street style & update

I haave just realised I haven't shared this yet so I thought why not?

Last month, I headed to one of my favourite areas for shopping and food; Brick Lane. I met up with a friend from Uni and we hunted down some stylish ladies for some street style photos. What's your favourite?

I am currently in bed unwell doing a bit of intern work. I don't know whether I want water, hot chocolate or fresh orange juice. It was also payday yesterday. I feel like after selling so many of my precious clothes on Depop, I deserve to go out and buy new clothes? BUT I'M ILL. Typical. I also really need to catch up with pretty little liars!

I've decided I'm no longer in love with my blog and its content anymore. As of next month, I'm going to try and push myself and get it out there more. This means REGULAR outfit posts (not once a month Ashleigh!!!!!!!!!) and I'm going to try to attend more events. I need to meet up with some blogging ladies! It's been a while. Have a great weekend and think of me sniffing away feeling sorry for myself.

XO love, Ashleigh x

fifi lapin at iconemesis

fifi fawn iphone case by fifi lapin c/o iconemesis*

Earlier this month, I grew impatient with my old phone and contract and took out a new contract just to get a new phone. Now I have a brand new white iphone 4s and I love it. After needing a new case, I had a look around and bought a cheap one... until I got this beaut. 

As you may already know, I am interning at Iconemesis which I am absolutely loving so it's my absolute pleasure to feature the case I am currently using on my blog. It's made from a really thick plastic which I am about 90% sure will protect the back of my phone should I ever drop it (touch wood, so far so good) . I chose the fifi fawn case as I have a similar pair of glasses so me and Fifi are twins ;)

Interested in featuring an Iconemesis case on your blog? (iPhone 4, 4s or 5 only) Leave your blog link below and I'll check out your blog to see if it's what we (Iconemesis) are looking for! 

XO love, Ashleigh x


OK, joke ring! ;)

(... No, not me & Andrew!)

This bank holiday weekend, we are hosting a party/bbq at home to celebrate my mum and dad's recent engagement. Paper Themes sent my mum this gorgeous wedding planner so she can start planning the wedding. Inside the book there are sections for everything you could think of making it easier not forget anything. Inside are to-do lists, check lists and things you wouldn't even think about up until the last minute. Things like gift ideas for the bridesmaids! (Oh that's me ;]) The date is set for 4th October 2014 so we have way over a year but time flies!

Paper Themes are a company who produce all things customised and for events. You may remember a little while ago, I reviewed some cupcake wrappers from them which were so lovely! They have a whole wedding range which my mum is pondering over lately.  She is definitely considering ordering her wedding invitations from Paper Themes so maybe they will be the third thing I feature on my blog, who knows!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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How a boxer eats a donut in style

 dog's scarf - pets pyjamas*

18th August celebrates our pooch's birthday. Today, Maisy is 9 years old or 63 in doggy years, crikey! Maisy is the heart and soul of our family. We got her when she was just three months old so has been a part of our family since she was just a bubba. Although she's growing a little white beard, she's still really fast, always hyper and always doing silly things. My mum gave her porridge (her favourite) this morning and she tried to eat it before the milk was added so ended up with white powder all over her face!

She cheekily celebrated her birthday with a donut complete with a candle and a dog's scarf kindly gifted to her from pets pyjamas; a fab company if you're looking for accessories for your pooch! - She would usually get told off for licking a plate but today she got away with it! 

XO love, Ashleigh x

fifteen years

dress: french connection*
shoes: primark

I have been saving this dress for something truly special and that day arrived this weekend. Last weekend, we all went along to a cousin's event to witness them renew their wedding vows in celebration of fifteen years of marriage. It was really sweet which got my mum extra excited for her big day next year! 

I was sent this gorgeous dress from French-Connection months ago and in all honesty, it's the most expensive and beautiful thing in my whole wardrobe. It's one of my favourite colours; a dusty pink in a really thick material. The detailing is minimal but comes with a really sweet peterpan collar meaning I didn't have to worry about jewellery other than a few dusty pink beaded bracelets. I paired it with my only pair of "going out shoes"; my trusty and very comfortable Primark flatform wedges. The best pair of shoes I have ever bought!

Thank you to everyone who entered my blog giveaway. The lucky winners have been emailed :) I may also have another giveaway lined up for you soon!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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Beauty UK cosmetics

Beauty UK eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, compact powder, foundation and lip lusts*

A little while ago, a package of makeup from Beauty UK arrived and I was in my element all morning. My favourite thing has to be the foundation*. It claims to be "matte" which it is and that makes me happy! Matte finishes are my favourite in everything. I hate glossy lipsticks and I don't mind dewy foundations on other people but they just make me look like a sweaty betty. The foundation (in ivory - the lightest shade) I find lasts all day for me and doesn't need any touching up throughout the day. I find it is quite a thick consistency but it doesn't feel heavy during the day. Saying this, I felt it was a little heavy during the hot period of weather we had but now it's perfect to wear. This foundation retails for less than five pounds which is beyond amazing. I wasn't expecting anything great but it really has surprised me!

The pallettes are again, so good and so surprising. I use my beloved Urban Decay Naked palette (very old review here) every single day but I've found I've been reaching for Beauty UK's 'Earth Child' palette since I received it. I love using the milky cream colour as the lid base and then using the copper shade next to it for the crease. The other palette is called 'Soho' and isn't something I would have seen myself using but I've surprised myself! I have been loving using the hot pink shade in my crease and then blending it out using Urban Decay's 'Naked' shade in the Naked palette. It works really well to create a contoured crease but using warm Autumn colours.

The powder is all used up! It has well and truly been used every single day since I got it. I love the fact it had a little comparment at the bottom for a powder puff meaning I didn't have to carry around a powder or kabuki brush. I'm not that keen on the lipsticks or glosses. As I mentioned, I am a fussy when it comes to lipstick finishes so I rely on my Kate Moss range or MAC for matte finish lipsticks, however the pigmentation is really good and worth the RRP £3.49 price tag! All in all, Beauty UK are winners and I will definitely consider purchasing from them the next time I am in Superdrug.

They all sent me a bunch of nail varnishes and a gorgeous blusher called Capital Pink which looks frighteningly pink in the pan but I am wearing it above and it's so flattering!

 Have you tried Beauty UK Cosmetics? Can you recommend me anything?

XO love, Ashleigh x

Bunny night light from Out There Interiors

Out There Interiors emailed me asking if I would like to try out something from their website. Upon looking at their website, I began pondering over it for hours and think it's wonderful! I am a sucker for home accessories; especially for my bedroom.. so it was between this and a beautiful dressing table stool. However, I have to face reality that my room is ridiculously small so I have a nice little space on my desk for this little cutie: a battery (included) operated light up night bunny. His name is Schmit, say hello!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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