My (disco) week in photos 29th Apr - 5th May '12

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Let's just start this paragraph off by saying I BOUGHT AMERICAN APPAREL DISCO PANTS. I know I have raved about the ebay versions for months now, which still remain a firm favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe, but the more I saw other people wearing them (no thanks to tumblr and lookbook), the more I wanted them. Yeah, they are £70 and my Mum thinks I am slightly crazy but 1. Haven't treated myself in ages 2. They are worth every penny 3. They make my bum look good. Honestly couldn't say enough good words about them!

Really cracked on with my FMP (Final Major Project) this week. Haven't really been working on it much as I've been stuck between ideas and just generally haven't been all there the last couple of weeks, but now it's well on its way. I will blog my artist references at some point next week!

It was my Mum's birthday on Friday so she's had a packed weekend. Friday we popped into Essex and had a spot of evening shopping. However, I think I'm going to return both of the tops to Topshop as I quickly picked them up before the store closed. Not really loving them! Last night (05/05), we went to a Greek restaurant and had a three course meal which was alright, nothing special and then had a late night disco until 2am. I wore my dip-hemmed ASOS dress which creases like a bulldog but I love it. The night was really good and even had belly dancers and flirty waiters! I was literally grabbed and spun around and around by one!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend? I am currently in bed in a big jumper feeling sorry for myself. I feel so tired! Shame I'm working bank holiday Monday!

P.s the pouty pictures are a joke haha!*

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  1. Great post. i like these general round-up ones. xx

    nice blog hun.

    milli x


  2. ah i love the bracelet hahaaha! good luck with your fmp! xo

  3. Love how you've wore your disco pants. & Your mums birthday sounds like it was loads of fun! xx

  4. Cannot wait to see you styling the disco pants! Post soon post soon :D

  5. I love your blog, and new layout, and you're really pretty!
    It makes me want to change my layout, I used to have a piczo site so I should be ok with making graphics ha, that's if I start posting.
    I might buy those ebay disco pants, I don't think I'd ever convert to the AA ones but who knows. Haha it looks like you had a lovely meal.


  6. cool pictures!!


  7. Im completely in love with this blog right now! It's rally lovely. Keep it up!

    Congrats on the blog followers too :-) xx

  9. Such a nice little round up, love Wednesdays outfit! Congrats on the followers & good luck with the FMP! Oh, & love the new layout too!

  10. Your nails look amazing! Lovely photos :)
    <3 Holz oxo

  11. lovely outfits :) - "creases like a bulldog" haha i know exactly what you mean, i have one like that! Good luck with the project! x



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