My mum has always been the most hard working woman I know. From bringing my sister and I up, to providing us with everything we could ever wish for and even now; making sure I am home safe and sound when she's not there.

So, it was to no surprise that I chose my mum to be a part of a fantastic campaign called #GiftofGiving. The campaign is all about treating a loved one to a surprise gift. Something they have maybe always wanted or have recently spoken about, but could never justify buying for themselves.

Fenetic Wellbeing are a mobility company, who exist to provide customers with the right healthcare and mobility products for their individual needs. They give something back to people who are in need and that's something important to remember. Whilst you're having a bad day, there's plenty of people out there who are having a much worse off day. 

I chose to place a swanky Selfridges order and buy my mum some Charlotte Tilbury goodies. A luxury makeup brand that she would never buy for herself or even think about adding to her Christmas list.

I was asked by the wonderful people at the Zeal Buzz Blogger Network tot film the reaction, so here it is!

My mum cried tears of happiness. I guess she wasn't expecting such a nice surprise or some nice new beauty bits to try out.

I ordered her the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream as she is always looking for new lotions and potions to help her tired looking eyes look more refreshed. My mum works for the NHS so works long 11-12 hour shifts and comes home completely exhausted from the day or night she's had. I am hoping this cream will help rejuvenate her eyes and make her feel a little more confident.

Finally, I also picked her up a luxurious Charlotte Tilbury Hot lips lipstick in the shade 'Super Cindy'. My mum always wears nude shades so I decided to get her a slightly more pink toned nude with a matte finish. Perfect for those Christmas and New Year parties! 

Thank you so much to the guys at Zeal Buzz and Fenetic Wellbeing for making this surprise come to life. My mum is super chuffed with her new beauty goodies and I am happy that I have made someone happy!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing. All words, opinions, footage and photography my own.


Chinese is one of my all time favourite foods, so when I was invited along to review Royal China in Fulham; I jumped at the chance! I went along with my friend Bianca after work and had a table booking for 7pm. It's situated a 5 minute walk from Parsons Green tube station which is in the Fulham area. 

We was greeted by the manager of the restaurant and seated at the back of the restaurant by the window. It was the perfect time of night (7pm) and the perfect day in the week (a Tuesday) because it was so quiet in there. This can be viewed as a bad thing but towards the end of our meal, it did start picking up. 

We was given an allowance to spend at the restaurant, but we found that the dishes were a few pounds more than your average Chinese restaurant dishes. 

We started off with the sharing starter platter which I didn't even notice until Bianca pointed it out. The menu is very varied, so it might take you a while to choose what you would like! The sharing platter had fried chicken with a spicy and salty seasoning, crispy fried squid, fried prawns, crispy seaweed and spring rolls wrapped in a lettuce leaves; accompanied with two condiments - a sweet chilli sauce and a vinegary, watery sauce.

I had never tried squid before and have always watched my dad eat it in awe and always wondered what it tasted like but at the same time have never tried it because the thought of eating squid repulsed me. However, Bianca recommended it so I gave it a try and it was so yummy! It wasn't fishy tasting at all which was a bonus, because that definitely would have turned me off. It was surprisingly like a chicken texture, but a lot softer and less chewy. 

I really loved the seaweed too which is something we never order when we get a Chinese takeaway. It wa super crispy and melted in your mouth. Quite a weird sensation but really tasty at the same time! 

Next was our main meals and we decided to get a few different ones to share. We ordered some chicken in black bean sauce which is one of my favourite dishes in general. It was as yummy as expected and very filling!

With this, we had special fried rice which was really yummy with prawns and cubes of pork in it. To accompany everything nicely, we ordered some sautéed spinach in a garlic sauce and chilli fried beef; my absolute favourite!

We was also recommend their leaves in garlic sauce special of the day so had some of that too. It was a little random and we was both unsure about it but it was a nice accompaniment for the beef in black bean sauce. 

We had a splendid meal and will definitely be returning in the near future when we fancy some Chinese! Thank you so much for the hospitality Royal China! 

Royal China
805 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5HE

Disclaimer: A complimentary visit. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.


001. Career is here.
Obviously, the first thing I need to mention is my new job! I have been working in beauty PR now for 3 and a half months, and I'm absolutely in love with everything I do. I have been striving for an almost impossible goal for a couple of years and I finally got there with a lot of determination, tears and frustrated rants.

I travel into Central London 5 days a week, log onto MY computer on MY desk and start the day with breakfast. I have a range of beauty clients who I love doing PR for. It's honestly so rewarding knowing I've secured coverage for a client and then seeing everything come to light. I get to work with bloggers, celebrities and influencers every single day and plan some awesome events for us all to go to. It really is my dream job and I couldn't be happier in that aspect of my life.

002. Stuff ends for new friends.
I can honestly say I now have a handful of really good friends who I absolutely love to bits. I've never really been that great with friendships, but the friends I have now are the best. Some are old but reunited sparks and some are brand new friends I have met this year. They're all amazing people and they all inspire me to be a better person and try my hardest with everything.

003: Elsie is my bestie.
Obviously Elsie deserves a big mention here. We lost our rabbit this week (RIP Oscar), and it really put owning a pet into perspective for me. Elsie lifts my spirits every day, makes me laugh with just about everything she does and I couldn't imagine my life without her now. She also irritates me way more than I would like to admit, eats all my favourite things and I can't have one dinner without having to share. However, that's what a true friendship is all about!

004: I've dated and hated.
I got back on the dating scene a few months ago and have truly realised what I do and don't want in my next relationship. I've dated some truly weird (but not so wonderful) and awful guys... from the one that felt the need to two-time me and 'Jade'; to the guy who took me up the o2 but then went psycho on me after... and let's not forget the one with the extreme foot fetish. I've had my fair share and recently decided enough was enough. Tinder is deleted and won't be re-surfacing for quite a while.

The o2 guy that everyone on Twitter fell in love with. Truth is, sometimes guys just say the right things but do the wrong things.

005: Busy blog, great job.
My blog is super busy at the moment and I have so much to share with you by the end of the year. It's still weird to think that I have been doing this for nearly 5 and a half years now. Updating you guys on my life when my life has never really been that interesting until now. Thank you for sticking around, thank you for reading, just thank you. x


As days are getting shorter and Christmas is getting closer, I thought it was time to dive into the world of interiors to make sure I keep my house warm and bright this winter. Whether you’re looking for that Oxford Street shine or Carnaby Streets sparkle, here are a few top tips to revitalise your home this increasingly dark and cold season.

White is Light
This is the most general tip I have for you this Christmas and probably the most obvious. What better creates and masks light other than white? If you’re thinking of adding furniture or hanging pictures, try to keep white a priority. The power of white comes from its ability to open up the house, making it feel bigger and more spacious - perfect for inviting family or guests over for a big meal.  Not only does it reflect light, it also creates a simple and elegant feel, adding to a modern theme. 

That Stand-Out Piece of Furniture
Feeling like white is too plain? Too boring? That’s alright because what better way to brighten up your house then buying one brightly coloured piece of furniture. For the best effect, place the item in a room of neutral tones to boost its appearance and enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. Whether it’s a sofa, a lamp or even decorations, create a buzz this Christmas by experimenting with bold patterns and block colours, trying something a little different.

The Perfect Lamp
Whether illuminating your home or bringing warmth to the eerie winter, a lamp is the perfect way to add that super stylish touch to your house this Christmas. One of the most important things you have to think about when buying the perfect lamp is where it will be placed. Situate the lamp as the centre piece in your room to have your guests talking for months. Want a little tip? My new favourite lighting company, Lampcommerce, provides one-of-a-kind luxury lighting and is home to big brands such as Artemide and Fabbian. With such a large and beautiful range, you are sure to find the right lamp for you this winter. 

The Artistic Twist
Not wanting to spend money? I don’t blame you. The Christmas season can empty pockets faster than you can say ‘mince pie’. However, there are many ways to enhance the house whilst remaining thrifty. Take painting for example. Grab a few pots of Dulux paint, not only to transform your home and save money but make a festive activity the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re going red or blue, a pattern or full, room or just a wall, this is the perfect way to lighten your home this winter. 

Those Fabulous Accessories
What better way to lighten up your house this Christmas then adding some jazzy accessories? Just by adding a mirror, you can lighten up a room and create an open environment. Finish with a few furry rugs or colourful throws to truly illuminate your house this winter. My favourite accessory this fall is definitely Urban Outfitters ShellyRound Velvet Cushion. Coming in three different colours, these fun yet sophisticated pillows would fit into any home.

Guest Post.


It's crazy to think I've had Elsie for almost a year now. I bought her on January 12th and we have been inseparable ever since. She's my best friend and I couldn't imagine life without her now.

It was her first birthday on bonfire night (5th November) and I wanted to put something together to celebrate almost a year of being best friends and a year of her life. Enjoy x 


There are a few different things you must do in order to achieve the perfect cooked steak. Chef director at Jamie Oliver, Steve Pooley, has put together Barbecoa London's  'Guide To Cooking The Perfect Steak". 

From the different steak types, added ingredients, the method of cooking and serving suggestions; this guide is definitely one to follow in order to sit down and eat the best cooked steak you could possibly ever achieve!

Disclaimer: Infographic placement. 


I have reviewed a couple of salons on my blog and always like to try out new brands to see whether they  are better than previous experiences; all of which have been good infact. I will be rounding these all up in a post coming soon on the best London salons. 

Last week, I was given the opportunity to review The Toni and Guy salon branch on Baker Street, London. Located a 5 minute walk away from Baker Street tube station, I found it very easily, tucked away on a quiet road of shops and restaurants. 

I was booked in for a Saturday midday appointment and was very surprised to see the salon was empty when I arrived. An absolute dream for me as it was quiet (with no kids running about - what a bonus!), so it was really nice to spend the afternoon with all of the branch's team and have a good chat about trends and social media tips. 

My colour was booked in with the salon manager, Flo. My hair had about 8-9 weeks of growth, so it was quite a job for Flo, but she pulled it out of the bag like Wonder Woman! 

Flo bleached my roots whilst I ate skittles and biscuits from their Halloween store party the night before. My roots needed bleaching and toning twice as that's how outgrown they were. I should add that I never usually leave it this long but I usually get my mum to do my roots at home but she's been away a lot recently.

I wanted to keep my grey hair and just freshen the colour, so Flo used Jerome Russell's Silver Toner, which I have actually reviewed before here and looks like purple hair dye on the head!  These are my favourite toners to use as they actually make my hair grey without having that dreaded purple hint (unless that's your thing!). I also love the pink one in the range too for a quick and temporary colour. I also saw in the shops recently that there are now also lilac, mint and blue shades added to the range. 

Flo the used a deep conditioning treatment from Keresten, which comes in a green spray bottle for dry hair. She also used a bonding treatment which I was told is a bit like Opalex. This restored the elasticity and virgin hair like feel to my hair, which is great to use, especially after bleaching. 

Once my colour was complete, it was time for my cut and blow dry. My stylist was called Stefano and he was the loveliest person. He really listened to what I required and didn't go scissor happy, like what most hair stylists do. We had a little chat about my hair and agreed a fringe wouldn't be a good idea on white hair, as straightening it everyday would cause breakage. Instead, we agreed on a side fringe/bangs. I didn't want much cut off the length, as I am trying to grow my hair long. Again, he listened to what I wanted and actually gave my hair a trim and not a chop! 

He then finished the look by blow drying my hair and styling it wavy. I walked away feeling like a million dollars! 

Thank you so much to Flo and Stefano at Toni and Guy on Baker Street for listening to the requests that I wanted. I fully recommend booking both of these stylists for colours and cuts. I shall definitely be returning in the near future. I promise not to leave it over two months next time! 

Keep your eye out for my round up post on the best London salons you must visit. This will be hitting my blog in early 2017! 

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary visit in exchange for an honest review on my blog. 


Can you all believe Elsie is a YEAR OLD next week? It only seems like yesterday that I went and picked up a chubby, chocolate bundle with massive paws and was introducing her to you guys!

We potty trained Elsie the hard and very much long-winded way. We trained her the exact same way that everyone tells you to. We bought some puppy training pads and put these down for her around the house back in the early days. Of course, there were some days where we had accidents but I would say it took her around 2 months to understand that her pads were there for her to do her business.

We eventually lessened the amount of pads that were around the house and placed just the one right by the backdoor to the garden. Soon enough, Elsie was confined to just this area and we then moved it outside so she could follow her scent. We had to wait a while to do this until she had her vaccinations at 12 weeks old. It's now second nature to her to let us know when she needs the toilet and we let her outside to do so.

However, is there an easier and cheaper alternative to toilet training your puppy? Yes, there is! Modern Puppies has proven to toilet train over 50,000 puppies. How, do you ask?

The Modern Puppies Potty Training Puppy Apartment (PTPA) , is a crate like box; with a separate bathroom and bedroom for your puppy. With enough patience and practice, your puppy can learn in just THREE days to use their 'bathroom' separately from where they sleep.

Benefits include:

  • No more accidents around the home.
  • No more waking up early.
  • No more rushing home from work.
  • No more extreme weather issues. 
Check out the video below to see how it works!

This is a perfect way to potty train your puppy up to the first 4-5 months of their baby life. You can get different sizes too for anything from tiny breeds, to XXXL breeds! After training is complete, you can use it as a regular crate and even use the old bedroom area to store your pup's food and water! If you're buying a puppy in the colder months, you will not want them to be  outside for too long. Considering I bought Elsie in January, the Puppy Apartment would have been perfect for us!

I highly recommend a Puppy Apartment for easiness when it comes to puppy toilet training. Why stress yourself out when you have the answer right here?

Oh and... to celebrate Elsie's 1 year birthday, you can get 5% off a Puppy Apartment with my code DOG66. 

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Modern Puppies. All words are my own.


Imagine it now. Really the middle of July. You've been slaving away at your desk and have found yourself daydreaming about one thing and one thing only. It's tall, dark and somewhat handsome. No, I'm not talking about the hot receptionist downstairs; I'm talking about a tall, ice cold glass of coke. 

You know there is one sitting perched in the office fridge, in all its glory, waiting to be washed down. However, you also know that you didn't brave the lunch time queues to buy it and so, it doesn't belong to you. You know it's probably George's; the guy at the back of the office who cannot function without his daily intake of cold caffeine. Or, it could even belong to the intern that only joined your office two weeks ago. 

So, what do you do? 

Do you: 

A) Take the drink out of the fridge and drink it and hopefully no one will notice it's missing. 
2) Head out on your lunch break to buy a can of drink. 
C). Suffer in silence and try to ignore your caffeine cravings. 

Personally, I would never take someone else's food or drink from the office fridge, but according to a recent survey by Data Label; people's food and drink in communal office fridges, go missing all the time. 

My own fridge at work lacks severe good hygiene so I would never even think about putting food or drink in there; let alone stealing things that I haven't bought myself. It really got me thinking about how many people in offices are actually that cheeky to take someone else's food or drink and claim it as their own. How can you have the audacity to do so?!

I'm not sure how I would react if I found someone in my office was pinching my food or drink. However, a passive aggressive note would probably be the most hilarious form of letting them know YOU KNOW. Check out all these funny notes people have written and left the culprit to find in office environments! 

There was even this one that went viral on Facebook! The guy kept having his sandwiches stolen from the work fridge, so he decided to leave a passive aggressive note ON the fridge. The culprit ended up leaving notes back to him and it went on for a while! I guess some people just absolutely love turkey sandwiches, huh?!

Confession time! Have you ever stolen from the office fridge? Or, have you HAD your items stolen? 

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.