No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser


After finishing another bottle of Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser, (full review here) I needed another! No7 have their own version; a 200ml bottle (double the amount Liz Earle has, unless you opt for the 200ml bottle which is £24), at an inexpensive price of just £10.

I didn't know what to really expect. My skin type is normal. I don't get oily and I rarely ever have dry skin which I'm lucky to have been blessed with, but my skin is very sensitive. I can't use scented wipes for example as I break out. I have tried switching skin care routines but my skin always lets me know that it's missing Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser!


The first thing I liked is that the product comes boxed (not photographed, sorry!). I'm a sucker for packaging. It comes with instructions on the back of the bottle and a muslin cloth which is in a plastic sealed bag. I also like the fact it's a pump. I really hate products where you have to actually dip your fingers in! However, my favourite thing is the fact the bottle is see-through so I can tell when I am about to run out. That's the one thing that really annoys me about Liz Earle's version; I could never tell when I needed an emergency top-up! it was a game of guessing!

How I used it:

I used it the same way as I used Liz Earle's, however I have found my muslin cloths can become stained (let's blame the red lipstick okay!), so I have been removing my makeup with wipes and then doing the muslin cloth procedure, making sure I splash my face with cold water afterwards to close the open pores! It removes every trace of makeup which I am really pleased with. No stubborn mascara!


I did go through a slight purging stage using this, but nothing that stopped me from using it. I do believe this is down to my sensitive skin though. Just for reference, I have been using Liz Earle products for around 5-6 months now so my skin's pretty used to them! I only got one or two spots around my jaw area but they cleared up within a few days, with me being persistent and patient i.e I kept using it twice a day every day. The product itself is white cream, not as thick as Liz Earle's which makes it easier to spread around your face. It smells of dove products! Really fresh and clean.

Do I recommend it?

Overall, I really recommend No7's hot cloth cleanser if you're on a budget or maybe looking for something new to try. I really do love Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser, but I think I have possibly converted to this instead!

Have you tried this? Can you recommend me any other No7 items?
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  1. I did a review on this and it's pretty much the same as yours!! It's such a good inexpensive cleanser! Definitely can't complain x

  2. I've never used the Liz Earle one before (although my Mother uses it) but I use this on the days I want to give my skin a little extra attention. I do find the smell a little strange after several uses or is that just me?
    Good product though so can't slate it too much!


  3. I have this and I adore it. I use it once or twice a week in place of my foaming cleanser! I have the foaming cleanser, day cream and night cream from No7 for oily skin! As well as the BB cream for oily skin in shade medium and the No7 black eyeliner and some polishes. I love every single one of my No7 products! :) Great, affordable brand! xo

  4. I can't decide between this and the Liz Earle one! I might try this first :) x

  5. I have this, I picked it up on a whim when the No7 vouchers were floating around but I really like it. I think it smells of babies a lot and really don't like the smell of it when the cloth has dried.. bleurgh.
    I really love the No7 advanced hydration day and night cream but I think they were discontinued when they rebranded, annoyingly! xx

  6. I use the no7 beautiful skin day cream (for oily skin) & I quite like it! It's not amazing and I'm not sure I'd purchase it again as I'm trying to go cruelty free in the make-up/skincare department (and boots use ingredients that are tested on animals)
    but until I use it up it's kind to my skin so I'm happy!

  7. Thanks for sharing - great post!


  8. I love using this product, I have tried Liz Earle in the past but I think I lik this one a lot better!
    I currently have one in my bathroom, one in my boyfriend's and a back-up for when one runs out haha; bit much maybe but it works brilliantly with my combination skin :)


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