Corfu Travels: The Rundown


I am back from the sunny (and the ever so quiet) town called Arillas in Corfu, Greece; typing this wrapped up in an extra large hoodie and jeans because England is cold. Where has the UK summer gone? 

I haven't written for over a week and have felt a little lost without blogging but it's always healthy to take breaks so now I am feeling more inspired than ever. I have really thought about what way I want to share my holiday content with you so I have about a week's worth of posts planned which I hope you love as much as me!

This funky not-so-little suitcase* was a gift from George at ASDA and was the perfect size for mine and Josh's clothes for a week's holiday.

Oh wait no. Scrap that. Just my clothes weighed in at 23kg and it was a 20kg limit! But that's what you get when you have a fashion blogger girlfriend, right ladies? Poor Josh had to squeeze his clothes into a smaller suitcase.

Josh was sent some super cool Rayban 4147 sunglasses* to protect his eyes from the overpowering sun in Corfu. What a lucky fella, ey?

Oh no wait, hold up.

I made sure to take along my Le Spec Dandy shades* (featured here) which I wore with a few outfits throughout the week. They stand out and got a lot of attention! More on that soon!

We had some REALLY nice food during the week too. I practically ate my weight in feta cheese so I'm surprised I haven't returned home as a cube of feta cheese itself (although I am still pretty white - #palegirlproblems).

I ordered a really nice avocado and mozzarella salad with almonds and orange sauce dressing. It tasted lovely but wrong at the same time but is now something I really want to try and make at home!  I generally do prefer eating healthier at dinner time!

The beach was a 30 second walk from our apartment which was literally the best thing ever. Crystal clear waters and fluffy, smooth sand meant that I loved the beach on this holiday which is very unlike me. I usually hate sand but I found myself at the beach often by myself just chilling with nothing but a bikini, a can of peach iced tea and my earphones. Bliss.

I also shot some cool snaps on my Go Pro Hero 4 which I am super excited about! I really wanted to get one because I am going on a travel holiday in a few weeks time and then Josh surprised me with one :)

Here's some cool snaps we took but I will be sharing more of them this week!

That's the round up of the week!

Soooo, what do you have to look forward to this week? I have the following planned for you!

  • GO PRO snaps
  • Beach snaps
  • Outfits 
  • Vlog video filmed on the GO PRO
I hope you are as excited as me! Lots planned so I had better get started...  

Stay tuned x


  1. I love the look of the GoPro snaps! I am excited to see more of those
    Also jealous of the Ray Bans that you obtained! x

    1. The post is up now Kaye if you wanted to see the Go Pro snaps :)
      I am jealous I didn't get a pair of ray bans for myself !

  2. It looks like you had such an amazing holiday! I haven't travelled much and this is definitely inspiring me! I also relate to the suitcase situation, my BF will struggle to share a case with me as I love to take pretty much my whole wardrobe on holiday! x

    1. Aw really! I hadn't been on a beach holiday for a few years before this... only NYC last year which of course was amazing! Ha, I read your comment out to Josh to let him know that i'm not the only suitcase hogging girlfriend out there!!

  3. Ooooh this is making me excited for holidays! Love your photos and can not wait to read your posts this coming week! And I totally get the suitcase thing, I am going away next month and only have hand luggage?! Yes you read that correctly, I'm crying because my shoes won't fit in!!!! :(

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

    1. Have you been enjoying them so far? I hope you have! I have a few more to go yet! Why do you only have hand luggage? There is a positive though .... you won't have to deal with checking in baggage! That's the boring bit!

  4. It looks like you have had a lovely time in Greece, personally I love the country myself and can't wait to return sometime in the near future :) xx

    1. Ah yeah it was a lovely island in Greece! I would love to explore more around there :)

      Ashleigh x


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