RMK Red Lip Crayon

RMK Lip Crayon 01* via LookFantastic.co.uk

If you've been reading my blog for the past two and a half years, you'll know I am partial and a bit obsessive when it comes to rocking a red lip. I've been wearing red lipstick since I was around sixteen so it feels weird when I am not wearing it! I'm always shopping around looking for the perfect products and this one isn't too bad!

I've never tried any RMK products so didn't know what to expect. The crayon is a double ended pen with a crayon one side and a clear gloss the other side. The crayon itself is creamy but semi-matte at the same time; something I love in red lip products! It uses a twisty mechanism to get more product but the crayon is solid so won't snap off if you use with care.

I generally never wear lipgloss and the thought of a glossy red lip scares me. However, since LFW I've seen a lot of glossy red lips so the RMK lip crayons I find are absolutely perfect to turn a simple day look into a night look. Sometimes I simply don't have enough time to re-do all my makeup for a night out so this is great for a quick touch up with the crayon with a slick of gloss on top and you're good to go!

London Fashion Week: Basharatyan-V and Little Shilpa


Little Shilpa presentation show, showcasing editorial head pieces and accessories. My friend was actually modelling for this (the girl in pics 2 & 3). Doesn't she look stunning? I think out of my whole experience at LFW, this was my favourite presentation. Together with moody and glum music, the aesthetic you got when standing in the room was something quite different.


A stunning collection focusing on a colour palette of red, black, icy blue and silvers. I didn't get too many pictures as the catwalk only lasted a few minutes so I was trying to saviour it as much as possible! The collection has a futuristic approach paired together with silver shoes and silver lips. Not something I would personally wear but I now feel I need to introduce a lot more brighter red shades into my wardrobe!

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Dust On The Ground

Dress & Boots: Topshop | Hat: H&M | Jacket: H&M | Watch: ASOS

In Starbucks again to get this post up. Pure dedication to the blog this week! Third outfit in a row! Say whaaat?!

Today I had a full day at London Fashion Week as part of Fashion Scout. I set myself a goal at the beginning of the year to push myself and attend and now I have, yay. It was so good! I went to two shows; Basharatyan V and Mimi Fasi. I was meant to go to three shows but it was full capacity at the first. The second was show was better than the first as it was longer, more busy and just generally a better outcome. I will be blogging about them next week so keep your eyes peeled! I can't wait to retouch and share the images! I also bumped into my number one bloggin' babe Lauren who looked fabulous!

I am loving having someone else take my photos recently. It's stress free and so much quicker! You should definitely check out Conon's blog to see more of his work. It's all really good and I'm sure he will be shooting more outfit pics soon (I say this as he's sitting next to me of course, hint hint Conon!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine's been pretty good! One of the best weeks of 2014 so far :)

Photos by: Conon Moriarty

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Blue Valentine

Dress & Boots: ASOS | Jacket & Scarf: H&M 

Happy Valentine's Day you beautiful bunch'a people! Unfortunately, I didn't wake up to pancakes and fresh orange juice this morning, nor did I have a bubble bath ready for me or rose petals scattered around my pillow as I woke up... LOL, cheese.

I have spent the whole day in London with my friend Conon. We popped to the V&A museum to visit the Club to Catwalk: Fashion in the 1980s exhibition. It was £5 entry but to be honest it wasn't worth it so I don't recommend visiting unless you're completely obsessed with fashion from the 80's! You wasn't allowed to take photos but if you check my Instagram, I took some sneaky snaps. I guess places don't understand that "no photography allowed" can be done... very easily!

I LOVE this dress so, so much. I originally saw Faye feature it in a video so as soon as pay day arrived, I found myself making a cheeky order. It's definitely a love/hate piece and definitely gets some attention...as I noticed when Conon was shooting these pictures! I was originally going to wear some heeled chelsea boots but didn't want to slip in the rain. Let's face it; that would have been pretty embarrassing and knowing my luck, it would have been in front of a lovely bearded man on such a lovey dovey day.

I'm now chilling in Starbucks with a few friends. Pretty chilled! I got drowned in the rain walking to the station which was pretty traumatic but hey ho.. it's pretty funny looking back at it now.

 Photos by Conon Moriarty

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Brand New Day

Dress: DressLily* | Boots: ASOS | Hat & Coat: H&M 

I simply had to take advantage of the nice-ish weather today and shoot some outfit pictures. I ordered this dress weeks ago but it only arrived a few days ago. Velvet? Crotchet collar? I am head over heels with the Wednesday Addams vibe but thought I would dress it down slightly by not having my hair in plaited pig tails! 

I got the coat for Christmas from my lovely Mum, although I did pick it out a few weeks before Christmas. Anyone who knows me in person knows I love anything fluffy or furry so this was simply a must by at around the £40 price mark; not bad!

I'm off to a film premiere tonight for a film coming out later this month called A New York Winter's Tale starring Colin Farrell. I won tickets via Twitter through a competition by Hunger Magazine so I am super excited for popcorn! Sweet or salted? Definitely sweet!

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Video: The Anti-Boyfriend/Dream Guy Tag

Apologies for no blogging in over a week. I've been a little run down these last couple of weeks and the rain has prevented outfit posts. Never mind though! I filmed a fun little tag for you. Ryan Gosling if you're reading this babe, I mention you. Enjoy!

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Sicky Tuesday

Tuesday 4th Feb 2014 has seen my first cold of the year approaching. You know when you wake up and you can just FEEL it coming?! My head is stuffy and I'm cold even though I have ten million layers on. Apparently a spoonful of sugar dipped in vinegar will help me feel better? But there is no way I am going to try that! Any other remedies you have will be much appreciated :-)

I am soldiering on and going on a date tonight and I've never actually felt so nervous before. I am very tempted to completely bottle out! I've had my fair share of dates and never had much luck in all honesty. Most recently, seeing a guy for six weeks before I broke it off as I was no longer happy. Hopefully this one is better. He's taller anyway! Always a plus girls, right?

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