My mum has always been the most hard working woman I know. From bringing my sister and I up, to providing us with everything we could ever wish for and even now; making sure I am home safe and sound when she's not there.

So, it was to no surprise that I chose my mum to be a part of a fantastic campaign called #GiftofGiving. The campaign is all about treating a loved one to a surprise gift. Something they have maybe always wanted or have recently spoken about, but could never justify buying for themselves.

Fenetic Wellbeing are a mobility company, who exist to provide customers with the right healthcare and mobility products for their individual needs. They give something back to people who are in need and that's something important to remember. Whilst you're having a bad day, there's plenty of people out there who are having a much worse off day. 

I chose to place a swanky Selfridges order and buy my mum some Charlotte Tilbury goodies. A luxury makeup brand that she would never buy for herself or even think about adding to her Christmas list.

I was asked by the wonderful people at the Zeal Buzz Blogger Network tot film the reaction, so here it is!

My mum cried tears of happiness. I guess she wasn't expecting such a nice surprise or some nice new beauty bits to try out.

I ordered her the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream as she is always looking for new lotions and potions to help her tired looking eyes look more refreshed. My mum works for the NHS so works long 11-12 hour shifts and comes home completely exhausted from the day or night she's had. I am hoping this cream will help rejuvenate her eyes and make her feel a little more confident.

Finally, I also picked her up a luxurious Charlotte Tilbury Hot lips lipstick in the shade 'Super Cindy'. My mum always wears nude shades so I decided to get her a slightly more pink toned nude with a matte finish. Perfect for those Christmas and New Year parties! 

Thank you so much to the guys at Zeal Buzz and Fenetic Wellbeing for making this surprise come to life. My mum is super chuffed with her new beauty goodies and I am happy that I have made someone happy!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing. All words, opinions, footage and photography my own.


  1. Anonymous29/11/16

    How lovely! Literally just blubbered my little eyes out! What a great campaign xx


  2. Awww this is just so cute and what a really lovely surprise x


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