BRB - Off To Catch A Plane

By the time this goes up, I'll be on my way to the airport to catch a plane with Josh to an island in Greece. I am super duper excited as I haven't been on a beach holiday in a few years.

I'm working with a lot of brands on different and exciting things so I was going to take my macbook to blog everyday out there but I kinda just need a break from everything!

Soooo, I will be back at the beginning of August with loads of fashion and lifestyle content to share with you all which I will be shooting on my swanky new Go Pro Hero 4.

Oh and yes, my hair is now quite short. And pink. Not forgetting that vital detail. I feel about twelve years old but ya know... life is too short! Peace out!

Six Safety Festival Tips

I am heading to my first major festival this summer and apart from feeling super excited about wearing a floral headband, dancing to live music with cider in the sun and fan girling at Paloma Faith on stage; there are a few drawbacks. What if my camera gets stolen? What if my cider gets spiked? What if a crowd form a mosh pit and crush me? ANYTHING is possible!

I was having a little read of this handy little Female First guide on safety tips by Pryers Solicitors and it really got me thinking about the ages of people who go to festivals these days. They seem to be getting younger and younger which is a little frightening considering bad things can happen at festivals if you are not careful.

I chose my top six safety tips for any festival that you are attending. It's so important to be safe rather than sorry!

Let's get started.

1. Keep your drinks close to you
Thankfully, I have never had a drink spiked but it's a very common thing and therefore a very scary prospect. Common sense really, but never leave your drink on its own or accept that drink offer from dodgy Dave.

2. Drink plenty of water
Most people (including myself!) forget to drink enough water. Your body is made up of around 60% of water so imagine a hot day at a festival. You will sweat a LOT so you need to make up for that water loss. It is so important to keep hydrated every day but especially in the summer. If you are consuming alcohol at a festival this year, don't go too crazy and remember to replenish your body with water too!

3. Safe sex
A bit of a taboo subject that we all avoid at the best of times, but one that is so important to mention. Nobody wants to come home with a nasty STD that you caught from sexy Sarah or buff Billy from that cheeky and heated session in the tent at Reading festival this year. Cover your stump before you hump!

4. Sexual assaults
Again, another taboo subject but one all us ladies need to be aware of especially if you are single. Drunk ladies are most at risk of sexual assault due to not being aware of their surroundings. Don't wander off on your own, keep in areas full of people and be sensible with your alcohol intake.

5. Keep your valuables close
I would hate to come home with no camera or no mobile phone after realising when it is too late. If you are camping at a festival this year then sleep with your valuables at the end of the tent where your head is and underneath your pillow or inside your sleeping bag. This will make it much more difficult for sneaky Simon to pinch it at 4AM!

6. Speak up
If you see someone who is unwell or acting a bit dodgy, then tell the staff. You could be saving the day in the long run! You could be super(wo)man for the day?

Clerkenwell & Social - Cocktail & Pizza Bar

Overall review: 5/5

Absolutely amazing.

Last week, I was invited down to a brand new and funky cocktail bar called Clerkenwell & Social.
Located in Farringdon and handily only a brisk five minute walk from the station, it's tucked away in St John Square.

A perfect little place for after work drinks or a mid-week date.

The bar itself was buzzing at 7pm on a Thursday night but had a really friendly atmosphere. Everyone was just enjoying themselves and laughing which was nice to see. It's dimly lit in there but has enough light to see what you are doing/drinking/eating.

Infact, it was cosy and I didn't want to leave.

I was kindly allowed to bring a guest so I thought who could be any better than my mother? Well, I did ask Josh but he wasn't keen. However, he soon regretted his awful decision.

Stay tuned to find out why.

My Nose Piercing: Pain & Aftercare

Last week on a whim, I was in town with Josh and I decided to walk into a piercing shop and get my nose pierced. I've wanted it done for absolutely AGES and love the look of hoops more than studs. I've been trialling out a fake hoop for months to see if I like the look of it in my nose so as of last week; I felt fully ready to commit to the real thing.

I went to a place called Jack's tattoo shop in Romford, Essex which I've heard so many good things about. Eventually, when I get my first tattoo, this will be the place I go to.

The staff were really welcoming and I had to fill out a form with my name and address on. Straight away, I was seen to but Josh wasn't allowed in the little room so I was a little scared!

The piercer recommended a stud piercing to begin with incase I didn't end up liking the look of a hoop. However, as I already knew what a hoop would look like on me, I decided to go straight in with a real hoop!

After a dot was made and a confirmation of the placement was made by me, it was time to get pierced! I was told to close my eyes and given a tissue for any watery eyes issues which definitely happened! It was done with a needle (of course!) and bled a little bit. Pain wise; it was okay. I didn't scream or jump because it was a quick five second pain. HOWEVER, trying to get the hoop into the freshly pierced hole was the painful bit which made my eyes water!

After care is making sure to clean the piercing with sea salty water using cotton ear buds. I do this morning and evening. I make sure not to wear any makeup on that side of my nose to prevent a nasty infection. It does still hurt but only if I keep moving it around. It just feels like a bruise. Apparently, it takes six weeks to heal so I'm only on week two now.

All in all, I am SO happy I decided to bite the bullet and get it pierced. It is totally worth the minute of pain and six weeks of persistent after care.

Jack's Tattoo & Piercing Shop
41A High Street, Romford, RM1 1JL

The Best Bedtime Routine Before Going to Sleep

The last thing many women want to do at the end of the day is worry about their beauty regime and what skin care products to wear or not to wear to bed. By the time I pack away my notebooks and laptop at the end of the working day, I am very tired and usually have a back ache. I am then usually passed out on the couch until bedtime. I love to sleep and take naps; especially on a comfy mattress! I recently read a lot about different bed types and what would be best for me, so if you want to find out more visit Top Mattress site. Being super groggy after these naps meant that my skin really suffered because of it. It wasn't until I discovered this simple before bedtime routine that my skin improved with only a few minutes of additional time spent in the bathroom.

The Facial Cleanser

Soon after you remove all your makeup right before bed, it is important that you apply a simple facial cleanser to help remove sweat, dirt, and dead skin. These facial cleansers are much different than a bar of soap. They are specifically designed to work on your particular skin type. If you have oily, dry, or flaky skin, make sure you buy the cleanser that is right for your skin type; giving you the best results.

Applying the Toner

Once you have removed the makeup and cleansed the skin, it is time to simply apply some toner. Many women skip this step, and then wonder why the wrinkles and fine lines on the face seem to be getting worse. The sun can do serious damage to your skin even while driving in your car back and forth to work each day. A toner will remove any of the residue that is left behind from your makeup or the facial cleanser you just used. I apply the toner to my face gently with my fingertips in small circular motions, and within days I could see an improvement.

The Facial Lotion and Moisturiser

The trick is to first make sure that the toner is dry before moving on to the next step. This should only take an additional minute or two, so don't feel like you just increased your bathroom time by long periods. Apply a very light coat of moisturizer to the skin to help keep the face supple. Those fine lines that you have around the eyes and mouth should begin to slowly fade away but this also depends on what products you are using. The first thing I noticed was my laugh lines and crows feet were less visible after a week of trying this incredible before bed routine.
Regardless if you have dry skin or not, a moisturiser will benefit your face for years to come. One other thing you want to consider too is the quality of sleep you are getting each night. My boyfriend recently purchased a new bed at cutpricemattress and I seem to fall asleep faster than ever before when I sleep at his house. This combined with my before bedtime routine has my face and skin looking and feeling younger than ever before.

'Into The Blue' Experience Days

Question one. Have you ever been clueless on what to buy for somebody's birthday? I know I always particularly struggle on knowing what to buy for my dad because he never needs or asks for anything!

Okay, next question.

Have you ever thought about buying an experience day as a gift for someone? Or maybe you are struggling to think of an date idea with your partner?
Into The Blue offer activity gift vouchers for just about anything that you can think of.  The scheme is designed to offer convenience to the person buying the activity experience; as well as the person receiving the voucher. The vouchers are valid for a full year which can be booked at any time. Into The Blue will recommend the nearest site to redeem the activity purchased to whoever is receiving the voucher.

So what experiences do they have?

There is something for everyone! From indoor skydiving, parachute jumping, rally driving, jet-skiing, and sorbing; there is guaranteed adrenaline pumping fun for everyone. There are even more relaxed choices for the ladies such as makeover shoots and spa/pamper treatments. It doesn't matter what age you are; Into The Blue offer something fun for all ages.

All the experiences are reasonably priced too and definitely worth the purchase for a special activity gift for someone. There are even a whole range of 2-for-1 offers if you want to take full advantage!

Thankfully, I am over and done with for all the birthdays this year. However, Christmas is fast approaching whether we like it or not so I will definitely be buying some activity gifts for people!
Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Into The Blue. However, all words are my own.

How To Choose The Perfect Summer Event Outfit

It's that time of year where us ladies go into panic mode as we desperately try to look for the perfect outfit for summer events. From BBQ's to weddings to baby showers; it's important that we look and feel our best, right?

It took me a couple of weeks to find the perfect dress for Royal Ascot and even then I was stuck between two choices! Sometimes it's difficult to determine whether your initial outfit choice is too over or under dressed. Nobody wants to rock up at a summer wedding looking like they haven't made an effort and no one wants to turn up at a summer BBQ looking like they're going to a wedding! You get my drift?

Fashion forward retailer Coast have put together an info graphic from Eclipse Magazine which stops you from pulling your hair out any longer. Fear not because Coast have the answer you need sorted! All you have to do is follow the info graphic carefully and answer the questions to work out what the perfect outfit would be for your event this summer.

OUTFIT 1: This outfit is ideal for every casual summer event, whether it's downplayed with a jacket for a BBQ with friends and family or dressed up with a pair of wedges and statement jewellery for a more upscale garden party or a Family Day at the races. A floaty floral top will keep you looking and feeling cool, and paired with tailored trousers you'll look effortlessly stylish without feeling overdressed.

OUTFIT 2: Dress it up or dress it down; a brightly coloured skirt will help you stand out at any event you're attending this summer while sticking to events that have a dress code. Stunning separates like these paired with on trend metallic accessories will give a unique twist to the outfits you usually see at the races or small scale weddings.

OUTFIT 3: This outfit is the perfect solution to flatter a gorgeous figure while keeping the look appropriate for church weddings or all day events that run into cooler nights (such as a day at the races followed by dinner in town!) with thick shoulder straps and a wrap to cover up. Dance the night away in this look with a pair of wedges or flats, or keep it looking formal with sensible court heels.

OUTFIT 4: Highlight those pretty pins with this gorgeous short dress with ombre colour detailing, and keep cool for long days in the sun with straps exposing your shoulders. Throw on a pair of comfortable wedges to see you through garden parties – including the greatest British garden party of them all at Glorious Goodwood! – and outdoor weddings, or style it up with a pair of stilettos for nights out with the girls.

OUTFIT 5: For a simply stylish look, a multi-tie maxi dress will cover your every desire for a perfect summer event dress. The adjustable neckline will flatter a large bust, while the light shade will complement a range of skin tones. Keep warm for evening events that carry on into the small hours  with a pretty wrap, or let the dress stand out on its own with pretty jewellery.

OUTFIT 6: This is an outfit that will take you from day to night, being smart enough for a day in the office or corporate hospitality at the races and super stylish when paired with a set of killer heels for a night out with the girls. Who says you need to get your legs out for an on trend look this season? This jumpsuit will show off a range of gorgeous figures and see you through every summer event.

Has this helped? I know I will definitely refer to this in the near future for any upcoming events I have this summer. It's like a handy little godmother who can help you attend the ball!

The Dandy Shades by Le Specs

Dandy by Le Specs*

If there's any pair of sunglasses that scream out ATTITUDE, then these Dandy shades by Le Specs win the title. Standing ovation, please.

The likes of Rihanna and Cara own these bad boys so it comes to no surprise that I ended up choosing a pair for myself. Can I just be them? Whilst I don't think I'll be able to pull them off AS well as the eyebrow queen herself, I can only hope and try to look as darn cool!

Goodbye England. Y e p.

If you didn't know already, then I have a few holidays planned this summer. I am jetting off to Corfu in just over a week and then in August I am travelling around Europe; Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. All with Josh which will be interesting as I've never been on holiday with a boyfriend before! So YEP; I am going to be exposed to a lot of sun this summer so it was time to look around for a decent pair of shades to match all of my outfits and swimwear.

The Dandy shades* are available to buy from The Sunglasses Shop. They feature an off white round frame with retro two toned crystal blue shades which change ever so slightly to a purple shade when in certain light. I do feel a little like a female Willy Wonka whilst wearing them but there is nothing I love better than sunglasses that are weird and wonderful.

The Sunglasses Shop kindly sent Josh some super cool Ray Ban's for our holiday too so watch out for a post that we have planned featuring our glasses in the next couple of weeks! It's a battle of the sexes!

Let the best man win. Obviously, that'll be me.

Appleyard London Strawberry Smoothie Bouquet

It's no secret that us bloggers absolutely love anything involving peonies and roses. Infact, before having a blog and probably up till a year ago, I wasn't THAT fussed about flowers. Maybe because no prince charming had ever turned up at my door with a bunch but when does that ever happen?

Well, fear not because at the moment I am pretending that this mysterious prince charming has indeed sent me a bunch of flowers to show his undying love for me. Joking. Relationship goals. 

However, I am pretty much sure the whole flower-loving-blogger-community probably buys peonies for themselves for pretty blog pictures. Am I wrong?

Well, let me introduce to you.. Appleyard London.

I've seen Appleyard London doing their rounds on blog posts making everyone's posts look super pretty and well thought out. So, can you imagine my excitement when an email landed in my inbox from the people at Appleyard asking me if I would like a beautiful bouquet? HELL YEAH!

(I had a joke going for about a week with Josh that a mysterious man was sending me flowers. Ha ha ha.)

Appleyard London is a flowery delivery service which allows you to send flowers to a loved one or even yourself! Fresh flowers are used to create the bouquets and are all hand tied. All bouquets are available for next day flower delivery which is great for a last minute gift idea!

It was really hard choosing a bouquet to review because they are all so lovely but the Strawberry Smoothie bouquet from the Summer range stood out the most. It features beautiful, fluffy white hydrangeas and dusty pink avalanche roses which look so pretty in my black and white bedroom.

If you would like to make your house look pretty with an Appleyard London bouquet then they are kindly offering all of my readers 33% off their range of luxury bouquets. However, this excludes the flowers by post range. Just use code BLOG33 at the checkout to redeem 33% off!

What bunch should I treat myself to next? Hmmm...

Connected Generation T-shirt GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

Who wants a giveaway to kick start their Monday? I know I would!  Stay reading to find out a little more about Connected Generation and how to win any t-shirt of your choice! (Men and women available).

(Yep, Albert wanted some of the pizza bro action too. Cats are funny creatures.)

I have been a bit rubbish with blogging the past week but some time away from everything was well needed. There have been a few general life updates that I will write about soon but everything is good! So, if you want to win an absolute rad pizza bro t-shirt, be sure to enter the giveaway below!

Who are Connected Generation?
Connected Generation are a website that sell t-shirts with special and bespoke designs. The artists behind the designs inspire to create amazing work. They realise that young people are one of the most  forward generations and so it's important to use this connection with young people to raise money for charities whilst also sharing real life stories of how young peoples' lives have changed; hence the name.

Isn't this t-shirt just simply GREAT?

Customers create their t-shirt by selecting designs from the Connected Generation library. These designs are submitted by artists from all over the world. I chose this uber cool PIZZA BRO! t-shirt designed by an artist called Patrick JPC which is a whole load of fun! You can also create your very own design that you or anyone can buy!

£5 from the sale of every t-shirt goes to a children's charity which you get to choose as you check out your order. You then receive updates on how well your charity is doing thanks to people like yourself who kindly donated. How lovely is that?

Connected Generation are kindly giving one of my readers a t-shirt of their choice whilst also making sure they donate the overall cost to a charity.  Take a look at their website and you will see there are so many designs to choose from! Maybe you will choose the pizza one like me?

To enter, you MUST:

  • Follow Being Ashleigh on Bloglovin (click here) - I will be checking!
  • Follow Connected Generation on Twitter (click here)
  • Just for fun! > Tell me what your favourite pizza topping is? AND be sure to include a contact email or twitter handle so I contact you if you win!
Giveaway is open for 1 week from 13th - 20th July, 11:59pm. No cash alternative. Prize is any t-shirt of your choice. A voucher code will be provided for you to use to buy your t-shirt. Shipping costs are included in the code. Good luck!

Bathroom Inspiration

I am no where near ready to live on my own but that doesn't stop me spending my evenings and lunch times pinning pretty pictures of interior design and homeware.

Our bathroom at home is quite small but we have made it work by building a small extension when we moved in. There isn't enough room for a bath AND a shower so we just have a bath with a shower inside.

It's never too early to start dreaming of what your future home might look like. I love anything minimalistic and simple with lots of natural light. I like the idea of two 'his and hers' sinks, white tiles, industrial looking taps and artificial plants.

I take the lead in my relationship most of the time. If I was to ever move in with Josh then the building side of things and putting flat packs together would be his job. The interior fun side of things such as picking colours, buying toilet roll holders and deciding on what amazing mirror to have would be my job.

Bella Bathrooms are a bathroom company based in Durham that are committed to providing high quality bathrooms without the expected heavy price tag. They understand that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and needs to be fully equipped with ease and safety.

They have a whole bunch of different types of vanity areas. Inparticular, I really like wall hung vanity areas as this would allow the floor to be cleaned properly and mopped when needed. There is also different sizes which are great if you have a small bathroom or a bathroom with lots of available space.

Colour wise, I think I would have my bathroom black and white (original, I know!) with added bits of colour in mint such as tooth brush holders, bath mats and bath towels.  Perfect. All I need now is a winning lottery ticket to buy a house!
Disclaimer: Written in collaboration with Bella Bathrooms. All words are my own.

Outfit: #GeorgeousRacewear

Dress, Bag & Shades: George ASDA* | Sandals & Headband: Primark

On Saturday, I trotted along to a local race night for a day/evening packed full of music, food and wooden horse racing. Obviously a little different from most formal race nights, I wanted an outfit that was a little more on the summery side of things and especially something that I wouldn't melt in as the UK is having a heatwave at the moment!

George at ASDA kindly sent me this gorgeous denim crochet trim dress which I thought was perfect with some sandals and a little floral headband. 

It does crease quite quickly which is ever so slightly annoying but it's also one of them dresses that you can just fling on and you are good to go! George actually have a whole wide range of summer dresses which are perfect for any occasion this summer; holidays, bbq's and weddings etc. 

I also LOVE this slogan print bag which is great for every day. It fits my daily necessities in; purse, phone, lipstick and chewing gum. Perfect. 

The race night was great and a different experience as the horses are wooden and people race them by winding them up. Followed by music, a performing Elvis impersonator and fish and chips. It sounds so random, right?! I never knew what to expect either!

What did you get up to at the weekend?

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Thursday At The Beach

A few days ago, me and Josh adventured to the beach for a little wander. Little days out like this are something I appreciate so much.

We walked past children playing in the waterfalls, builders listening to music on a boom box and huge groups of teenagers sunbathing. Josh spent a staggering £9 on the claw machines and 20 minutes of his life trying to win me a Frozen Sven cuddly toy which was so funny because he was getting so frustrated with a machine! We then got chips on the beach and popped into an ice-cream parlour where I had the most incredible mint chocolate and chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream pot and Josh had a cookies and cream milkshake.

Oh, he makes me so happy :)

Couple of announcements!

001: It's my blog's 4th birthday next weekend and I want to do something special in a post but I haven't quite worked out what I am going to do yet!

002: Don't forget my giveaway ends on Wednesday 7th at 3pm. If you want to win a retro sweets hamper then enter here!

003: I accidentally every comment from the last four posts I have written... and just after replying to every single one. All I was trying to do was delete spam comments, grrrrr! So yep, those posts are now looking a little lonely!

June 2015 Review

We are already two days into July and this post is late. Woopsie. My schedule at the moment is chocka-block but it does make me nervous when I don't get thing up on time. Blogger problems!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from last month. What's your favourite?

Sleepy snuggles / Giraffe selfie / Best topping for breakfast pancakes / Bug shades are back out / Sofa chills / Mid week ice-cream sundaes / Hotel selfie / Watching the seals / Royal Ascot with J 

Let's catch-up!

Highlights of June were the first BBQ's of the year. Burgers and salad are my favourite! We also went to the zoo for my sister's birthday which was a great day out. I took my mum to an opera show for her belated birthday treat and we stayed in a Travelodge hotel over night. Finally, we went along to Royal Ascot as guests of Appletiser which was a really lovely and summery day at the races.


Songs on repeat for the month of June were:
  • Flashlight - Jessie J
  • Shut Up & Dance - Walk the Moon
  • Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo
  • Not Letting Go - Tinie Tempah ft. Jess Glynne
  • Break The Rules - Charlie XCX
  • Heart on Fire - Clean Bandit
  • Bed - J.Holiday
  • The Middle - Jimmy Eat World


I mentioned last month that I am on a magical cloud. Well, I am still on the magical cloud which seems to be going higher and higher. We are going on our first holiday in Greece in a few weeks time which will be really nice. I have so much blog content planned for when I am out there! For real though, I am really happy and it's crazy to think I wasted so much time dating on so many idiotic people before hand. 


Favourite posts of June include (click to read them):
It appears I haven't shot any new work in June which does sadden me. Unfortunately, I am just not feeling Photography anymore at the moment and I don't know why. I just seem to have completely fallen out of love with it and put it on the back burner to concentrate on my blog. It sucks because I have worked SO hard to get to where I am right now. It's taken me years to build relationships with people and now I have let go of it all. However, maybe I will return to it again one day. For now, one day isn't today or tomorrow and probably not next week.

To be honest, all I want to do at the moment is spend my time with Josh, blog and carry on with the job hunt. This is how July and August will probably be spent too! Sometimes you just have to shake off the pressure and bad vibes and choose happiness, right?