Iconemesis giveaway - 2 winners!

As promised, here is a little giveaway to say a BIG thank you to every one of you that have supported my blog along the way! It's been two years with my head in the game now and something I don't see myself stopping any time soon. I absolutely love blogging and interacting with my followers via comments, emails and Twitter!

Some of you may or may not know, but I am currently interning at Iconemesis. They have kindly offered to sponsor this giveaway and provide two prizes for two different winners. Enter for your chance to win any iPhone 4S or 5 case of your choice! There are LOADS of things you can do to enter. Some are mandatory whilst others are optional but the more you do, the better chance you have of winning!

This giveaway will run for two weeks, ending 13th August at 11:59pm. I will contact the winners via email only the next day so be sure to leave your email! OPEN WORLDWIDE. Good luck my little pumpkins! x

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XO love, Ashleigh x

Flourescent Adolescent

 top: chicnova*
sunglasses: chicnova*
chain: river island
shorts: vintage levi's
sandals: primark (last year)

I am in love with this top from Chicnova to say the least. The colours in it are so bright and beautiful and super summery! It actually has shoulder pads sewn inside it which I barely took notice of to be honest! I have no idea if these round sunglasses suit my face shape or not but they are worth looking stupid for... especially as they are so popular in the blogging community at the moment. They don't seem like they will break either so now I just need to hunt down a nice case for them!

I decided to update my channel and film a new video. So many people film little outfit videos like this in conjuction with their normal outfit posts and I really enjoy watching them. It was quite difficult filming it but I think I have worked it out how to do it properly for next time. Would you like to see more?

Today I am working from home (due to a slight work injury) doing some Iconemesis stuff. I am really loving my internship there and it's sad to think I only have two weeks left until it's all over, boo! Thank you to anyone who left their email on my update post. I am spending all of today going through hundreds of blogs and contacting people, but it will take a good week!

Andrew had a lovely 21st on Saturday. We went to the outdoor cinema in Maldon on Friday night to watch Anchorman (which I wasn't too keen on!) and then we headed to Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton for an American BBQ type of meal. I had pulled pork, onions rings and coleslaw with mustard on the side whilst Andrew bravely went for the devastator burger (three burgers, 6 rashers of bacon, 6 slices of cheese) and a peanut butter milkshake. Over 3000 calories in just the burger alone; but hey, you're only 21 once!

XO love, Ashleigh x

An adventure into Regents Park

A few weeks ago, we adventured into Regents Park whilst the weather was being nice to us. It was really lovely to walk around a (clean) park and take in the sights of London as we did it. We hired a little peddle boat out around the lake for an hour which seemed to go SO quick but it was so relaxing to chill with a book whilst Andrew did most of the pedalling ;)

I have just finished the best selling novel at the moment, 'Gone Girl', but I'm not too sure on my thoughts of the book overall. I think part one was a little tedious and slow-moving, but part two had me hooked to the point I was looking for every little excuse to dig my book out of my bag and read... much to the annoyance of my boyfriend, ooooops. I've never got into the head of a character so much. I really hate the character Amy! Team Nick!

XO love, Ashleigh x

Paper Themes cupcake wrappers

You may or may not know but both my mum and boyfriend LOVE baking so I am usually sporting a cake baby every weekend and then regretting it until the very next weekend. My mum's specialty is cupcakes so when Paper Themes asked if I would be interested in reviewing some personalised cupcake wrappers; we couldn't say no! My mum's name is Gemma so she has always said if she ever had her own cake business, it would be called "Gem's Little Gems".

All I did is choose a design from the website, choose my text and ba-zoom; done! They are printed onto thick card with little slits that wrap around the cupcakes. A perfect little decoration to sweeten up a cupcake!

Paper Themes offer so much more and I also have another fantastic product from them which will be on my blog soon! My mum has her eye on some wedding invitations aswell and is even thinking of starting her own little blog! Caaaa-ute!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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an amazingly good news update

001: First things first; it marked my blog's 2nd birthday on the 20th which I did mention on Twitter, but failed to write about it on here, oops. It seems like only yesterday I blogged about my blog's first birthday but woah over 365 days later, I am still at it! You go Glen Coco! I have a little giveaway lined up which I am yet to organise and post about but I just want to say thank you so much to every single one of you who drop by and read my blog. If you've followed me since the very beginning or a few months or even a week; big, huge, fat snogs for you all!

002: You may have seen me tweet/facebook this already, but I have just started my second week interning at Iconemesis doing social media/PR stuff and I am loving it so far! They are already quite well known in the blogging community but incase you don't know... Iconemesis is a lifestyle brand that sell iPhone cases (4/4s/5) with designs from artists from all around the world including the cutie Fifi Lapin. I will be contacting bloggers regarding collaborations and product reviews but it's a slow process as there are so many amazing bloggers out there! Feel free to leave your e-mail and blog link below though. I will check all the links out and email you if there is a possible collaboration!

003: This weekend is Andrew's 21st (Saturday) so I have been busy thinking of gift ideas and all that jazz! I will post what I got him after his birthday as the chap tends to nosy on my blog every now and then so for now I have to keep sh-tum! We are going to an outdoor cinema tonight to see Anchorman. So many people say it's a really good film but I've never seen it? Will Ferrell isn't really my 'cuppa tea but I'll give it a try! Saturday we have plans to go for dinner at Bodeans. Any menu recommendations?

004: In other news (which I am now allowed to reveal); my Dad proposed to my Mum finally after twenty odd years of being together! It's a huge shock to me and my sister as we've both never imagined them tying the knot but there are big 2014 wedding plans underway. Better late than never, eh?

Have an amazing weekend everyone, & stay safe. Peace!

XO love, Ashleigh x

I got some sunglasses

SXUC Sunglasses*

I've been waiting for the Summer to arrive in the UK so I can wear these and review them properly and now I can! I've never really been a sunglasses person; probably because I wear glasses but when the sunglasses shop contacted me about reviewing designer sunglasses, I had a look at what was on offer and couldn't resist! 

I love the Ray-ban Sunglasses shape but: 
1) I would probably break them, duhhhh.
2) I would rather spend money on clothes to be quite honest.
3) Doesn't everyone own a pair?

The Sunglasses Shop are an online based website that offer lots and lots of sunglasses both for men and women from all kinds of brands; from more affordable brands like Polaroids to designer and more luxury types like Oakley Sunglasses. The sunglasses arrived in about a week and the service was really good. Upon communicating with The Sunglasses Shop via e-mail, we had a discussion about what type of shaped frame would suit me. I am so glad I chose the above shape. They are perfect for the weather right now and match almost every outfit of mine aswell!

What's your favourite shape for sunglasses?

XO love, Ashleigh x
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caravan adventures with andrew + smelly crabs

Last week, Summer finally arrived in England so me and my boyfriend made the most of it by heading to the countryside for a day at his nan and grandad's caravan. It's absolutely wonderful there. So quiet and so peaceful. You don't realise how noisy and busy London is until you spend a day out of it! We spent the day with his dad who drove us after recently getting classic car insurance*. Nothing beats a countryside drive with the windows down and music blaring!

We went crabbing which turned into a competitive game. I WON. I caught at least twenty and some were so massive! They really are ugly creatures!

We took Andrew's Grandad's little wooden boat out (pictured below) but I didn't get any photos. I was convinced the boat would turn over and the thought of losing my camera breaks my heart. It was definitely a rocky ride!

 We bought a little portable BBQ from Sainsburys and cooked some burgers and sausages which were so yummy and went down a treat after a long day in the sun.

Then........... we went to have some fun in the mud! Safe to say we smelt like dried out fish by the end of it but it was good to be a kid for an hour. We definitely got stuck a lot of times once we reached the deep end of the mud but it got to the point where we gave up trying to stand up and helplessly fell over a LOT of times!

 The day was finished off by a super, freezing cold hose down which I could just about bare for thirty seconds before an hour long shower. After looking, feeling and smelling squeaky clean, we packed our bags into the car and headed home... sleeping like two babies that night.

Never trust a woman in possession of a garden hose pipe.

* If you're travelling far from home for a day out, you might want to check out Footman James who offer classic car insurance at really good rates for members. A must for any car driver.
XO love, Ashleigh x

Fashion Blogger's Project with Crocs

Canoe Inc contacted me regarding getting involved with a fashion blogger's project in collaboration with Crocs. Me being me, I was too behind on emails and therefore missed out on such an amazing opportunity. However, I have been awaiting the release of the images of all the other fashion bloggers who took part... partly so I can be jealous and want to punch myself, but also to get an insight into the new range by shoe brand Crocs.

I'm sure the majority of us would agree the classic croc shoe has never been popular. I can't quite believe as a fashion blogger myself that I'm loving their new range. Crocs have really uplifted their game and moved on from the classic Crocs -hallujah*. From wedges to flats, slingbacks and even wellies; there's something for everyone! My personal favourites are the slingbacks in pink and the boat shoes in blue. Have I mentioned they look SUPER comfy too?!

Here's how some awesome fashion bloggers styled the new Crocs range!

Images c/o Canoe Inc's Pinterest.

Lela London looks gorgeous in her retro slingback flats. I love the mix of blue and red too!

Remi from Hands of Style rocks the pink boat shoes. I love how they easily break up an outfit and make it instantly look so summery and bright!

I'm so tempted by the instant comfortable look of the boat shoes. Oh bank card, I apologise in advance. Publically.

Theatric news! After the show being cancelled in March due to reasons beyond their control; Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock classic Jesus Christ Superstar returns to The O2 on Sunday 13 October 2013.

XO love, Ashleigh x
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Cleethorpes Part 2/2


The next day we took a drive into Hull to visit the infamous 'The Deep' aquarium. I LOVE FISH. But to be honest, we were all just looking forward to the live shark feeding... which turned out to be a slight let down, but never mind! I think was expecting some JAWS like material! I did find Nemo though.

That evening, Andrew made me try the Northern infamous fish, chips 'n gravy. I was totally weirded out before hand. Chips with gravy? Really? I tried it and didn't understand the hype. I'll stick to ketchup!

The last day was a little overcast but that didn't stop us from heading to the beach for a little picnic. Chicken and houmous rolls, pecan pies, scotch eggs, strawberry laces and dr pepper? What more could I ask for?

 After taking a million and one silly photos together, we headed over to do a bit of crazy golf. I've never had a go of golf (I was the girl in school who refused to get involved in P.E lessons) but I stayed optimistic and TBH I was better than Andrew. Okay, that was a porky pie. I think I got the ball in the hole like twice out of 15 levels so I'll leave the professional golfer career for another time.

After two car journeys, three trains and a coach, we arrived back home in London  after a fab few days away from everything. I love days like these days.

XO love, Ashleigh x
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