New York Travels: Part Two


One for the ladies but we shall continue with the famous 'Naked Cowboy' who walks the streets in Times Square in nothing but his boxers playing guitar and singing. You're welcome. Now let's move on...

One place I really wanted to go to was Ground Zero. They've transformed both the dips where the North and South towers were into beautiful water fountains which was lovely to stand around and remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. I was also lucky enough to visit the new Memorial Museum which opened up a few weeks ago. It was a really lovely tribute and I learnt so much more about that tragic day that I didn't already know. It really opened up your eyes to it all when you got to see remains from the rubble like shoes, handbags and glasses. There was also a lot of mini films you could watch.

 We spent a really hot day walking from one end of Central Park to the other. Now, this might sound okay but I didn't realise the SIZE OF THE PARK until I was walking around feeling hot n' bothered! Saying that, it was a really lovely park to walk in.

 I've never been to the Bill's in London despite the countless amazing reviews I've read on it. "The best burger in town!". After having to beg my parents to have dinner there one evening, they eventually caved into my whinging and we dined there. I went for the Philly Cheese Steak burger with cheesy fries. It was pretty yum and calarious (is that a word yet?) but I've definitely had better! However, the service we received there is the best service I have EVER received in a restaurant. I think our waiter was called Terry with the most gorgeous voice.. and face. Ahem. Digressing.

We had a long walk below Brooklyn Bridge which is the one area I said I really wanted to see before we went! It really is a pretty bridge even though bridges aren't pretty. Y'know what I mean! On the East River we came across a grand piano on the shore which was pretty random but it appeared to be a photographic favourite amongst confused, amazed tourists like ourselves.

 I've added some street documentary style photos to the diary page on my website if you want to see any more. The people of NYC really interested me; particularly as black and white edits so there's plenty more to see over there!
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  1. Look like you had a blast! and beautiful photography!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. I just got back from New York as well - I loved it! x



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