7 deadly sins (non-beauty)


LUST: Something that I find attractive...
Men with beards. I can be walking down the street, in a shop or a coffee place and if I see a bearded man, I automatically have to look and cannot control my eyes. Ella will totally understand this! I'm not talking about a Hagrid beard or even Dumbledore's beard (oh crikey, Merlin's beard!). It can be a small or medium beard and I will love you. In all honesty though I guess everyone has a particular "type" of the opposite sex that they find attractive. Unfortunately, I am yet to meet a beautiful, bearded man so I will just have to rely on my trips to Brick Lane and Camden to keep me happy meanwhile. Saying that though, I do fall for any guy who can make me laugh, doesn't matter what they look like. Personality is so important.

PRIDE: Something that I like about myself...
The fact I am completely trustworthy. Most people will run around and play a game of chinese whispers once they hear a bit of gossip, but not me. I don't get involved in bitchy conversations ever, unless I have a good reason to of course. I don't really see the point in breaking a person's trust. Trust is the most important thing when it comes to friendships and relationships, nothing is buildable without it. I can ensure you if you tell me something personal then I will not tell a soul.

SLOTH: Something that I dislike about myself...
I don't have cheekbones which is SO annoying. Chubby cheeks forever.

ENVY: Something I wish I was better at...
Drawing. I constantly lust over illustrations and wish I was better. I did Art at GCSE and came away with a C grade, but I'm hopelessly shit at art. I'll stick with photography.

GLUTTONY: One of my favourite foods...
Italian. I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter, you've read at least one of my 'making cheesy pasta' tweets. I love it so much. Lasagne is probably my favourite Italian dish though, especially Mumma's special.

WRATH: Something that gets me angry...
Online bullies. It was only a few nights ago that I was having an argument with some ~tumblr fags~ via Twitter because they were insulting a fellow blogger. There is literally no need to insult people via the internet for no reason at all. Bullying is bullying, whether it's physically or mentally, and it doesn't matter whether it's offline or online. It needs to stop! It's scary to think that our generation are the ones who have created online cyber bullying and trolls. Our generation that will be raising the next generation. Scary thought.

GREED: Something I can't get enough of...
McNuggets. Enough said.


  1. What an enjoyable post to read on my train home from work. Like you, I also dislike gossiping - and a secret, is a secret. I'm sure everyone with agree with the whole cyber bullying issue, but sadly not much can be done about it. Teachers fail to punish bullies in schools so we have no hope online!

    Naheeda x

  2. very interesting post...really liked it! and totally agree with you on Italian food <3. I also want cheek bones *_*...maybe someday x

  3. totally agree with the cyber bullying thing. some of my friends have been suspect to it and it's so awful. and, i completely understand the bearded thing! everyone is like 'ew' at me, but i love them! the boyfriend has one, and i'm so glad!

  4. Love the greed one, mcnuggets are heaven! Great post! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  5. Such a great post to read :-) I agree about beards. I like a good centimetre of beard on a man haha

  6. tagged :)

  7. Anonymous12/4/12

    Lovely blog!

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