New work: FMP PREVIEW!

On Saturday, I visited places that significant to my childhood, as part of my Final Major Project for college. This church was  infront of a flat that I lived in from around the ages of 8-11 in Islington, North London. The flat itself is situated on a dead-end road so it was blissfully quiet 24 hours a day! The church bells chimed every Sunday and we often saw wedding celebrations from our balcony. It was lovely.

This is a digital file but my final pictures are all shot in film; some 35mm and some are polaroids. I will be scanning them in pretty soon and blogging about them all, so you can visit all the places like I did! I just wanted to get a little sneak preview up.
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week in photos 20th - 26th may 2012

Red hair! · Full bath · Brownie McFlurry · Tidy vanity area (for once!) · Gifted shorts (outfit post/review soon) · College work · Deciding on a nail colour · Harry potter marathon · Polaroid testing · Face · Favourite high-waisted shorts are too big! ): · All my cameras · Legs · Photoshopping the fashion images · Cheeky photoshop skills (i love you Vince Kidd· Outfit · Lazying over the park · Tesco's trip with Maisy · 18 minute bus wait! · More college work · TWISTER ICE LOLLIES! · Clearing out the shed · Saturday's lunch · Drunk times.
How lovely has the weather been in the UK this week? Scorching! I'm not really a big fan of Summer if I'm honest. I hate dressing for it. It takes me twice as long to get ready in the mornings as I never know what to wear. Winter is so much easier... just throw on layers and I head out the door!

This week has been pretty easy but I'm not looking forward to next week at all. I have so much work to do. Deadlines! So jealous of everyone who has finished University and school this week for Summer. I still have another four weeks to go! I then jet off to Cyprus for two weeks, come back and then jet off to Italy for my half-brother's wedding! STOKED.

Sorted through our huge shed yesterday and found so many things that I forgot about. It's always weird finding things that meant a lot to you once upon a time and then hating them because of the memories they hold. I'm sure my local charity shops shall thank me for the amount of teddy bears and clothes that they're about to receive! I also caught up with some friends last night for a BBQ and just a genuine small get-together. Saw some friends from the old days, t'was lovely! I'm such a cheap drunk though!

Today I am in Shoreditch working on my Final Major Project, with the help of my lovely Mum assisting me. Follow me via Twitter for daily rambles. @ashllyd

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New work: 'We love denim'

As part as one of my end of year units, I had to do a made up commissioned shoot. My task was called "we love denim" and I had to shoot four photos. My lovely Sister modelled for me and I basically styled her and dressed her up to look like me haha. The usa print shorts* are c/o Glamorous, and so are the light wash jeans. The jean jacket is vintage Levi and the bottom shorts are an old Topshop purchase. 

What do you think?
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My first kiss!

This photograph* of me and a boy was uploaded onto Facebook yesterday... hahaha! I was 18 months old! The boy is called Luke and a family friend. My Aunt is his Mum's friend and the only reason me and Luke talk is down to the teasing we get about our "first kiss" and here it is.. snapped! I think it's cute, however neither of us remember it!

*can't make it any bigger ):

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two weeks in photos: 6th-19th May 2012

Morning crumpets · Sunday morning walk to work · Ombré growing out! · Made coco pops cakes with my Sister · Waiting for my driving instructor to turn up · Dressing like a boi · HP enthusiast · Deathly Hallows (P1) · Weird Jezza Kyle · Air max 90s ·Wednesday's outfit! (outfit post here· Giveaway winner! · Visited my grandparents · Nan made me lunch :) ·Thursday's outfit! · Saw 'Dark Shadows' :) · Saturday's face · Bought h&m riding pants (finally!) · h&m playsuit · Keep or return this crop top? (from Topperz!) · Saturday's purchases · Dyed my hair red!

001: I didn't do a weekly photo post last Sunday because I hadn't really photographed much to show but I have included some from last week in this weeks!

002: Had nearly fifteen driving lessons now and I'm feeling rather confident. I haven't done my theory yet meaning I can't sit my practical yet but I really feel I will be ready by my 20th lesson! I bought a theory disk from the pound shop yesterday which has hazard awareness videos on it and stuff so I'm hoping that helps me. Really want a car ready for Uni in September! Goals, goals, goals!

003: Major change is my hair! I've had the ~ombré for almost a year now which is a very long time for me considering I always used to change my hair colour! I've been wanting a change for a while now (as part of my "fresh new start" to life) but was undecided on a colour. I chose to go back to red. Red was "my" colour when I was 16/17. I literally dyed it every week to keep the colour vibrant which was obviously no good for my hair but that's all a part of growing up, right?! I'm not sure how long I will keep it red as I get really bored easily. The only reason I kept the ombré for so long is because I bleached it and probably won't bleach it again... soo damaging!

004: Big well done to Emma from I CAN'T WALK IN HEELS who won my Lomography camera giveaway! So many of you entered so thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for the next giveaway :)

Have you been up to much this week?

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Weekend Wishlist

001: Only a quick post today as I'm out all day (only shopping!) and won't have much time to blog next week (although I am trying to schedule some posts!). Just a mixture of some things that have been sitting in my ebay 'watch list' for months on end and some new things! 

002: Would be an "impulse buy" if I bought the sunglasses considering I'm as blind as a bat. Yeah, I wear glasses. I don't think there's any bloggy pics on here or my instagram (@ashllyd) as I don't like photos of me in them! However, I have worn them since I was around six! Might get them anyway though, hey-ho!

003: Saw the roshe runs on a girl in Westfield the other day and actually screamed with delight at how beautiful they were. Immediately got home and googled them. They are a part of the summer collection released by Nike so I can't find them on ebay yet! I actually realised the other day how much I dress like a boy. I own dresses and skirts but hardly wear them if I'm honest. I love trainers, beanies and printed leggings! Looking at the whole wishlist, I would actually pair the leggings, top, necklace and trainers together, maybe even the sunnies too!

004: You may have realised I got off my bum the other day and took some outfit photos. Would you like to see more of my outfits? I want to get into a strict blogging schedule but need to know what you guys like to read!
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Gee Horsfield Illustration

I'm sure you've already noticed my cropped version of this as the opening picture on the sidebar of ASHLLYD but I just wanted to write a little post about it! It was created by Gee Horsfield; a freelance illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Gee currently offers five different styles of illustrations to choose from all of which are digitally drawn. Gee's rates are really good and it only took about two weeks for her to email me over the illustration and she was still prepared to work on it if I wasn't happy. However, I love it! I love my stripy shirt, frilly socks and creepers! I just, love, love, love it! Thank you Gee!

Disclaimer: I bought this illustration myself. Gee has not paid me or asked me to write about her illustrations. I just really recommend her services!

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Camo Boy

 lipstick: sleek 'heartbreaker'
hat: ebay
t-shirt: ebay
necklace: topshop
bracelet: KONY
rings: mixture of topshop etc
american apparel disco pants: via asos
frilly socks: asos
nike air max 90s: via ebay

Every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted to interrupt these outfit photos! I have wanted air max's since forever and I finally took the plunge and bought some red ones, but decided I didn't like them so returned them. Then one night browsing ebay, I found someone selling these for fifty quid which I think is an alright price considering they're a rare colour (apparently?). Not everybody's 'cuppa tea but I love them.

Do you like my new beanie? I desperately want a Johnny Cupcakes one but they're currently sold out so until then, this £2 bargain will have to do! Haven't taken off my AA disco pants since I bit the bullet. Still think they're worth every penny!

Today I'm off into London to visit my Nan and Grandad. My final major project is a documentary series on them (again). I want to improve so much since last time though! Hope everyone's having a lovely day. Don't forget my giveaway to win a lomography camera ends tonight at 11pm. So far there's been over 100 entries which is crazy! I shall draw a winner either tonight or tomorrow but will reveal the winner tomorrow via Twitter. I will email the winner directly too! Good luck :)

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Tweezerman Harajuku limited edition

Via:  RRP £27.00

A few weeks ago I won these tweezers via a Twitter competition that Feel Unique held. It was literally just a 'retweet and follow to enter' type of competition so I was really lucky to win!

This year's limited edition series sees Harajuku Lovers partenered with Tweezerman. There are five different tweezers in the collection; Angel (white), Love (red), G (blue), Music (green) and Baby. There's also one mirror in the collection (£14.00).

The lovely people from Feel Unique sent me the 'Baby' tweezers which are neon pink and the most fun colour! They feature two very sharp slanted blades which make it a lot easier to grab hair from the root and pull the hair out upwards and then down. Slanted blades also make it easier to shape the brow slightly more angled.

I find they remove hair really quickly and painlessly and I am not left with any red marks etc. Really impressed with them! Tweezerman also offer a free sharpening service which is always a bonus!

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Encrusted phone case

Customised phone case cover - Encrusted*
By Kaitlin.

I chop and change iPhone cases all the time as I get bored really easily, but I'm sure you're already aware of that when it comes to my blog design!

Kaitlin asked if I would one of her customised phone cases. I wasn't really sure what to pick as I'm not into ~bling bling~ cases but I told her I like Hello Kitty, strawberries and Chanel and this is what arrived yesterday morning! I am over the moon with it! It is slightly on the tacky side but my three favourite things are on there and the fact it's been 100% handmade is just the cherry on top. Knowing each diamanté was stuck on one by one and carefully arranged into a design really is something special.

Kaitlin takes orders through the Encrusted Facebook page. She offers a wide range of different designs if you need some help deciding what to choose from, but you can also select what you would and wouldn't prefer via the order form. She also does lots of designs for different models of phones! Check out the Facebook page for more details.

What do you think of my case?

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Raspberry Grape

 Bracelets, £3.85 each - Raspberry Grape*

I'm one of them people that enjoys stacking bracelets and rings so I look O.T.T. When Lauren contacted me, I was really impressed with everything she had to offer at such great prices too! Lauren kindly sent me three bracelets; the skull bracelet (comes in six different colours), the light blue peace bracelet and the cross bracelet (also comes in six different colours). The bracelets are adjustable too so they fit everyone! Lauren has recently added some new stock including some necklaces and some gorgeous rings so I really suggest you check out her shop! She also offers FREE UK delivery which is a bonus!

Visit Raspberrygrape's shop here.
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My (disco) week in photos 29th Apr - 5th May '12

Rain · Cheeky lunch · 600 GFC ASHLLYD followers! · ASOS magazine · ASOS order · American Apparel disco pants!!!! · Levi jacket · Dad's spag-bowl · Wednesday's outfit · Gifts from · Starting my FMP · Sneak preview of FMP work · Illustration (info is on my FAQ page· Thursday's outfit · Mum's birthday meal; chocolate brownie! · Thursday's face · Friday's outfit · Creepers · Friday's Topshop purchases · WOTEVA! · Did my nails! (barry m lilac, topshop topcoat) · Saturday's outfit · Me and my Sister · And again!

Let's just start this paragraph off by saying I BOUGHT AMERICAN APPAREL DISCO PANTS. I know I have raved about the ebay versions for months now, which still remain a firm favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe, but the more I saw other people wearing them (no thanks to tumblr and lookbook), the more I wanted them. Yeah, they are £70 and my Mum thinks I am slightly crazy but 1. Haven't treated myself in ages 2. They are worth every penny 3. They make my bum look good. Honestly couldn't say enough good words about them!

Really cracked on with my FMP (Final Major Project) this week. Haven't really been working on it much as I've been stuck between ideas and just generally haven't been all there the last couple of weeks, but now it's well on its way. I will blog my artist references at some point next week!

It was my Mum's birthday on Friday so she's had a packed weekend. Friday we popped into Essex and had a spot of evening shopping. However, I think I'm going to return both of the tops to Topshop as I quickly picked them up before the store closed. Not really loving them! Last night (05/05), we went to a Greek restaurant and had a three course meal which was alright, nothing special and then had a late night disco until 2am. I wore my dip-hemmed ASOS dress which creases like a bulldog but I love it. The night was really good and even had belly dancers and flirty waiters! I was literally grabbed and spun around and around by one!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend? I am currently in bed in a big jumper feeling sorry for myself. I feel so tired! Shame I'm working bank holiday Monday!

P.s the pouty pictures are a joke haha!*

P.S.S: You still have time to enter my giveaway to be in with the chance of winning a Lomography film camera! Gotta be in it to win it as they say! Enter here!

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