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Batoko are an online shop selling women's fashion items. Not only do they offer a wide selection of modern clothing, but they also have a vintage section.

I adore every item currently stocked and need to get my hands on some items to style up soon! I especially adore the four pieces above. I'm kinda addicted to the USA flag print at the moment. I think I have about 5 items in my wardrobe with the print itself! The pastel knit reminds me of the Topshop one that was around earlier this year, but obviously this is a 'hell 'a lot cheaper! My top two favourite items are the scribble jumper and cosmic dip-hemmed skirt. They scream out 'Ashleigh'.

Their pricing is affordable and in my opinion, worth every penny. There are similar items in high street shops that are so overpriced so I really recommend you check out Batoko's website if you are into printed pieces and items that are certainly out there and one of a kind!

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Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored to write this post. I just felt like posting about a brand I really like!


  1. Never heard of this website before but I'm loving some of the pieces (especially the tail skirts). I wonder how long I'll be able to resist buying something. :p

  2. I can imagine all of this really suiting you! The cosmic skirt is amazing, I love the cut of it too, really unique-looking! x

  3. oooooooooh, definitely going to check out their website! i love the dress- so pretty! xx

  4. Anonymous29/3/12

    Lovely brand thank you for posting about!!!! And by the way I've been absent for a while but I really like your new blog design!!! You have always a great taste!!!

  5. Some gorgeous items, love every single one! Definitely bookmarking their website! x
    Dreams and Dresses


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