Bathroom Inspiration


I am no where near ready to live on my own but that doesn't stop me spending my evenings and lunch times pinning pretty pictures of interior design and homeware.

Our bathroom at home is quite small but we have made it work by building a small extension when we moved in. There isn't enough room for a bath AND a shower so we just have a bath with a shower inside.

It's never too early to start dreaming of what your future home might look like. I love anything minimalistic and simple with lots of natural light. I like the idea of two 'his and hers' sinks, white tiles, industrial looking taps and artificial plants.

I take the lead in my relationship most of the time. If I was to ever move in with Josh then the building side of things and putting flat packs together would be his job. The interior fun side of things such as picking colours, buying toilet roll holders and deciding on what amazing mirror to have would be my job.

Bella Bathrooms are a bathroom company based in Durham that are committed to providing high quality bathrooms without the expected heavy price tag. They understand that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and needs to be fully equipped with ease and safety.

They have a whole bunch of different types of vanity areas. Inparticular, I really like wall hung vanity areas as this would allow the floor to be cleaned properly and mopped when needed. There is also different sizes which are great if you have a small bathroom or a bathroom with lots of available space.

Colour wise, I think I would have my bathroom black and white (original, I know!) with added bits of colour in mint such as tooth brush holders, bath mats and bath towels.  Perfect. All I need now is a winning lottery ticket to buy a house!
Disclaimer: Written in collaboration with Bella Bathrooms. All words are my own.


  1. Oooh I like these, they're cute, very rustic! And I love those wall-mounted towel rails! x

    Stephanie |

  2. I absolutely love the second pic and would certainly want our bathroom to look like that. I also prefer minimalistic and yes natural light is fab!

    1. I could only DREAM of having a bathroom like that, ha!

      Ashleigh x


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