If you're anything like me then you'll love the typical girly things: clothes, makeup and puppies.  It was time to get some new essentials for my beauty drawer as it was coming to that time of the year where I was running out of certain daily essentials. 

I have collaborated with my local shopping centre on a fashion post before, so it was wonderful to hear from them again regarding a beauty collab. This time, it's with Boots in The Brewery, Romford

They kindly sent me some credit to go shopping (blogger dream!) and so it was time to hit the store up itself and re-purchase some daily essentials, aswell as some new bits to try out.

Sometimes, I have "no makeup days" where I will only apply a little bit of concealer, a powder and a mascara. I have been on the lookout for a more natural mascara that I can lightly use for a more natural look, but also build up if required. It works great for those natural days and I am also pleased to report that it doesn't shift to below my eyes during the day when applied to the bottom lashes. 

Eylure 033 Natural Lashes - £5.25
Honestly? I only got into lashes this year as I could never apply then without trying once, failing and then resulting in me throwing them in the bin. However, practice and perseverance is what it's all about when it comes to lashes so I forced myself to keep trying and I think I've now mastered the technique and application! I love these natural looking ones from Eylure which come with a handy eyelash glue too. 

Maybelline Gold 24 Hour Eyeshadow Gel - £4.99
I remember these hitting the shops a long time ago and I LOVED the pink one which I am pretty sure I still have! I chose gold perfect for Autumn Winter. They are gel eyeshadows which can be applied using a finger or brush and they don't budge!

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder - £4.19
This is probably my favourite all time powder because it's SO affordable but actually works. I don't find I need to touch up my makeup during the day once I apply it in the morning. It also comes with a handy mirror and sponge for on the go applications. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
Probably the most popular concealer on the market? I have used this for years and will be SO sad if they ever discontinue it. It works perfectly for my under eye circles and blemishes. 

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation - £9.99
I was a little intrigued by this foundation when it first launched in-store and I ended up purchasing it recently to give it a go. I have really started to enjoy going for a more dewy/highlight look with my base makeup and I have really enjoyed using this. It's incredibly light on my face and really easy to blend out with a brush. It's the perfect foundation for the colder months as it gives your face the hydration that it needs. 

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit - £4.99
Everyone loves a handy contour kit so I had to pick this up. It's a double duo with a highlight shade and a contour shade. It needs a very light hand when applying as it's very pigmented but it does the job for giving the appearance of cheekbones. The highlighter is very poor for what it's made for, but works perfectly under my eyes as a powder to set my concealer in place. 

Sleek 'Face Form' Contouring & Blush Palette - £9.99
I was never the girl that bought Sleek products when they very first launched a few years ago. Despite hearing so many good things about their contour palettes, I have only just got around to getting one. This one comes with three powders; a highlighter, a contour powder and a blush. There are different shades you can get but this one is perfect for my skin tone. The highlighter is a beautiful peach-champagne shade and works perfectly for me because it gives a natural glow. The contour powder is a light brown so is really good for fair skin and the blush gives the illusion of a natural warmth to the apples of your cheeks. 

Sleek Brow Perfector - £5.19
I picked this up on a whim and the shade (dark brown) is too dark for me, unfortunately. However, it works great on those 'no makeup days' if I can't be bothered filling in my eye brows. The brush is so tiny too so is great for creating the illusion of small hairs on the brows. 

Rimmel Lipstick #45 
I was (and still am) a bright lip wearer. The brighter and the more daring, the better in my opinion! However, my sister bought me this shade by Rimmel and I absolutely loved it so had to rush out to re-purchase when I ran out of the original one. It's great on top of a nude lip liner and it is a cold toned nude shade so doesn't make your lips look too pink which is what I try to avoid with nude shades. 

Disclaimer: These products were bought using a gift card given to me by the The Brewery, Romford.


  1. I might have to try the Sleek Brow Perfector! For only £5.19 that's a bargain and I've been looking for one for ages but not sure whether or not to just bite the bullet and get the Benefit one that everyone loves!
    Emma x

  2. I have that contour kit and it's my favourite thing ever!

    Mel ★


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