Elsie loves working with pet brands (as you're probably aware!) so she was wagging her tail endlessly when Tails.com got in touch to ask if she would like to try out some new pet food. 

We have only recently just started ordering her dog food on the Internet which is so much easier and not to mention... cheaper! Before, we was buying her food in the supermarket which wasn't ideal if we started running low and it also works out to be more expensive in the long run. 

Tails.com are a delivery service for dog food and I had actually seen their TV adverts before so knew they was legit enough for my fur daughter to work with. 

After signing up to the website, you simply enter your pet's details. This includes their name, breed, age, gender and answer personal questions such as their favourite types of food, whether they prefer small or larger size biscuits and how many meals they eat per day. 

Elsie is now 10 months old and is already starting to eat adult food. Being a large breed dog, she eats a LOT and is almost always hungry... literally! She was on 3 meals a day but we have since reduced this to 2 large meals a day which she will eat in the morning and in the evening... with a few biscuit treats throughout the day... if she's been a good girl! 

Ordering her food was super easy and it was nice to be able to customise the flavourings in her food compared to what's available in the supermarkets. Even though she isn't fussy in the slightest with meat choices; chicks is definitely her favourite! 

You can select different size bags depending obviously on how much food you require, your dog's breed and how much you want to spend. 

Elsie wasn't a huge fan of the measuring scoop they included in our order. As soon as she saw it sitting on the side, she took it and chewed it up! I think it was her way of kindly reminding me that labradors don't need portion control! At least not in Elsie's world...

There are different size bags you can get. We was provided with 2 bags of the 3rd biggest size which are priced at £22.90. For two meals a day for a large breed dog, one bag lasted three weeks. 

FYI! You can get two weeks worth of food for free and only have to pay £1 for delivery with my code BEINGASHLEIGH

So, how did Elsie like it? Let's hand over to her and let her do the talking...

"I love Tails.com! My food was so nice and I'm sad to have now finished my two big bags of food. I loved how my name was on my food bags so it stopped my big brother Albert digging his cat paws and whiskers into what doesn't belong to him!!

I love chicken soooo much so was really happy when all I could taste was 100% chicken!! I can't wait for my mummy to order me some new bags of Tails food because it is now my fav type of food to have for my yummy breakfast and dinner! Thank you so much Tails. Wuvvv you!".

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Tails.com. A voucher was provided to order food to sample and review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


  1. Such an adorable dog you've got! She clearly loves the camera too :)

  2. Elsie is so adorable. Bless her. I bet she loved her goodies.

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