Post-Weekend TLC For Your Feet From Scholl

The last few weeks has seen me wearing heels a lot more than I ever have before. From dates to Cosmopolitan's #FashFest party and most recently a night out with my sister; my feet have certainly been left to feel a little sorry for themselves.

Scholl came to the rescue and sent me over some products for my feet as they were in need of some TLC! I've seen these heel cushions in shops for years but had never actually tried them out until recently. I usually buy platform heels for comfort but I also have heels without the platform and so it's been these Party Feet Heel Cushions* that have been a real saviour for nights out.

They are like a jelly consistency with a sticky side which you can either stick down onto the heel of your shoe or anywhere that you feel you need a little more comfort. Even better, they can be re-used over and over again. I've been peeling them off and using them in different shoes and they've managed to stay tacky and not budge during the day/night.

After having a pamper day this weekend, I decided to use some of the Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream* to replenish the moisturised and soft feeling in my feet. It's a really thick cream that you rub into your feet and they are left feeling as good as new. It's as if I never even went out!

Thankfully, my feet are back to normal and ready for another busy week all thanks to Scholl!

Ashleigh x

Fashion For Change: We Need Your Help!

I'm always supporting charities and amazing people who are all for raising money for great causes. As you know, I only feature things on my blog that I feel are well worth the mention and this is definitely one that I know will have a huge and positive impact on society if many people like myself supported it too. What I am about to share with you is a campaign that could quite possibly change the world. Please stick by and have a read. You might just feel inspired to make a change.

Fashion For Change is an easier way to for any fashion lover to recycle their designer or more luxury style clothes in order to make a donation for any important cause that you care about. You could be the person that changes the life of somebody.

Turning fashion into funds is known as 'Fripping' and Fashion For Change is the first online boutique which offers you the chance to turn your fashion into funds. 'Fripping' was started off when they first launched as an online clothes site called; with the goal to raise thousands for their charity partners. Things have now kicked off to a flying start and Fashion For Change has been launched to work even harder on what they already have and make an even bigger impact gloabally by raising millions for different charities around the world.

So, how does it work? It's simple.

1) Go through your wardrobe and select any unwanted designer or luxury items that you no longer wear, fit or like. It could be those size 6 stiletto heels that you picked up on a whim what you only wore the once because they was mega uncomfortable to walk in. Maybe even that luxury leather skirt that has been tight for years? Whatever it may be; fre up your wardrobe!

2) Fashion For Change will pick up your unwanted items for free, photograph them and then sell them on.

3) 60% of the sale goes to your chosen charity.

What would be your chosen charity? Whatever it is, just know that every penny that is made from your unwanted donations will make a huge difference. Fashion For Change have launched a Crowdfunding campaign to reach out to a bigger audience and spread the word. The pledge is to raise £300,000 within the next 20 days. If they don’t hit their target then no investments will be taken. This will change the fashion industry completely in so many ways by allowing us to select where our donation goes, the amounts we raise and the impact we make.

Only we can make a change and as little as £10 can be donated towards the funding for this incredible campaign. For more information, you can watch this video of Fashion For Change's founder, Isla D'Aubigny, where she explains everything in more detail.

Let's make a change.

Ashleigh x

Disclaimer: Post in collaboration with Fashion For Change. All words and opinions are my own.

The Forgotten Outfit: ASOS Gypsy Sunset

You know when you misplace your hard drive and then find it months later and find the forgotten outfit post? The abandoned one that never got a second look at. The one where you really liked the outfit you was wearing but failed to share it. Yep, this is the one.

These were shot all the way back in July when I was on holiday in Corfu but I thought I may aswell still post them as I really love these images... AND the items I am wearing are still available to buy.

I worked a lot with ASOS this Summer who were my heroes when it came to my outfits for my holiday. I always seem to struggle with buying Summer clothes but one of the main reasons ASOS is one of my favourite brands is because you can shop an entire look in one place and it's usually always affordable.



I've got this super cool new feature which means you can shop my look directly without looking for linked products within my blog posts. Try it out for yourself! Just hover over a particular item you like, click the '+' icon and it will show you all the product information! This makes it super easy for you to get your paws on whatever you like in this post. How posh!

I love off the shoulder tops and with the gypsy trend that was around (and I still can't let go) this year, I thought this top was perfect. It's made from quite a thick material so is definitely something I can style up in the transition to Autumn. I'm thinking about pairing it with nice pair of black jeans and some heeled boots! 

You may recommend the fit of these shorts as I featured them in another print on my ASOS Morrocan Crochet post. They are really comfortable due to the lightweight material, so I am so glad I got both pairs. The print on these ones really remind of a brick wall!?

I promise this is the last outfit that I shot on holiday and I have a whole new bunch of outfits that I am going to shoot with this week! I hope you are all enjoying my content at the moment? I am pretty much blogging every day as I am so filled up with new ideas! I also have some new videos on the way so if you're not already subscribed to my YouTube channel then go, go go!

Ashleigh x

Save The Rhinos x Barry M #NailIt4Rhinos

If there is anything I am all for supporting then it's animal charities. So, when this opportunity landed in my inbox, I couldn't wait to get stuck in and share it with you all.

UK conservation charity Save The Rhino has launched a national campaign to mark the very important World Rhino Day which is tomorrow... 22nd September!

Save The Rhinos has teamed up with the UK beauty brand Barry M to work on a campaign together to spread the word. I was asked to create a special nail look (involving rhinos of course) to support World Rhino Day. I then text NAIL15 £3 to 70070 which donates £3 to Save The Rhino charity. It's so important, guys.

Us humans have such a special connection with rhinos that I hadn't seen before. Did you know that rhino horns are made from a special protein called keratin which is also found in our nails? I did not know this but now I feel very strong towards doing my bit to help save these precious animals from extinction.

So, what is the purpose of the Save The Rhino charity? 
To keep raising awareness and fundraising to protect these endangered animals from dying out completely.

Another fact for you; did you know that we have lost 95% of the world's rhinos due to poaching? The low number means that we are now at a crisis point. For an idea on numbers, we now only have around 29,000 rhinos left in the world.

Rhinos are hunted for their horns which are particularly popular in many Asian countries. These are seen to be a status symbol and are therefore used as trophies to killing a powerful animal. Many of these poachers are in highly organised criminal gangs. It's not easy to hunt these people down and stop them as they carry guns and will kill anyone who gets in their way of hunting rhinos. This means the local communities aswell as the rangers have their lives threatened every day.

It's a fact that we could lose all the world's rhinos in the next 11 years. Our children and grandchildren will probably never see a rhino. They will become another extinct animal and another part of the world's history. This saddens me SO much.

So, what can we do to help save these precious animals? 

You can create a nail look too!

I decided to create something grown up whilst being fun at the same time! I used 'Utopia' by Models Own and then Barry M in Chai* which is a dark grey as the accent nail colour. 

I was really impressed with the Barry M Gelly nail paints as it only needed one coat and wasn't streaky at all. Hallelujah!

I then decided to use some super fun rhino nail stickers from Yrnails* which are really easy to use. You just cut down the stickers to size and then use warm water on the back of the paper to transfer it to your nail. They're basically tattoos for your nails!

Here is the result! Super cute but wearable nails to show my support for the #NailIt4Rhinos worldwide campaign to raise awareness for these beautiful animals.

Want to show your support too? Here's 5 simple steps on how to take part!

  1. Customise your nails either using Barry M's grey Chai nail polish or any grey! Or get creative! You could even draw some rhinos onto your nails if you're any good at nail art!
  2. Upload a nail selfie  on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest using the hashtag #NailItF4Rhinos or send it to the charity directly at
  3. If you're in the UK, you can help even more by donating £3 to help save the rhinos by texting NAIL15 £3 to 70070 
  4. Share your photo with friends and nominate 5 people to do the same!
Follow Barry M for nail art tips all throughout September on Twitter @BarryMCosmetics.

Visit to learn more and see if your nail selfie has been featured on the website as one of the best! Thank you!

Ashleigh x

Happiness Boutique Coin Necklace

Even though fashion is one of my interests, I'm not really a jewellery person. I have a few junk jewellery pieces but I don't wear them very often. I don't know why but I just prefer my outfits and personal style to look as minimalistic as possible.

However, I proved myself wrong indeed.

Happiness Boutique is an online company based in Berlin who produce and sell high quality statement jewellery. I was actually a couple of weeks away from holiday'ing in Germany when they got in contact with me so I checked them out and was stunned at the look of their products.

Now, I won't lie and say you are 100% going to like everything they have because a lot of the stuff I wouldn't personally wear due to it being just a tad too girly for me but then I saw this silver toned statement necklace with ancient coins on and I thought 'man, I could definitely style that!'.

This only retails at just under 20 euros so everything on their website is very affordable. The quality is amazing for such a cheap item so I reckon this is going to last a while which I am really happy about. It arrived in about a week and was packaged in a nice little box so their products make perfect gifts! Christmas gift idea, anyone?

Ashleigh x

5 Ways I'm Coping With Negativity In My Life

Having negative thoughts swimming around your brain is a totally normal thing. For me, it's a regular occurrence but I am slowly learning how to deal with it in a positive way. Just recently, I have been full of so much negativity because of different things and being honest; it's ruined my summer this year.

This month, I've realised that no matter how much people try to change me, I am me and I am in control of where my life heads. Of course, if I want to mope about and eat my weight in chocolate then I can (and I do...), but what if I choose happiness? Every time I have had a negative thought brewing in the back of my head, I've somehow worked out how to control it and here's how.

1) Clean!

Cleaning keeps you busy so you have no time to think about anything else other than what brand of bleach to use down the toilet or what side of the scourer to use in the oven. It makes 4 hours feel like 2 hours and there's two benefits to it too. You will feel like you have had a super productive day and you get a nice, clean house!

2) Remove yourself...

So, think about what's making you so negative... Maybe even write it down so you believe it yourself.

You could be arguing with your partner, at your wits end with deadlines at work or maybe you're like me and finished university over a year ago and still remain a jobless graduate. In my case, it's been all three things. To prevent arguments with my boyfriend over the stupidest things or becoming accidentally blunt with people when they send me a text (I always forget to put kisses!); I've realised it's much easier to just switch my phone off. Technology these days means we are so accustomed to quickly picking up our phones at the sound of a new text message or tweet and a reply is sent straight away. Sometimes it's nice to just switch off and deal with it later.

In addition, I have taken a few breaks from social media this year. I say 'break' lightly because I'm a social media addict and every social platform of mine gets updated every single day; or 200 times if we're talking about Twitter. I found myself getting sucked into looking at what people I follow are up to in every day life. Whether it's a new job they've just tweeted about, a new house or even a brand that a blogger is working with; I couldn't help but be a little selfish and compare myself. Why have I not got a new job? Why haven't I managed to bag a 2 bedroom apartment in Brighton? WHY did that brand not email me about that campaign?

It's easy to get sucked into the following vicious cycle:

  1. Awww, I'm happy for them.
  2. Wait, why them and not me?
  3. WHY NOT ME?
  4. I hate my life.
Don't be afraid to take a few days off from tweeting, snapping photos on Instagram and watching people's vlogs. It will make you feel much better about yourself, trust me.

3) Have space!

I've touched lightly on this before, but I have never had any luck with friendships over the years. I completely 100% mean this when I say it but I don't have any friends. I don't want pity because I am happy. I have a small handful of people I am close with so why would I need anybody else? Of course, it's nice to have girlfriends to pop to a coffee shop with on a Sunday afternoon but I haven't done anything like this in years and I like it that way.

"Me time" is either Netflix in bed with lots of chocolate (told you I was telling the truth!) or getting up and ready and heading to the back of a well known coffee shop with a creamy hot chocolate and my macbook for some much needed blogging. It's important to make time for yourself. I spend the majority of my time on my own but sometimes it's nice to step away from being "blogger Ashleigh" and just be Ashleigh by relaxing in a bubbly bath or reading a book.

Have a break from people around you! Me and Josh realised we were starting to clash more because we were in each other's space most days. Therefore, it's working out better for us to have our space and days apart and we've started to realise the feeling of missing another person is coming back. Relationships don't have to be a mundane routine!

You could learn something new like a musical instrument or teach yourself how to code HTML (geeky me would choose this). Set yourself a challenge such as saving enough money to move out within the next 3 years or learn to drive by July 2016. Whatever it may be, it will keep you focused and keep those negative thoughts at bay.

4) Find motivational content...

Sometimes (and I hate to admit it), I think my life is rubbish and I wonder what my purpose in life is. However, I have recently started to watch motivational videos of inspiring people such as this youtube video "My Face: Waardenburg Syndrome". It really puts your life into perspective and made me realise that actually; even though my life is far from perfect and I am still living at home as a twenty something, I am actually alive and healthy and that is all that matters.

I've recently started listening to a lot of new music and have just found a song that totally relates to how I'm feeling with my life at the moment. Finding THAT song is some kind of reassurance for me that I'm not the only one who's going through a rough patch at the moment and most importantly; that it is possible to get out of the rut you are in and turn your life around for the better.

I'm also looking for a new self-help book at the moment to cosy up to in the evenings. I feel like I am constantly being kicked down in every aspect of my life. Personal relationships, job applications and interviews, deadlines for things, money issues etc. I can't help but be negative about everything in my life that just doesn't seem to be working out. If anyone can recommend a book, do let me know in the comments please!

5) Try and deal with it!

Easier said than done, I know. However, there's only so much negativity and low energy that we can live on. The biggest problem in my life right now is the fact I no longer enjoy the freelance side to blogging. I am really starting to hate how I have to budget with everything I do. They say money can't buy you happiness; however I say if money can buy you a whole new outfit from Topshop; then that's the same thing, right? 

I could sit in my bedroom and cry about it every day but I still search job sites every day looking for the perfect digital marketing role. I've had meetings and interviews over the last 6 months but still no one has employed me. However, I understand that I am 22 and it's just not my time yet. I touched lightly on this in my 'Full Time Blogging: The Raw Truth' post but I am in control of my life. I get knocked down but I get back up and try again.

There are other aspects in my life that I'm very fed up with but I don't want to give up on them. It's easy for people to say close the door and walk away from the things that no longer make you happy and a better person, but sometimes it's easy to say these things until it's you going through exactly what you never expected to. I've come to a point in my life where I try and try and try with so many different things and like I said above; I get kicked down. However, I've now almost lost all motivation to try and work things out when it never does time after time again.

Being 22, there is so much I want to do by the time I reach 25. Being unhappy right now is not something I want and I am the only person who can change this. For now, I just want to keep working on my blog producing content for myself and you guys and just keep applying for those jobs until someone sees my determination and passion for what I do every single day. There's nothing else I will let bring me down anymore. I'm done trying to please people, trying to make deadlines for the sake of nothing and being made out to feel like when something goes wrong; it's my fault.

This will be fun to look back on when I'm 25, won't it? 

Ashleigh x

Amphora Aromatics Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel

So, we all know that late nights and staying on a computer for stupid amounts of hours every day will have an impact on your eyes. I am someone who doesn't finish working until ridiculous-o'clock, so my eyes suffer big time. My eye area often looks puffy in the mornings, especially if I haven't got many hours sleep. Also (and quite obviously), I wake up feeling tired most mornings and unsatisifed with how many hours I've slept.

Amphora Aromatics Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel*

After being emailed about the Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing eye gel by Amphora Aromatics, I grew very intrigued and wondered if this could be the answer to all my prayers. The word 'refreshing' seriously jumped out at me as this is what I felt I needed in a product! It was nice to see that aloe vera is one of the key ingredients as I love using aloe vera on sunburn or after I get my eyebrows waxed. It soothes and calms down any redness.

I have been trialling (as I do with all skin care products) this out for a few months and have honestly really enjoyed using it. I find it works better for me in the mornings as it gives my under eye areas a cooling sensation which really refreshen my dull looking tired skin and makes me feel more awake. Cucumber is also another key ingredient which I know is very good for your skin.

I am very fussy when it comes to chopping and changing my usual skin care routine as my skin is quite sensitive. If it doesn't like something, it breaks out or becomes quite dry. However, Amphora Aromatics say that the eye gel is for all skin types which is perfect if you are unsure if it will work for you due to your skin type.

This eye gel can also be used as a makeup remover for your eyes which I haven't tested out as I felt like I would waste too much product. However, I have heard it works great for this so if this is a multi-use product, it gets a big thumbs up from me!

AA's Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing eye gel retails at £6.96 for a 50ml bottle and can be bought online via their website.

Ashleigh x 

Day Out To Madame Tussauds #DoMoreWithAvios

On Saturday, I took Josh out on a date which was so much fun as it wasn't anything like we've done before. We travelled to Baker Street in Central London and spent a few hours in the one and only.. Madame Tussauds.

For the past month, Avios launched a campaign called #DoMoreAvios. It's all about putting on your exploring shoes, grabbing an oyster card and heading out to London for an adventure. Avios is a rewards points scheme where you can collect points to spend on vital things such as groceries and wine... (wine is vital for some people, hey!). 

The campaign is featured around the idea that you can send an invite to your favourite person in the world offering them the chance to help you spend your points. How lovely is that?

I was asked to choose my favourite person and it got me thinking as it was a very tough decision! There's my sister who's practically my best friend, my mum who supports me with every decision I make (hopefully she did with this one!) and then there's Josh my boyfriend who hasn't ever been to London. SHOCK HORROR. So, I just had to choose him! 

Here are some of our favourite wax models we saw. Some of them look SO realistic that it was freaking us out a bit!

A selfie with E.T just had to be done. Such a childhood classic! Kim K was also there but I'm not really a fan plus it took long enough to queue for a photo with Kanye!

Bolt was doing his well known pose and I think Spielberg looks SO realistic! I felt like it was really him standing next to me! 

Incase you haven't already noticed in pics of Josh; he has a tattoo on the side of his arm of Mr Robin Williams himself so he was very excited to see him standing there! 

We then went for dinner at Bill's and both ordered the limited edition chicken burger which I was a bit disappointed in. Damn I wish I had listened to my gut instinct and ordered the chicken and asparagus pasta!

We haven't been on a date together in so long so we both had a really nice day. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that things like adventures and date nights soon slow down due to weekends being over before you know it and the routine of Mon-Fri 9-5 jobs starting again. So, we are very grateful to the guys at Avios for providing such a nice day out for us. Thank you!

Ashleigh x

Disclaimer: #DoMoreWithAvios is a campaign so I was provided with two tickets to a London tourist attraction of my choice in return for a blog post about our day. 


Joe Browns Blogger Funfair

On Wednesday night, I was invited along to the hip Bar Soho in central London to the Joe Browns #BloggerFunfair.  I was in London all day for meetings and things so I had just about enough time to nip home, change and top up my makeup! I wore my favourite jumpsuit from ASOS and my trusty little black fedora which is sadly falling apart, boo!

The event was held to show off the brand new AW collection in which we was all treated to a private catwalk upstairs.

The catwalk was made up of five models who modelled the collection. Joe Browns are very much known for their use of bold colours, in your face patterns and the classic 1950 shapes in dresses. The AW collection is featured around the theme of 'Funfair' so the colour palette used was a mix of a lot of blues and reds. Common patterns making up the collection saw a lot of classic floral on their dresses. There were a few classic 1950's shaped dresses but they have also introduced the slightly smarter and figure hugging tunic style of dress too.

There is even a men's collection which was great to see as Joe Browns is a brand which appeals to both men and women. There was a lot of checkered tartan patterns on shirts for men which comes around every year for AW! It was also lovely to see the use of tweed in blazers and waistcoats as it represents a true British style for Joe Browns.

I filmed most of the looks on the catwalk which you can watch here!

I finally met up with lovely Jess from Coffee and Cosmetics who I've known for six whole years! It was also her birthday so it was an extra excuse to have some mid-week cocktails on a school night!

The barman was super duper nice and made me what he called "special cocktails". My favourite he made me was called "The Woo Woo Special" which had archers, pineapple juice and lime in.

We then found a really pretty mirror which obviously meant the ultimate selfie taking! Would have been rude not to, no?

The event was really good and it was so lovely to meet the team at Joe Browns! It finished up at 9pm so we took an adventure around Soho and had dinner at Wagamamas. Obviously I ordered what every ever blogger always orders... the famous chicken katsu curry which went down a treat!

Thank you so much to Emily at Joe Browns for inviting me! :) 

Ashleigh x

Travel Diary: Part Three - ITALY

Let's have a little catch up, shall we?

Part one was all about my adventures in Germany. I visited a shop with thousands of clocks inside and took selfies in the rain. Then part two we looked at Switzerland where I posed on top of mountains and visited a miniature Hogwarts.

Now it's time for hefty part three. And believe me... it's huge.

From Switzerland, we drove 6 hours into Italy for our next Eurocamp stay. We ended up staying there a week but agreed we could have all stayed there for much longer! 

We stayed in Salionze in the biggest Eurocamp of them all called Altominico family park campsite which was located only 7km from Lake Garda. It's not the best campsite to stay in if you're like me and don't like lots of screaming children but the location was good as we was only a short drive from a few towns.

The town of Garda itself was really nice with quaint little shops and lots of different restaurants to eat in. We did eat in a really terrible restaurant one night though so I recommend looking at the menu properly before entering just any old one!

The weather was really hot and reached 37 degrees most days. I'm so glad I bought Evian's cooling water spray which instantly cools you down. I seriously melt in any kind of heat!

Our favourite restaurant of the holiday was this little pizza ristorante that we found in Garda. It didn't look like much from the outside but the pizzas were without a doubt the best I've ever had in my life. I wish I could communicate taste through a blog post! 

There was lots of leather shops as you can imagine just about everywhere in Italy. When we looked in this one, we found a dog with a cap on looking super duper cool! 

We took a trip into the city of Verona; famous for being the setting for Romeo and Juliet. This was one of the places I was most excited to visit because Romeo and Juliet is one of my favourite films and I love sight seeing too!

We had a little walk around and came across the arena which was amazing because it's SO old and looks like it's crumbling down right before you but it's still standing strong like never before. 

Verona was lovely because it was open spaced near the arena with a mini park and lots of restaurants alongside one strip. There are little allies ways which lead into what I can only describe as a village of shops. Big names like Louis Vuitton and Armani as well as more affordable labels such as Zara and even a Sephora! My eyes lit up at the sight of that shop!

It then started to rain (boo!) but luckily I packed my umbrella... phew! There was a lot of street entertainers which we were robbed into paying for a picture with but they are funny pictures!

Then we finally saw it! Juliet's balcony! It was so surreal looking up at it that I couldn't help but buy a ticket to go up onto it and see the whole museum. It's six euros for a ticket but I didn't realise this was for entry to the museum too so if you get the chance to visit Verona too then it's definitely worth the ticket price!

Can you spot me? Ohhhh Romeo...

Things got a little cheesy and we ended up writing our names on a padlock for the love locks wall. I also maybe wrote my blog address on the wall for a cheeky self plug bit of advertisement but hey ho... if my traffic from Italy increases then I know why!

A few days later, we drove into the town of Lazise to have a look around. This was when we discovered a little beach on Lake Garda. I was so gutted I didn't break a bikini so all I could dip in was my feet!

Finally, (and really the final picture towards these holidays posts) is this incredible mozzarella and tomato bruschetta that I had on the very last day of the holiday. It was so yum! This was followed by a 12 hour drive to France, a stop off for the night at another camp followed by another 12 hour drive from France to home. I think it's now safe to say I don't want to get back in a car for a long time!

I have a video coming soon on my youtube channel on my Europe travels so look out for it! I filmed so many clips in every country so if you are interested in seeing even more then that's the video you need to watch! Of course, once it's live I will post it on here :)