I have an utter scandal for you today ladies. No, literally I do.  That's right, Jean Paul Gaultier has released a brand new fragrance called Scandal and it's definitely one of my new favourites.

Jean Paul Gaultier is renowned for having a daring style that never sticks to the rules. In fashion, he brushed off gender boundaries and dressed men in skirts. Those famous pointy breasts that Madonna rocked were also a JPG statement. For his catwalks, he cast his models from the streets. He has never been somebody who follows the same ways of working as everyone else and that's something to truly admire.

We all know the original JPG fragrances are presented in bottles that model the breasts, torso and stomach of a woman. Not something that any other perfume designer has ever done since and to be honest, not one that can be competed with. It's what makes Jean Paul Gaultier THE Jean Paul Gaultier.

Scandal is a brand new release which follows the same feminine and edgy style as the original. It's packaging consists of a glass bottle with a silver lid which is a pair of ladies legs in the air wearing stilettos. Just below this, the name of the fragrance is labelled in silver, capitalised as SCANDAL. It's presented beautifully in the famous tin box - with a textured velvet material.

A perfect gift for Her all year round.  

The perfume designers wanted to create a fragrance that could be worn both day and night; but smell completely different but similar at the same time. In the day time, the perfume gives off a fresh honey, gardenia and blood orange vibe. Wear it in the evening, and you'll smell a seductive honey blended with patchouli.

How dare Jean Paul Gaultier make a perfume that has two scents in one?! What an absolute scandal!

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal is available from The Fragrance Shop now. Prices are as follows: 30ml £44.00, 50ml £63.00 and 80ml £82.50.

Disclaimer: PR sample.  


I'm sure if you have clicked on to read this post, then you're probably really interested in finding out where you can get your hands on nutella B-ready bars.

The famous nutella spread has introduced a new product to its line and it's definitely got me converted enough to want to purchase again.

This brand new release to the UK has been well sought after and is now finally stocked on the shelves at all major UK supermarkets. Definitely easy to get hold of, but definitely in high demand as my local supermarket has sold out already!

nutella B-ready bars are made up of a crunchy wafer shell, filled with delicious nutella and puffed wheat crispies. For someone like me who tends to shy away from having nutella for breakfast, these bars are great for those mid-morning slumps at my desk.

They can be enjoyed completely guilt free, as each individual bar is made up of less than 120 calories. Probably tastier than your average chocolate bar and a bit more kinder too.

nutella B-ready bars are priced at 59p each or a box of six is priced at £1.99. Definitely worth it in my opinion and I already cannot wait to get my hands on another box. Whoops.

Disclaimer: PR samples. 


I love it when I find bespoke and one of a kind products that really do deserve a mention. I was recently introduced to an illustrator called Hannah Dale. She started her designs and illustrations from her kitchen table in Lincolnshire and is now the proud owner of Wrendale Designs; with the help from her husband on the business side of things. 

Inspired by everything outdoors in the beauty countryside of Lincolnshire, Hannah started by painting hares and other wild animals. Hannah was then commissioned to illustrate a book with different dog breeds; with quirky facts to go alongside each breed. 

From the completion of this product, Wrendale Designs now has a wide collection of pet illustrated products; including pet tins and bowls for cats and dogs and homeware products too. However, all of her original paintings of wild animals can be found on products such as mugs and notebooks. There really is something for everyone at Wrendale Designs. 

Hannah asked if I'd like to pick some of her products to feature. I chose the dog food tin for Elsie and the cat treat tin for Albert, and the three of us was very excited to receive these in the post. 

Elsie has a mix of dry and wet food for both breakfast and dinner, so the dog food tin is perfect for keeping her dry pellets in. It is slightly larger than the treat tins - with a white body and slightly off grey lid; matching the decor of our kitchen perfectly!

The whole tin is illustrated with different dog breeds; including pugs and beagles. It also comes with a sturdy scoop which is really handy when transferring the food from tin to bowl. This tin is priced at just £23 which I think is an amazing price.

Elsie really loves it too and sat proudly next to her new food tin for a picture (or 30!). Fact: I always have to entice her with treats for these kinds of photos, or she doesn't cooperate! 

Albert's treat tin is perfect for him as he has a slight addiction to the cat treats called Dreamies. They are basically like cocaine for cats! There's some little beef sticks from the supermarket which he loves too, so we now keep these in his new tin. 

Again, the cat tin is illustrated with lots of different breeds of cats, and is the perfect size. It's slightly cheaper at £14.00 and utterly purr-fect for your feline friend too. 

A massive thank you to Wrendale Designs for these beautiful and unique pet tins. They sit very proudly on our kitchen shelves and the fur-babies love them too!

Disclaimer: PR samples. 


The 30 day challenge is over and I have never been more excited to share a final result. I introduced this challenge back in August and then had to stop the challenge due to a knee injury at the gym. I started it again a few weeks ago and told you all last week that I would be sharing my final results with you in a week's time.

Well, this is THE blog post AND video with those peachy results.

Incase you're not already familiar with the Squat Machine from my other two posts - it's a very light and portable machine available from HighStreetTv for a special price of £69.99 at the moment (usually £79.99).

It has three levels (beginner, intermediate, expert) and these are changed by the orange plugs at the base of the machine. It works by resistance, so the harder the level, the more strength it requires to push the seat down with your bum.

Here's the machine up close and how I used it during my challenge.

I was very intrigued by the machine when I was first ever told about it and now I've been able to use it, I can totally see why there's such a hype right now in the fitness world for it. Squatting has never been easier and you can do it in the comfort of your own home too.

I thought it would be a lot fairer if I wore the same workout leggings for both my before and after results, so here's what Ashleigh Dougherty's bum looked like a whole 4 weeks ago. I am wearing the Gymshark Seamless Leggings which are by far my favourite workout leggings, ever. They are extremely high waisted, so suck you in on all the right places. 

My bum was okay before, but definitely needed a bit of a work on to lift it and to generally make the glutes a lot stronger. I have used the squat machine from New Image for 4 weeks with a few rest days as part of the challenge and is my result.

So, it hasn't gone from Kylie to Kim in 30 days, but it has certainly lifted and got a lot more perk to it. I have noticed it sits a lot more comfortably in all of my skinny jeans and definitely feels like the muscle has grown a lot stronger. At least, it doesn't feel as jiggly! 

I cannot recommend Squat Magic enough for those inbetween workouts where I am too busy to get to the gym or simply cannot be bothered! Challenge yourself to squat for 30 days (with a few rest days too) and you will soon start seeing results! 

Squat Magic is available now and retails at £79.99 - but is priced at just £69.99 right now, exclusively at High Street TV.

Disclaimer: In collaboration with High Street TV, in exchange for an honest review.