Chinese is one of my all time favourite foods, so when I was invited along to review Royal China in Fulham; I jumped at the chance! I went along with my friend Bianca after work and had a table booking for 7pm. It's situated a 5 minute walk from Parsons Green tube station which is in the Fulham area. 

We was greeted by the manager of the restaurant and seated at the back of the restaurant by the window. It was the perfect time of night (7pm) and the perfect day in the week (a Tuesday) because it was so quiet in there. This can be viewed as a bad thing but towards the end of our meal, it did start picking up. 

We was given an allowance to spend at the restaurant, but we found that the dishes were a few pounds more than your average Chinese restaurant dishes. 

We started off with the sharing starter platter which I didn't even notice until Bianca pointed it out. The menu is very varied, so it might take you a while to choose what you would like! The sharing platter had fried chicken with a spicy and salty seasoning, crispy fried squid, fried prawns, crispy seaweed and spring rolls wrapped in a lettuce leaves; accompanied with two condiments - a sweet chilli sauce and a vinegary, watery sauce.

I had never tried squid before and have always watched my dad eat it in awe and always wondered what it tasted like but at the same time have never tried it because the thought of eating squid repulsed me. However, Bianca recommended it so I gave it a try and it was so yummy! It wasn't fishy tasting at all which was a bonus, because that definitely would have turned me off. It was surprisingly like a chicken texture, but a lot softer and less chewy. 

I really loved the seaweed too which is something we never order when we get a Chinese takeaway. It wa super crispy and melted in your mouth. Quite a weird sensation but really tasty at the same time! 

Next was our main meals and we decided to get a few different ones to share. We ordered some chicken in black bean sauce which is one of my favourite dishes in general. It was as yummy as expected and very filling!

With this, we had special fried rice which was really yummy with prawns and cubes of pork in it. To accompany everything nicely, we ordered some sautéed spinach in a garlic sauce and chilli fried beef; my absolute favourite!

We was also recommend their leaves in garlic sauce special of the day so had some of that too. It was a little random and we was both unsure about it but it was a nice accompaniment for the beef in black bean sauce. 

We had a splendid meal and will definitely be returning in the near future when we fancy some Chinese! Thank you so much for the hospitality Royal China! 

Royal China
805 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5HE

Disclaimer: A complimentary visit. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.

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  1. I am literally STARVING in the office and this has made me even hungrier, haha! I absolute love chinese as well, sounds like you had a fab meal. Crispy chilli beef is one of my fav dishes!



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