week in photos: 25.03.12 - 01.04.12


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This week has been a surprisingly lovely one. I've sorted through all my room and removed all evidence that a Boyfriend ever existed so it's back to being mine and I love it. There's nothing quite like having the whole bed to yourself, being able to go to bed when you want and most importantly, being able to watch Harry Potter without being moaned at. Hip, hip, hooray!

How lovely was the weather at the beginning of the week? Now the sun seems to have disappeared but I am still loving the way it's still light outside at 7pm! I've dug out all of my shorts (in all honesty, I dug them out months ago) and am now planning Summery outfits. I'm still a sucker for dressing for Autumn/Winter though! Layering seems so much easier.

I saw 21 Jump Street this week (with that guy, you know... the one I seem to be spending a lot of time with lately, the one who makes me happy). IT IS HONESTLY ONE OF THE FUNNIEST FILMS I HAVE EVER SEEN. Definitely getting it on DVD. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are such babes.

Yesterday I was taken out by...... yeah you guessed it, that guy called Iddy. He took me to London Zoo which was the best surprise ever. I was only making statuses last week about how I really wanted to go! I don't really agree with caging up animals for human's personal pleasure, but I just try to look at it in a way that if we wasn't protecting species, then man would end up killing them. So zoo's are good in some ways. 
All in all, I had a really good day. If you ever get a chance to go, then definitely visit the milkshake shop and order an "Asian Lionbar". I promise you will not feel let down!

P.s if anyone fancies buying me a giraffe, feel free. Only 277 days till my 20th! Just saying! Happy April!


  1. Oh gosh I loved 21 jump st, it was so funny ! Your pasta and you both look lovely and you seem very happy :)

  2. Ah I'm glad you seem so much happier! And I envy your bedspread/wallpaper! x

  3. I can't wait to see that film this week, Channing Tatum <3 phwoar! Glad you've had a lovely week, that pasta looks DELISH X

  4. LOVE the pictures! And that pasta looks SO good, ha ha!
    You are soooo pretty!

  5. Great photoblog. The Asian Lionbar looks AMAZING x

  6. Your blog is so nice!!



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