Hands up if your hair is prone to knotting? Both mine are up and waving in the air! Bane of my life!

I have been using Tangle Teezers for a few years now and find one brush can last me up to a year before it needs replacing. They kindly got in touch to ask if I would like a new one. I have 2 on the go but one is very old so needed replacing.

After having a little look on the website, I didn't realise there was so many new designs! I have the original purple glitter and pink ones; but there are so many cute patterns and printed ones now too. I decided to go for a compact styler to keep in my handbag. The compact styler's come with a handy cover to protect the bristles on the brush.

I chose the Gold Rush compact styler which is gold and black - and super classy for your handbag! They are the perfect handbag necessity for on the go when you need to brush your hair. The compact styler is £12.25 and can be purchased online with free UK delivery; or is available in selected Boots stores.

Disclaimer: PR samples but all words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


If you're anything like me then you'll love the typical girly things: clothes, makeup and puppies.  It was time to get some new essentials for my beauty drawer as it was coming to that time of the year where I was running out of certain daily essentials. 

I have collaborated with my local shopping centre on a fashion post before, so it was wonderful to hear from them again regarding a beauty collab. This time, it's with Boots in The Brewery, Romford

They kindly sent me some credit to go shopping (blogger dream!) and so it was time to hit the store up itself and re-purchase some daily essentials, aswell as some new bits to try out.

Sometimes, I have "no makeup days" where I will only apply a little bit of concealer, a powder and a mascara. I have been on the lookout for a more natural mascara that I can lightly use for a more natural look, but also build up if required. It works great for those natural days and I am also pleased to report that it doesn't shift to below my eyes during the day when applied to the bottom lashes. 

Eylure 033 Natural Lashes - £5.25
Honestly? I only got into lashes this year as I could never apply then without trying once, failing and then resulting in me throwing them in the bin. However, practice and perseverance is what it's all about when it comes to lashes so I forced myself to keep trying and I think I've now mastered the technique and application! I love these natural looking ones from Eylure which come with a handy eyelash glue too. 

Maybelline Gold 24 Hour Eyeshadow Gel - £4.99
I remember these hitting the shops a long time ago and I LOVED the pink one which I am pretty sure I still have! I chose gold perfect for Autumn Winter. They are gel eyeshadows which can be applied using a finger or brush and they don't budge!

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder - £4.19
This is probably my favourite all time powder because it's SO affordable but actually works. I don't find I need to touch up my makeup during the day once I apply it in the morning. It also comes with a handy mirror and sponge for on the go applications. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
Probably the most popular concealer on the market? I have used this for years and will be SO sad if they ever discontinue it. It works perfectly for my under eye circles and blemishes. 

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation - £9.99
I was a little intrigued by this foundation when it first launched in-store and I ended up purchasing it recently to give it a go. I have really started to enjoy going for a more dewy/highlight look with my base makeup and I have really enjoyed using this. It's incredibly light on my face and really easy to blend out with a brush. It's the perfect foundation for the colder months as it gives your face the hydration that it needs. 

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit - £4.99
Everyone loves a handy contour kit so I had to pick this up. It's a double duo with a highlight shade and a contour shade. It needs a very light hand when applying as it's very pigmented but it does the job for giving the appearance of cheekbones. The highlighter is very poor for what it's made for, but works perfectly under my eyes as a powder to set my concealer in place. 

Sleek 'Face Form' Contouring & Blush Palette - £9.99
I was never the girl that bought Sleek products when they very first launched a few years ago. Despite hearing so many good things about their contour palettes, I have only just got around to getting one. This one comes with three powders; a highlighter, a contour powder and a blush. There are different shades you can get but this one is perfect for my skin tone. The highlighter is a beautiful peach-champagne shade and works perfectly for me because it gives a natural glow. The contour powder is a light brown so is really good for fair skin and the blush gives the illusion of a natural warmth to the apples of your cheeks. 

Sleek Brow Perfector - £5.19
I picked this up on a whim and the shade (dark brown) is too dark for me, unfortunately. However, it works great on those 'no makeup days' if I can't be bothered filling in my eye brows. The brush is so tiny too so is great for creating the illusion of small hairs on the brows. 

Rimmel Lipstick #45 
I was (and still am) a bright lip wearer. The brighter and the more daring, the better in my opinion! However, my sister bought me this shade by Rimmel and I absolutely loved it so had to rush out to re-purchase when I ran out of the original one. It's great on top of a nude lip liner and it is a cold toned nude shade so doesn't make your lips look too pink which is what I try to avoid with nude shades. 

Disclaimer: These products were bought using a gift card given to me by the The Brewery, Romford.


Elsie loves working with pet brands (as you're probably aware!) so she was wagging her tail endlessly when Tails.com got in touch to ask if she would like to try out some new pet food. 

We have only recently just started ordering her dog food on the Internet which is so much easier and not to mention... cheaper! Before, we was buying her food in the supermarket which wasn't ideal if we started running low and it also works out to be more expensive in the long run. 

Tails.com are a delivery service for dog food and I had actually seen their TV adverts before so knew they was legit enough for my fur daughter to work with. 

After signing up to the website, you simply enter your pet's details. This includes their name, breed, age, gender and answer personal questions such as their favourite types of food, whether they prefer small or larger size biscuits and how many meals they eat per day. 

Elsie is now 10 months old and is already starting to eat adult food. Being a large breed dog, she eats a LOT and is almost always hungry... literally! She was on 3 meals a day but we have since reduced this to 2 large meals a day which she will eat in the morning and in the evening... with a few biscuit treats throughout the day... if she's been a good girl! 

Ordering her food was super easy and it was nice to be able to customise the flavourings in her food compared to what's available in the supermarkets. Even though she isn't fussy in the slightest with meat choices; chicks is definitely her favourite! 

You can select different size bags depending obviously on how much food you require, your dog's breed and how much you want to spend. 

Elsie wasn't a huge fan of the measuring scoop they included in our order. As soon as she saw it sitting on the side, she took it and chewed it up! I think it was her way of kindly reminding me that labradors don't need portion control! At least not in Elsie's world...

There are different size bags you can get. We was provided with 2 bags of the 3rd biggest size which are priced at £22.90. For two meals a day for a large breed dog, one bag lasted three weeks. 

FYI! You can get two weeks worth of food for free and only have to pay £1 for delivery with my code BEINGASHLEIGH

So, how did Elsie like it? Let's hand over to her and let her do the talking...

"I love Tails.com! My food was so nice and I'm sad to have now finished my two big bags of food. I loved how my name was on my food bags so it stopped my big brother Albert digging his cat paws and whiskers into what doesn't belong to him!!

I love chicken soooo much so was really happy when all I could taste was 100% chicken!! I can't wait for my mummy to order me some new bags of Tails food because it is now my fav type of food to have for my yummy breakfast and dinner! Thank you so much Tails. Wuvvv you!".

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Tails.com. A voucher was provided to order food to sample and review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


Another day. Another dinner in London after work. I was invited along to review The Artisan Bistro in Chelsea recently with a +1 and I'll just say it now... it's one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to.

Chelsea has always been one of my favourite places in London. The houses, the people, the shops - is there anywhere else in this city where you can feel any more fabulous? 

Based a ten minute walk from Earls Court tube station, we arrived at The Artisan Bistro at 7pm and was greeted by a kind and welcoming waitress who seated us at the back of the restaurant next to the doors that open out onto an outside area with more dining tables.  

We was presented with menus and ordered a glass of rose each (which was delicious!) and then the waitress explained that it may be a nice idea for us to try smaller taster menu size dishes so we could sample the majority of the menu. I loved this idea as it gave me the chance to really get to grips with the Mediterranean cuisine inspired menu. 

Their renowned for their famous 'Lobster with Mac n Cheese' dish which we was both intrigued to try as we have always wanted to try lobster; so this was the perfect chance to try it!

Whilst we waited, we was given some fresh, warm bread and olives. I've never been a fan of olives even though everyone in my family absolutely love them! However, I decided to give these lemon marinated olives a try (£2.50) and I actually liked them so couldn't believe it! Is this a new thing for me?! We will have to see the next time the olive jar makes an appearance at the dinner table...

The first two dishes arrived! Grilled prawns with squid ink polenta (£12.00) were placed infront of us and I actually couldn't wait to try them as I realised in Lanzarote that I actually love prawns! The squid ink is something I was very hesitant to try but it was actually okay and a nice accompaniment for the prawns. 

Then there was the West Mersea oysters (£19.00) with cubes of avocado and a spicy sauce drizzled on top. We had both never tried oysters before and I'll be honest... the thought of having one made me feel a little queasy but I'm all for trying new things so we both gave them a go! 

Unfortunately, I didn't like them. I like spicy foods but the mix of a vinegary sauce with a spicy one wasn't something my tastebuds could handle very well! However, the cubes of avocado went down a treat. My mum actually liked them and she was pleasantly surprised that she did too.

The next two dishes shortly arrived and were definitely my two favourite ones we tried. Crispy aubergines (£6.50) drizzled in a soy and caramel sauce. They were SO good. Crunchy on the outside but so soft and warm on the inside. 

We then had the Cheese and Spinach pie (can't find this on the menu for a price!) which... OH MY GOODNESS. If you're a massive cheese and spinach lover like myself; then this is definitely something you HAVE to try. I fully expected it to be fluffy and sickly but it was actually really moreish and was so nice with the aubergines.

Time for mains! We both shared two and again; it was so nice to be given the chance to try everything! 

A 28 days matured rib eye steak from Mother's farm in Scotland was presented on a chopping board with a pot of Bearnaise sauce, roasted baby tomatoes and two silver tin pots of fries. One was plain fries and one was truffle fries - again; absolutely amazing for choices! 

I am incredibly fussy when it comes to any kind of meat being cooked for me. I'm the weird one that will always check that my chicken and sausages AREN'T PINK and will always request my beef is cooked 'well done'. Well, this time I forgot to put in my special (and fussy) request; but it arrived medium and only some strips were a little pink. The steak was juicy, succulent and so made chewing 10 times easier. I had never tried truffle chips either but oh my ... SO good! 

We was very excited to see that the second main meal to try was their famous Lobster Mac'n'Cheese (£16.50) which is cooked with 3 different types of cheeses, teeny strips of lobster (barely visible - excellent for someone who isn't too keen on seafood) and is then popped into the oven and comes out golden and bubbling.  It was delicious and I highly recommend trying this!

We was feeling pretty stuffed up to this point (as you can imagine - so much food, right?!) but isn't funny how there is ALWAYS room for desserts? 

The Artisan Bistro only have 3 different desserts on their menu and an ice-cream and sorbet option too. It would be nice to see some more options on their menu but I wasn't complaining about the ones they presented to us.

Rhubarb Crumble (£6.00) with vanilla ice-cream and Mini Chocolate Souffle with vanilla ice-cream (£6.00) were placed infront of us; aswell as a little pot of strawberry ice-cream too incase we got sick of vanilla! They were so yummy and truly hit the spot. I'm a big chocolate fan so I much preferred the soufflĂ©; whereas my mum really enjoyed the rhubarb crumble.

We ended up staying for more drinks for a couple of hours and ended up having a really lovely chat and hangout with the owner and the waitresses. It was really nice because I felt the staff really valued me being in their restaurant and they really went out of their way to make the effort with me as a blogger and that's something I really appreciate. 

We have been invited back and we shall be definitely popping a date in the diary one day soon because where else am I supposed to get my Lobster Mac'n'Cheese fix?!

The Artisan Bistro is a fantastic restaurant which I highly recommend if you enjoy seafood and fish dishes. The food is cooked to an outstanding quality and is presented perfectly with a smile. We was made to feel very welcome and was well looked after from the moment we walked in to the moment we sadly had to leave. It's the perfect place for dinner after work, a mid week date with your beau or even for the lunch menu on the weekends. 

The Artisan Bistro, 
14 Hollywood Rd, 
SW10 9HY
020 7460 0875

Disclaimer: Dinner for me and a +1 was offered in exchange for an honest review on my blog. As always, all opinions and photographs are my own. 


I'm home from Magaluf and had a lovely time playing in the sun for a week. I seriously have had a case of the travel bug this year and am already looking at booking my next trip away!

Despite being 23, I had never been on a girl's holiday before so me and my sister decided to book a spontaneous week away to Magaluf, Spain a few weeks away with our friend too. We booked through Easyjet and had the worst experience with them which really shocked me as I have flown with them before and had no problems. However, we had nearly a FOUR HOUR delay flying out and an hour delay flying home. There was also no space for our cabin baggage on the flight home which nobody could understand!

We stayed at the top of the hill on the strip of Magaluf at the TRH Magaluf hotel. We had no idea what to expect other than we was staying in one of the famous party hotels and it wasn't going to be super relaxing due to us staying at one of the top ends of the strip. In all honesty, the hotel was very basic and not the most hygienic of places. However, if you're going on a girl's/lad's holiday then do you really need a 4/5* hotel?

The pool at the hotel was lush and was big enough for everyone. You could either chill down the quiet end or take part in ball games and splashing down the other end. There was also a pool bar and an official BCM DJ who played some great summer tunes whilst you sipped your cocktails in the sun.

Palma Beach was gorgeous with white sands and clear waters which had quite big and black fish swimming around your feet! We didn't realise there was a short cut to the beach down some stairs next to Tex Mex restaurant so if you're going Magaluf any time soon then use that shortcut rather than walking right to the bottom of the strip!

The strip is packed full of clubs, bars and pubs and it was really busy by the time the weekend came around. We ended up getting sucked into buying tickets off the strip's reps for things which was a bit of a pain in the bum as it's hard to say no!

I also ended up being a proper Magalufer by getting my very first tattoo on the last day - 4 hours before leaving for the airport home. I'll go into detail about my first tattoo in a separate post as I haven't even shared this on my Instagram yet but I absolutely love it and it's something I've wanted for a while.

It was a great holiday but I am so glad to be home. There's only so many cocktails, cheesy boys and portions of chips I can have before I end up getting bored! Normal posts will now resume and I also have a mini vlog coming soon too :) X


Disclaimer: ** Guest Post ** Images via Pixabay
Valletta is the capital city of Malta with its eastern coast in the Grand Harbor and western coast connected with Marsamxett harbor. It’s a historical city with the population of only 6444. 
Valletta contains many of the buildings constructed in the 16th century during the rule of the Order of St. John. The city essentially seems flamboyant because of the mixture of the elements of mannerism, Neo-Classicism, and Modernism. Major discoloration can be seen in many cities because of the horrors of World War 2 especially the destruction of Royal Opera House. 

In 1980 Valletta was accredited by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. It is also called Superbissima because of its gardens, churches, cavaliers and bestions. It has two basic ports: Marsamxett and Grand Harbor, the latter is an important port with unloading quays. The city has dry summers and wet winters. This city is considered Malta’s cultural center because of many historical buildings and churches. Benjamin Disraeli remarked about Valletta “Valletta equals in its noble architecture, if does not excel, any capital in Europe.” Here is a list of different places to visit while one is in Valletta
Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
This is a burial complex and was made by the same people who built prehistoric temples and cathedrals from 3600 BC to2500 BC. This complex is made of cut stones and is one of the most visited and acknowledged site of cultural heritage by UNESCO. For preservation and maintenance reasons only ten people are allowed per day to visit this place. It is recommended that if anyone is interested in visiting this place he should book his tickets in advance. 
The journey into the complex starts with a movie and then entering into the underworld. A good audio guide is also provided. The complex has three layers each with its own rooms and it is said that complex once contained more than 7000 bodies deposited down here in these rooms for more than 1000 years. 
The most interesting and the holiest thing is the carved stone copy of above temples. These carved temples of stones are far more preserved than the actual ones because these lie far deep underground. It is recommended that a person should arrange for tickets, if he is interested in this place, as early as possible because otherwise, he is not likely to get permission to enter into this magnificent place. It should also be noted that children under six are not allowed to enter in this place.

Malta is famous for one of the best diving centers in Mediterranean which has many diving centers and which offer different diving courses from beginner to the pro level experts. 
It is estimated that each year more than 50000 people come here for diving. Diving in Malta has its own distinctions because it is not much about the colorful sea life as much it is about the different landscapes few of them naturally created and few of them artificially created by placing wreck of different things. It should also be noted that Malta once experienced the horrors of the war.
For discounts on different diving courses consider looking at Groupon
Saint John’s Co-Cathedral
This Cathedral is a symbol of those knights and rulers who built it as a strength to Christianity and to secure their christen faith from the attacks of the Ottoman Turks. Most visitors of that time were awestruck when they visited this cathedral. Externally it seems more like a historical building but the interior looks more like a jewelry box. 
Most visitors after admiring the external structure move towards admiring its interior decoration and finally they think themselves limited to words to admire the beauty of ceilings on which different things are painted. A well-known painter Mattia pretti is accredited with different paintings of Saint John. The whole floor of the cathedral is lined with 400 marble tombstones. 
Different Co-Cathedrals represent the support of different knights and rulers to Saint John, who hailed Saint John and supported him whenever necessary. The famous chapels among them are The Chapel of Langue of Aragon, The Chapel of Langue of France and The Chapel of Langue of Italy. One of the important places to visit in Cathedral is Oratory which contains different paintings of well-known painters; the most famous among them is “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist by Caravaggio”. One can walk down to the area of Place Square after visiting the Cathedral.
Grand Master’s Palace
This building was initially declared a place for the residentce of knights by Master Fra Pietro Del Monte and this building stands in the center of place square. The building was boardened with the passage of time and is currently used as a house of parliament and a residential place for the president of Malta. Apart from these two areas the rest of the building is allowed to the tourists and they enter the building from the grandiose courtyard. There are paintings everywhere even on the ceilings which were made to impress the visitors. There are magnificent hallways and staterooms with plenty of artworks like series of murals by Matteo Perez d'Aleccio which portray completely the siege of 1565. There are paintings of official victory of knights and different festivals following the victory. There is one Red Room where knights met Ambassadors and other knights for strategic missions.
Grand Harbor
The Grand Harbor is one of the most strategic places which caused the victory of Malawians against Ottoman Turks. This harbor is full of high walls, fortifications, and towers. By this strategic place, knights could dock their battleships and still could remain out of the reach of the enemy. The harbor is shaped like a multi-spiked fork and nowadays it allows different massive ships to enter. This port can assemble thousands of yachts making it one of the biggest ports in the world. There are densely populated towns nearby which include Vittoriosa, Cospicua, and Senglea. These three towns are known as “Three cities” which were the original places for the residence of knights.
National Museum of Archeology
The museum is accommodated in the previously called Auberge de Provence and it is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture. Grand Salon is the place of much importance because of its fine polished wood roofs and for its highly decorated paintings on the walls. If one is in a hurry and wants to know the complete history of Malta in one day this is the right place for him. This museum contains 100 pieces which depict the 85 million year’s history of Malta. Artifacts include Roman cultural things and medieval antique things. The 5000 to 6000 artifacts and pottery are displayed here. There is a separate room for the Fat Statues of the Tarxien and the Sleeping lady which is a tiny figure of a woman representing the prehistoric beauty.
Disclaimer: ** Guest Post ** Images via Pixabay


Dating a single parent can be seen as a challenge not worth a trouble, however, the reward may exceed all your expectations. Just follow the tips below and you find your true love in the person of single parent.

It is obvious that dating a person with children differs from the regular relationship. However, some new approaches will change your attitude to this kind of dating. Here are some pieces of advice how to conquer hearts of single parents and their children:

Schedule everything. Single parents have less free time than anyone else, so it is quite difficult to come up with a date that will fit both you, your date and the child. Still, such dates will be more productive and informative as you both will be prepared for it. And take into consideration that a phrase “I’m busy at that date” from a single parent doesn’t mean a rejection of your proposal to meet. In 99% of cases that actually means that she or he is actually busy.

Meeting kids. Do not speed things up – a parent should propose it first as it is a very important step. Only after some period of communication and with feeling of being comfortable with you near the parent will want to introduce you to a child. Be patient.

Be positive. If you are searching for someone at such dating websites as Kovla, you will definitely find single moms there. One of the distinctive features of them is that they are searching not just for a husband, but for a father for their children. They have a lot to consider so it is advisable to show your caring side.

There may be a resistance. Let’s imagine a situation: you fall in love with one of the kharkov brides dating and she is a single mom. No matter how good you are, a child may treat you like an enemy. Do not take it personally, remember, Ukrainian girls are beautiful mothers and they can resolve this situation easily, all you need is patience.

Do not forget about the ex. Do not broach a subject of ex-partners as no matter how good or bad they are, they still are parents of the children. Try not to get involved into the problems with ex, as it can ruin your own relationship.

Do not give parenting advice on the beginning of your relationship. That may be considered as an offence or a sight that you think that your match is a bad parent. There will be time for advising, if there will be such a need, just wait till your connection grows stronger. Anyway, try not to interfere in the child-parent conflicts, it is better to stay neutral.

Do not be afraid to date single mums. Seeing how she treats and loves her child; you will know how loving and caring your wife will be.