on twitter! My heart goes out to anyone who knows of anyone fighting in Afghanistan. God bless.

festive biscuits for lunch / red glitter by barry m - removing it is the bane of my week! / two trips last week to the gourmet burger kitchen, even got recognised by the American waiter, woops! / found a mostache shaped wedgie / todd leaves me notes in my room when he goes home, cute / my favourite restaurant in outer town has closed down, boo! / actually tidied my room the other day / college work has been the bane of my MONTH!

Hello to all of my new followers. Thank you so much. I recently reached the first major milestone of 100! I have also changed the design of my blog, do you like? I am a sucker for change; once I get bored, I go into creative mode!

I am going to start designing people's blogs. A few people have already sparked interest and I'm going to be sending you emails after the weekend. I haven't got time right now (until after christmas anyway) to literally create themes from scratch. I am happy to 'tidy' up blogs and can definitely design blog headers, subtitles and artwork buttons as I can work on them fairly quickly! If you are interested and would like to know more information regarding prices etc then please email me!

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  1. I get bored of layouts quickly too! Love your layout :) Great post xx


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