Fashion Showcase: BATOKO.COM


Batoko are an online shop selling women's fashion items. Not only do they offer a wide selection of modern clothing, but they also have a vintage section.

I adore every item currently stocked and need to get my hands on some items to style up soon! I especially adore the four pieces above. I'm kinda addicted to the USA flag print at the moment. I think I have about 5 items in my wardrobe with the print itself! The pastel knit reminds me of the Topshop one that was around earlier this year, but obviously this is a 'hell 'a lot cheaper! My top two favourite items are the scribble jumper and cosmic dip-hemmed skirt. They scream out 'Ashleigh'.

Their pricing is affordable and in my opinion, worth every penny. There are similar items in high street shops that are so overpriced so I really recommend you check out Batoko's website if you are into printed pieces and items that are certainly out there and one of a kind!

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Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored to write this post. I just felt like posting about a brand I really like!

Deathly Hallows

Cosmic Deathly Hallows Tee - Orange Circle, Disco pants (ebay, review + links here), Authentic Vans 

Very quick outfit post, not planned at all. Really want to start getting back into photographing my outfits, I'm just really lazy! I finally bought one of Orange Circle's tees last week. I got a men's size Large for reference, so it covers my bum, but I do wish I got Medium, as it's a tad too big! Really impressed with the quality and delivery speed. Go check them out and treat yourself! I haven't worn my vans in ages. I've been wearing my creepers non-stop so I thought I would be a little different today and dig the Vans out.. however they are a bit too big for me now. My feet seem to have gone down a shoe size. Is that possible?

Cleared out my room today and got rid of a load of crap. Nothing like a good spring clean. Get it? I'm off to the cinema now with Iddy to see The Hunger Games! Everyone's raving about it so I hope it's good. Then I have the monthly staff meeting, joy!

My week in photos: 18.03.12 - 24.03.12

Mother's Day meal · White bait starter · Cousin love · Frilly socks & creepers combination · Curly hair · New Levi shorts from ebay! · Digging out the thin tights · Lonely lunch breaks · Outfit 1 (Had a movie day with Iddy) · Outfit 2 (College) · Lovely parcel from Sugarlips · Orange Circle Clothing · New phone case ebay · Hair is finally growing · New blog theme · Won another giveaway!
Already posted pictures of the Mother's day meal here. Had a lovely day on Monday with Iddy (best fwend) watching Juno and a few episodes of The Walking Dead, as he hasn't seen any! Anyone else as addicted to it like me? Cannot wait for season three!

Treated myself to a few bits this week, including some new levi shorts which I hope to dip-dye and stud eventually. I actually fit into them like a glove. My other pair are a tad too big! Ebay is the best place to buy vintage jean shorts. Don't be a sucker for places like Rokit who overcharge way too much. If you scout around ebay for a while you will find some good bargains! I am currently eyeing up something exciting! Finally bought my first tee from Orange Circle Clothing. I think I was one of the first bloggers to start talking to them which is pretty 'rad considering they are pretty popular now! Also got a lovely package from Sugar Lips, so expect some outfit posts soon. (I am slacking).

Haven't really got much else to say other than I have been ill this week so only went into college once which sucks as I missed out on an exhibition trip. I do think I'm just run down though what with "the break-up" and working till 10/10:30 every night and not getting to sleep till the early hours. I am such an owl! 

Had a really ~funny but not funny at the time~ moment on Wednesday. I work in a cinema if you didn't already know and was in a screen cleaning with Iddy when I picked up a pot of melted Ben & Jerry's, literally said "I think I'm 'gonna drop it", then dropped it. It splashed up all over my work uniform, name tag, hair and even into my mouth. It's funny thinking about it now!

Thank you so much for all the supportive tweets, emails and blog comments regarding how I am "coping" and such. I know it probably sounds so silly but I think of every single one of you as a friend and it's lovely to know that there's people out there who care when the one person who is meant to care doesn't. I always smile reading tweets, comments and emails so thank you so much! I am nearing 500 GFC followers so just a heads up that I will be doing my second giveaway once I reach the exciting milestone! ♥

Time for a change?

Been wanting to re-design ASHLLYD for a while now.  Even though my traffic has somewhat increased dramatically over the past 2-3 months, I felt that my previous blog design was representing what my blog had to offer, which wasn't that good! So, I sat down in Photoshop at 3pm and have just finished it. I know the cosmic look is so ~generic~ but I like the colours and feel a lot of blogs are going for the minimalistic, neat approach lately. What do you think?
Blog designs shall resume as of next week. I haven't been myself lately and to be honest people should respect that. I've just come out of a relationship that I've been in solidly for two and a half years. I felt like I needed to change my blog as a fresh start towards my ~new life~. I have finished three blogs this week so happy days. I will email people who are currently in my queue when I am due to start!

Illustrated People


Illustrated People are one of my favourite t-shirt brands that create illustrated printed t-shirts; either black on white or white on black. Some of their stock can be found in some flagship Topshop stores such as the famous Oxford Street one, but can also sometimes be found online too.

Every item they offer appeals to me. I'm a really lazy dresser at the moment. I literally just pair t-shirts with leggings, disco pants or jean shorts and I am good to go. I defininitely need some more quirky t-shirts in my wardrobe so I will be treating myself to something from Illustrated People's website soon!

I selected my top four favourite items to feature on this post. Their direct links can be found above. Everything is around the £20-£30 mark but I think that is reasonable. I know I will get a lot of wear out of printed t-shirts with quirkiness like these so every penny would be worth it!

Definitely check out their website here. They stock so much and will also be offering a men's section soon too! They also have a blog herefacebook and twitter

Will you be purchasing anything? Do you have a particular favourite item?

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this. Illustrated People are unaware!

Mothering Sunday

Had a really good day yesterday with my family. They live in the heart of Essex, so we don't see eachother as often as we would like, however when we do we always laugh all day! How funny are some of the above photos?

We went to a little restaurant/pub for some dinner which was lovely!

Even though it's no longer Mother's day, I want to wish any Mother, acting Father or single parent a lovely Mother's day!

What did you get up to for Mother's day?

My (alright) week in photos 12.03.12 - 17.03.12

 Bubble bath · Dewy cobweb · Early morning fog · Lunch time blog post planning! · The Dog chewed my Mum's Jasper Conran glasses! · (more) chicken nuggets & bbq sauce · Finding old clothes and loving them all over again! · Season 1 The Walking Dead! · Saturday shopping with my Mum & Sister, lunch time! · Best thing about M&S · Am I too old for this lunch bag? · Outfit · Deciding who to murder first... · New ring; "Sully the Skully" · Cute socks · Even cuter on!

I haven't done much this week if I am honest. I've just had one of them weeks where I appear to have done nothing, yet I've done something every day of the week?

London had a really bad foggy morning on Thursday. It was far too tempting to stay in bed, however I took a stroll to college and got on with the day. I came across a cob web that was dewy from the morning rain and I thought it looked rather cool. Spiders amaze me. The way cobwebs are structured are so clever, but I still hate spiders with a vengeance. 

I've been working a lot more at work which is always good. Only doing four hours a week is never a good thing when pay day comes. I think my next pay day (roll on 31st March, please?) is going to be a good one but there's nothing I majorly want. Typical, eh?

I'm going to tell the world now as I feel I need to add some closure onto the whole subject. You may remember about a month ago, I posted that me and my Boyfriend, Todd had decided to split up for various reasons. However, we got back together but I just never really tweeted or posted much about us, so it's probably appeared I'm single, however I wasn't. Well, now I am. We have decided that we're both not happy together any more which really saddens me. It really hasn't sunk in yet so I'm trying not to think about it too much and keep my chin up. He was my Boyfriend of nearly two and a half years and a good friend for longer so it's quite tough. I'm not really sure what else to say. I post more about my personal feelings on Tumblr if you fancy reading anything else. Following on from this, I decided to adventure into town yesterday with my Mum and Sister for some retail therapy. Nothing is better. Finally got them pastel frilly socks that everyone has and a cute new skull ring which looks more like a 'monkey' according to Iddy*! I also finally picked up Bourjois' chocolate bronzing powder, however it hasn't wow'd me... yet? It was between that and Sleek's face kit but the local Superdrug in town doesn't stock Sleek!

*Iddy: Someone I didn't even mean to start talking to. Someone who is now a huge part of my life. Someone who I have spoken to everyday for nearly two months. Someone who has helped me when I am low and made me feel on top of the world. Someone who has every thing (no exaggeration) in common with me. Someone who is a geek like myself and enjoys nothing better than a duvet and plenty of geeky films. Someone who I will be sharing a lot of memories with. Someone who is almost** a best friend.
** I don't want to jinx anything!

5 other things I have done this week but not mentioned:
1) Drove home for the first time on just my forth driving lesson! I didn't stall, crash or panic!
2) Went to see This Means War with Iddy. BRILLIANT film. So funny! 
3) Saw half of Safehouse. Most confusing film I've seen, other than Shutter Island...
4) Started a new TV series 'The Ringer'. Really loving it so far! Also started watching The Vampire Diaries. I'm a bit late I know!
5) Dropped BBQ sauce all down one of my favourite t-shirts from Topshop. Gr8.

5 blogs I have been reading this week: 
1) Briar Rose (most beautiful hair I have ever seen & posts lovely outfits)
2) Katie and the mimzy (posts photography, really inspires me)
3) Violet E. (has a similar style to myself, posts the most amazing outfit posts in really interesting backgrounds, lovely furniture!)
4) Annette Pehrsson (another photographer / posts BEAUTIFUL photographs, has inspired me for about a month! favourite read at the moment)
5) Hannah Louise Fashion (outfit blogger & a lovely girl, definitely check her out!)

Nanny Dougherty

Ashleigh Dougherty © 2011.
'June & Rob' project, May/June 2011.
Film - Fuji Superia 400.
(click for a larger version!)

My USB has finally broke which means I should probably buy a new one but in all honesty, it's been broken for months and I am just lazy. Having backed up everything a few months ago, I found the stored folder with lots of photographs I have not shared with you! 

Unfortunately the negative strip that this frame was shot on is slightly ruined due to nobody's fault but my own. It somehow got 'bent' in my locker which is why everything is a little off place. Saying that, it's one of my favourite photographs I shot over the few months I was undergoing project June & Rob. 

This is my Nan's bedroom, but let's not tell her I have blogged about it on the interweb as she will quite literally, whack me with an ashtray. 

Oh, and if you're wondering what the weird alien like shadow is behind the curtain ... it's a crab alarm clock that starts dancing when it goes off and it has smarties for eyes. However, it's now stopped working... 

'Cherry' nice...

I won Cherry's most recent blog giveaway. I haven't won anything in quite a while so I was really pleased. Remember when I had a lucky streak a while back and kept winning everything? 

The giveaway was to win OPI's 'fly' polish from the Nicky Minaj collection. Well it arrived, alongside another OPI polish in 'gold shatter'.  I will no doubt do reviews of these soon! Alongside this was three rings which I simply adore! I really wasn't expecting Cherry to send other goodies. She is so sweet! If you haven't checked out her blog then you should definitely go over there now and give her a follow. She's a lovely lady and Cherrypieblog is one of my fav reads! Thank you Cherry :)

My Week in photos 04.03.12 - 11.03.12

Coolest socks in the world? · Dairy milk bubbly · P0S3R · Last minute work · Chicken nugget fulfilment · First MAC lipstick! · First Graze box! · Sunday roast after a long day's work :]

This week has consisted of handing in my second last assignment of the year and food (as always). I have been working more hence why I am a bit behind on replying to emails and tweets but bare with me! I have some exciting reviews coming up, but not too sure when. Will have to wait to see what goodies the postman brings me next week!

I ordered my first Graze box the other day and it arrived yesterday. May have eaten all four trays in one day (oops), but I am really impressed with the food items that were chosen to me, the delivery, service and the packaging! I won't be reviewing it as I was too eager to stop and take photos along the way, but my first box contained: Pina colada (dried coconut, mango and pineapple), Jaffa Cake (dark chocolate buttons and hazelnuts), Apple & Cinnamon flapjacks (they have lots to choose from!) and Billionaire's shortbread (small fudge squares, dried cranberries and chocolate pieces). Really recommend Graze nibble boxes!

Apologies for the late(ish) post. I have been at work all day and then went to see a film afterwards. Totally forgot about scheduling this last night!

Hope you have all had a good weekend!

MAC'S mineralize skin finish natural powder

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (Light) - £20.50

This is the first MAC product I have tried. I've always been a bit sceptical to MAC products as I would rather spend money on something in Boots/Superdrug for half the price which is near enough the same product. However, I've been won over now I've splurged out on something I wouldn't usually pay for. My favourite powder is around £3 from Collection 2000 and I swear by it but it obviously doesn't last all day. 

The MSF by Mac is a 10g pan of product in a dome shape packed with minerals to provide a natually dimensional illusion to the face. I've been using it for around a month now with the help of my kabuki brush by ELF. I find it works better with a kabuki brush rather than a normal powder brush as it picks up less product and just generally blends a lot better. 

The coverage is more than okay. It lasts longer compared to my holy Collection 2000 powder but it does need re-touching after around 5/6 hours, but that's not something that really bothers me. I expect that. I've heard the lightest shade of foundation would be too dark for me so I wasn't sure whether their 'light' shade in powder form would be the same, however it's a perfect colour match. It's really light in the form that it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. However saying this, it can look cakey if too much is applied which is why I prefer using the kabuki.

Overall, I'm glad I ventured out of my comfort zone and bought this. I would probably re-purchase. I now really want to try a few blushes and of course.. the lipsticks!

Can you recommend me any of your favourite MAC items? 

11 things you didn't know about me

1. I'm incredibly shy and awkward around new people. I've lost a lot of confidence over the years due to losing friends etc but it has made me more wary who I point a finger to and label as a 'best friend'.

2. I was a tom-boy when growing up. I was never really into makeup etc and was even on my school's football team for two years (I then changed schools). I owned a few football kits and I mean the whole shirt, shorts, socks + trainers sh'bang! I've grown out of that stage now. I will never be a girly girl who adores the colour pink for example, but I have never touched a football since I was 14!

3. I can play the Piano. I started learning in year 4 and stopped when I left my final year at secondary school. 7 years! I was never graded though!

4. I get along better with boys than girls. I literally have always had more boy mates than girls. I guess this relates to my tomboyish ways, but I really do prefer 'hanging with the boys'. I used to hang out quite a lot around the ages of 14-17 but sadly I don't talk to any of the same people anymore! However, I have started talking to some old friends recently and I've never been happier. I've also grown incredibly close to someone at work who means the world to me. I honestly believe you have to go through a handful of shit friendships before you find a true gem!

5. I never wear jeans. I used to wear them non-stop when I was younger but now I just don't. I only have two pairs and they stay folded up in my drawers! I feel so awkward in them, like my legs are being suffocated or something!

6. I don't really have any phobias. However, sheep really freak me out. Straws that are all together make me feel sick and so does pasta when it's boiling standing up. I think it's the holes, ew! I also generically hate spiders, moths and any kind of bug.

7. I really love animals. I often walk home and stroke cats and feed birds.

8. I may have been a twin! My Mum was told that she may have been carrying twins but either way if she was, he/she died </3

9. I can't stand mess. It annoys me when people don't clean up after themselves and leave it for others to do. BACTERIA LIVES & SPREADS KIDS!

10. I have no idea what I want to do with my life! Growing up, I've wanted to be a Vet, english teacher, asda checkout lady, zoologist and a magazine journalist.

11. I'm not just English! My family (Mum's side, on my Grandad's side) are all from America. My actual surname originates from Ireland though. I have a huge family in America and I can't wait to visit there one day! I am close to my dear Cousin Damien. We have never met but we always keep in contact via email! So hello if you are reading :-)

Hope you enjoyed this. Little random but now you know 11 new things about me that you didn't know before!

I tag everyone who reads/follows ASHLLYD to do this! Make sure you send me the link, I would love to read!

My Week in photos: 25.02.12 - 03.03.12

 Cinema with Iddy · Outfit 1 · Testing lighting · Beans on toast with extra cheese (of course) · Outfit 2 · Photoshoot day · Photoshopping · Cheesy spaghetti · ASDA trip · First time trying Splats, very impressed! · Spicy pizza · Getting ready · Nail varnish colour dilemma · Pastel nails · Saturday night party time! · Teasing Maisy.

I swear I never realise how much bad food I eat until I do these posts every week! 

I saw Woman in Black with Iddy for the second time on Monday. I swear it was much scarier and jumpy the second time compared to the first! Was kinda disappointed with it overall though. I've been looking forward to it since I first saw the trailer but it didn't live up to my expectations! Weird, cos everyone I talk to loved it! We also saw Harry Potter DHP2 as it was showing at work and we're both g33ks. 

I did my photoshoot this week finally. I have already blogged some of the shoot here if you want to see. Let me know your thoughts! I still need to print by Wednesday so next week is going to be a busy one! I also only have one more project to do which is my final major project and then I am finished! I'm not really sure what to do once I finish college as it will be a long Summer holiday before I start University. Maybe I will work full-time?

I took a spontaneous trip to ASDA with my Mum on Friday. I never go food shopping as I find it a complete bore... unless I have a bag of grapes I can sneakily eat whilst pushing the trolley. However, I found princess cakes reduced to 16p so I begged my Mum for them. She said no at first but I obviously worked my charm and bagged two packets..... and a big box of doughnuts with SPRINKLES! I also bought loads of chocolate (only photographed the splats!), two dvds and a big bottle of mountain dew. Note to self: This is why you are always skint Ashleigh.

Last night I went out with my two friends to a gay bar for my other mate's boyfriend's 22nd birthday. I wore a pleated skirt, lace top and my heeled chelsea boots from Daisy Street (literally my ~go to outfit~). Happy birthday Chris!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. What did you get up to? I would love to know!