Iconemesis giveaway - 2 winners!

As promised, here is a little giveaway to say a BIG thank you to every one of you that have supported my blog along the way! It's been two years with my head in the game now and something I don't see myself stopping any time soon. I absolutely love blogging and interacting with my followers via comments, emails and Twitter!

Some of you may or may not know, but I am currently interning at Iconemesis. They have kindly offered to sponsor this giveaway and provide two prizes for two different winners. Enter for your chance to win any iPhone 4S or 5 case of your choice! There are LOADS of things you can do to enter. Some are mandatory whilst others are optional but the more you do, the better chance you have of winning!

This giveaway will run for two weeks, ending 13th August at 11:59pm. I will contact the winners via email only the next day so be sure to leave your email! OPEN WORLDWIDE. Good luck my little pumpkins! x

a Rafflecopter giveaway
XO love, Ashleigh x


  1. Great giveaway! I'm not sure which one I'd choose because I love most of them haha

  2. Two years!! Wow! Congrats :) Great giveaway, such cute cases!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  3. Great giveaway :)

    I'm addicted to iPhone cases and cats so I'd without a doubt choose the Kitty Pattern by Gemma Correll - too cute!


  4. A rabbit one!

  5. such a lovely giveaway!

    If I won, I´d love to have this pretty case: http://iconemesis.co.uk/product/black-floral

  6. I'd probably choose the pug pattern one by Gemma Correll or one of the Fifi Lapin ones for my iPhone 4s! (:

    L x


  7. I would choose the Iphone 4 case :)


  8. i would choose the one with unicorn :)

  9. I would choose the cupcake one! :) or the teacup :D

  10. Hi! I'm so glad that you're having this giveaway! If I win, i'd like this case:

    It's so beautiful!

    email: vilma.nilsson@spray.se

    Hugs xx

  11. I would choose coffee~ http://iconemesis.co.uk/product/coffee-2

  12. Any of the Fifi or Gemma Correll cases would be my pick :)

  13. EVERY time i look on their website i fall more in love with the blue feathered case! I think it's stunning! :) xx

  14. Anonymous4/8/13

    if I win (which i pray I do!) i would want any of the fifi lapin iphone case for an iphone 4s!! my favorites are probably...the mauve coat, the teacup one, the orange glasses one, or the fifisonnyandstella. aahhh so cute :) although gemma correll's cases are also really adorable!

  15. Ooooowh I hope I win! I need Sarah King's skull case in my life!! hope your internship is going good babygal XOXO


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