Heartache on the big screen

Topshop Crop Top | Topshop Jamie Jeans | Vans Slip-ons: Urban Outfitters (usa)

I feel like I haven't treated myself to some new clothes in quite some time so I had a little splurge in Topshop recently which has now resulted in me being a total Jamie jeans convert. I swore religiously about Leigh jeans being the best jeans ever but I think I may possibly love these a bit more! I love the relaxed high waisted fit, the deep charcoal black colour and the leg cut; sitting perfectly just above my ankle which is great when you aren't gifted in the height department! They were also only £25 in the sale!

I'm soooo excited to announce that I have been lucky enough to be chosen as a VIP guest to attend the Ipanema Cabana Blogger's Beach party with E-tail PR. Only 10 out of us out of 12,000 were chosen so I'm pretty ecstatic! I've been to a couple of events before with E-tail PR and they've been fantastic so I can't wait to share this one with you all!

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White Noise

Top: New York | Topshop Riding Pants | H&M Bomber Jacket | Nike Thea Trainers 

As soon as I saw this tee in a gift shop in NYC I knew I had to have it despite it probably actually being more of a 'tourist thang'. I haven't worn my riding pants in ageeees but dug them out this weekend and I forgot how comfortable they are and sometimes, lets face it; all a girl wants is just comfort instead of jeans.

This weekend has been really lovely and chilled. I don't usually do much on weekends but last night I popped out for a cheeky milkshake despite being on a diet and joining the gym which is still going rather well! Today is Father's Day but my dad is currently in Portugal on his stag weekend so today is being spent around my aunt's for a family dinner which means I get to hang out with my favourite person in the world; my little cousin! Yippee!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. x

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Lady Killer

Playsuit: The City Rack* | Hat: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Primark

This little beauty arrived for me this morning so I thought I may as well wear it out today as I had some errands to run! I was a little unsure when I opened it and saw the fluorescent orange as orange isn't usually a colour I go for unless it's a coral shade.  The City Rack have some really lovely pieces on their website at the moment and it's all decently priced in my opinion! This playsuit is only £27.99 which I think it a great price! I love how the shorts are a little longer as nothing annoys me more than playsuits that show too much ass! I literally never wear waist belts either so was debating not wearing this orange one that came with it however much to my surprise, I think it complimented the outfit well!

I picked up this fedora in Urban Outfitters in New York which was around forty dollars. It's very similar to my other one however less structured and has no studs on it. I will be popping my other one onto my depop page (username ashllyd) very soon if anyone is interested in buying it!

This week has been a really lovely week. It was my sister's 18th birthday on the 9th so we had a lovely family meal at a Mexican restaurant. I saw 22 Jump Street which I personally think was better than the original film and had me laughing so much and yesterday I went to the zoo for the first time in years and fed a giraffe which was truly amaaaazing!

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The CityRack, The CityRack Bloggers

Jungle Fever

Top: ASOS | Skirt: Primark | Cardigan: ASOS* | Shoes: New Look

Soooo.. busy Ashleigh re-appeared again and has been slow at blogging. Final Uni deadlines, graduation show, New York trip and a One Direction Gig plus being unwell this week to name it all. So, this is what it feels like to have week days free to do whatever I want?! I like it. I graduated Uni 3 weeks ago and the break from it all has been so nice. I am going to be doing a separate post on my whole uni experience soon. I feel I have a lot to say!

Today is one of them days where I'm glad Summer is finally arriving but not so much when hay fever is making me want to stay indoors and have a duvet day. I've been really unwell this week (since the name.. Jungle Fever..clever ay!) since I got back from America. It's been a few days of pyjama outfits and feeling sorry for myself! Today however, I decided to wear this Primark skirt I bought a while back but haven't yet worn and I don't really know why. It reminds me of a Motel Rocks print but was a barganious £9.. not bad!

I've got to run some errands today including a post office run and I need to go to the doctors which I have been putting off for weeks now. I've not really mentioned anything but I may have to have an operation on my eyes due to high blood pressure.. yuck! Even though I've been here, there and everywhere; there still isn't much to update you on. I'm just chilling at the moment and enjoying life. I am still unsuccessfully dating cheese nobs, I bought my first NARS products and I've joined the gym and am loving my new healthy lifestyle :) 

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New York Travels: Part Two

One for the ladies but we shall continue with the famous 'Naked Cowboy' who walks the streets in Times Square in nothing but his boxers playing guitar and singing. You're welcome. Now let's move on...

One place I really wanted to go to was Ground Zero. They've transformed both the dips where the North and South towers were into beautiful water fountains which was lovely to stand around and remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. I was also lucky enough to visit the new Memorial Museum which opened up a few weeks ago. It was a really lovely tribute and I learnt so much more about that tragic day that I didn't already know. It really opened up your eyes to it all when you got to see remains from the rubble like shoes, handbags and glasses. There was also a lot of mini films you could watch.

 We spent a really hot day walking from one end of Central Park to the other. Now, this might sound okay but I didn't realise the SIZE OF THE PARK until I was walking around feeling hot n' bothered! Saying that, it was a really lovely park to walk in.

 I've never been to the Bill's in London despite the countless amazing reviews I've read on it. "The best burger in town!". After having to beg my parents to have dinner there one evening, they eventually caved into my whinging and we dined there. I went for the Philly Cheese Steak burger with cheesy fries. It was pretty yum and calarious (is that a word yet?) but I've definitely had better! However, the service we received there is the best service I have EVER received in a restaurant. I think our waiter was called Terry with the most gorgeous voice.. and face. Ahem. Digressing.

We had a long walk below Brooklyn Bridge which is the one area I said I really wanted to see before we went! It really is a pretty bridge even though bridges aren't pretty. Y'know what I mean! On the East River we came across a grand piano on the shore which was pretty random but it appeared to be a photographic favourite amongst confused, amazed tourists like ourselves.

 I've added some street documentary style photos to the diary page on my website if you want to see any more. The people of NYC really interested me; particularly as black and white edits so there's plenty more to see over there!
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