New York Travels: Part One


I arrived back home Saturday morning from a six night stay in the heart of New York. It's safe to say I fell in love with the city straight away and am so sad to be home. We stayed at the gorgeous Roosevelt Hotel; an 18 floor hotel with over 1500 rooms, a gym and a rooftop lounge. It's situated just off 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue and a few blocks from Times Square; perfect for any shopaholic fashion loving blogger like myself!

Dunkin Donuts and an Oreo Milkshake for breakfast. Guilty.

I have a huge family in America so we met up for them the day after we arrived for a get together at the BLT Bar and Grill. We was given our own function room which was wonderful and together with the food (obviously went for a huge burger!) and service; it was a pleasant visit!

 Our hotel was opposite an entrance to Grand Central which made it super easy when travelling to get the subway. There was something truly special about the vibe in Grand Central. I literally felt like an ant. Everyone was going in different directions, crossing you and squeezing past.. all going somewhere. It was also handy having an Apple store right at the back for some cheeky wifi access!

 Sweets, sweets, sweets. I love sweets. I'm not ashamed to say that even after putting on a shed load of burger weight, I just had to buy a load of Reese's chocolate at the Hershey's store in Times Square. Even the cashier turned round and said to me "DAAAAYUM GURL, YOU MUST LOVE REESE'S CHOCOLATE". Gulp. Guilty again. I also finally got my mitts on the watermelon flavoured Extra chewing gum, although I am still yet to try it!

We took a boat to Staten Island to see the Statue of Liberty (c'mon, you just have to!). I mean it was alriiiiiight but we went too late in the day to stop off to see it properly. Saying that, the skyline view from Staten Island of the city was pretty.

 Times Square was just how I imagined it to be but a LOT busier and very bright! The vibe was pretty overwhelming and it was hard not to lose whoever you are with in the seas and seas of bustling tourists. I finally got round to shopping in Sephora! I was so happy to see a few dotted around New York so may or may have not (definitely did) make more than one trip and walked out with some Nars, Urban Decay and Hourglass products. Yippee for new high end makeup!

I'll leave it there as this is getting a bit picture heavy so I will cover Central Park, China Town, Brooklyn and more tomorrow!

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