London Fashion Week: Basharatyan-V and Little Shilpa



Little Shilpa presentation show, showcasing editorial head pieces and accessories. My friend was actually modelling for this (the girl in pics 2 & 3). Doesn't she look stunning? I think out of my whole experience at LFW, this was my favourite presentation. Together with moody and glum music, the aesthetic you got when standing in the room was something quite different.


A stunning collection focusing on a colour palette of red, black, icy blue and silvers. I didn't get too many pictures as the catwalk only lasted a few minutes so I was trying to saviour it as much as possible! The collection has a futuristic approach paired together with silver shoes and silver lips. Not something I would personally wear but I now feel I need to introduce a lot more brighter red shades into my wardrobe!

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  1. I love the head pieces in the Little Shilpa presentation. So cool that your friend was one of the models. I saw your tweet about promising yourself you'd be at fashion week the next season, well done girl! Did you have to apply for a press pass or something or do they just contact you?

    Lindsey. x

  2. The head pieces are so fabulous! I love when fashion and art sort of come together, I'd absolulty love to go to something fashion week!!
    Anna x


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