My week in photos 02/04/12 - 07/04/12


maisy sunbathing / morning face / my wallpaper's better than yours! / cheeky treat / maisy asleep / TOWIE Dino & Georgio in nandos! / nandos / bargainious RI jacket (£15, reduced from £45)
I'm off out tonight so this post is really rushed but I really wanted to put something up! I've worked quite a lot this week hence the lack of blog posts. When it gets warmer (sun come back!) I'm going to start doing more outfit posts. Had a cheeky spend up in town with my mum today. Realised I actually haven't been shopping properly in a very long time! Finally got my hands on ~that grey speckled dress that Primark stock for £8 compared to its twin which is too long for short girls such as myself for £36!~

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and scoffing lots of choccie! Happy Easter ASHLLYD readers!


  1. I see Nandos everywhere and I've still not been. Might have to go next month! I treated myself to a bit of retail therapy the other day, buying some new summer clothes because mine have gone awol!

    Hope you have a lovely night, sweetie

  2. god i need a nandos now !

  3. Oh gosh, nandos!! nom!
    lovely post
    x x

  4. Love nandos! :)

  5. Oh Channing <3 !!! X

  6. great blog! lovely photos, just found you on instagram, im hazydayss :).x

  7. craving a nandos now if only they would open their stores in america, luckily im coming back to the uk in a couple of weeks time, will have to get my fix then :D love the design of your blog :D
    x x x

  8. love the wallpaper ahha xo

  9. love the wallpaper ahha xo


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