5 Step Guide To Enjoying a Movie Night-in Alone

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time watching films and catching up on the likes of American Horror Story. Pause this a second... but how amazing is Hotel?!

I have been trying to switch my laptop off a lot earlier so I can unwind in the evenings so I thought I would put together a little post of how to enjoy a movie night in by yourself. In some ways, movie nights alone suck (no cuddles, no kisses, no company) but there are SO many positives too!

Here is everything you need to do to enjoy a night in by yourself!

1. Settle on something you will watch
I have such a bad habit of getting distracted by social media when I can't find a good film to watch. So, I find it much easier to find something to watch and have it ready to play for when I'm ready.

Benefits? Having a huge Panasonic television means when it's time to hit 'play'; who even needs to be at the cinema on a Saturday night?!

2. Turn off all electronics
I sometimes find myself getting distracted half way through films if my phone alerts me that so and so has tweeted me. So, I've been finding it much better to just switch off my phone, laptop and tablet and completely disconnect from the world.

Benefits? You can forget about that email that needs sending for the time being! It can SO wait!

3. Have an hour long bath
To some this may be too long but hour long baths are a regular occurrence in my life. Nothing relaxes me more after a hard time or a stressful day than running the water, watching a bath bomb fizz around the tub and then having a long soak to relax all my muscles. I find baths really help to de-stress me in general and are a great escape from the real world and really help to clear my head.

Benefits? If using a glittery bath bomb, you can look like a shimmery fairy for the rest of the night.

4. Big sweater, PJ shorts & fluffy socks
Do I even need to explain this one? Heaven.

Benefits? Gurlllllll; he be wishing he still had that butt ;-)

5. Grab your snacks and pop & holla at your pet
A must for me! My favourites include strawberry lace sweets, chocolate biscuits and a big fat tub of salted chocolate ice-cream.

It isn't in the rule book that you must go completely cuddle-less in order to enjoy time alone, either.Benefits? NO SHARING (unless you have a dog!) and you will feel loved and appreciated; until they run away.

There we have it! My 5 step guide to enjoying a movie night-in alone. How do you like to unwind?

Ashleigh x

Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored link but all words are my own.

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch

I have been lusting for a good couple of years over the Daniel Wellington watches. It seems like every blogger ever had one but me so could you imagine my excitement when they offered to gift me one? SUCH EXCITEMENT.

They aren't cheap but they are totally worth it. This particular watch retails at £159 and comes presented in a beautiful leather box which makes for a great gift. Perfect for Christmas! I even have a unique discount code for all my readers which is revealed at the bottom of this post! So take advantage ;-)

Click for details ^.

I chose the Classic Sheffield watch with the rose gold 36mm face and 18mm deep black leather strap. It came at the right time actually as my previous rose gold watch had stopped working so I was in need of a new one. Little did I know that I would own one as beautiful as this!

When I first wore it, the leather was quite tough to break in but I've had this beauty for over a week now and wearing it every day has softened the leather so it's really comfortable to wear!

There is just something so incredibly grown up about the Classic Sheffield that makes me feel like a 'real adult' wearing it. If you like luxurious items then you will know what I mean! I'm really happy with the overall service I received and shipping only took 4 working days.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these gorgeous watches by Daniel Wellington or even buy one as a gift for Christmas; I have a special discount code all my readers! You can get 15% off ANY watch using the code beingashleigh at the checkout. Be quick though - it expires November 15th!

Ashleigh x

Gemporia Tocantine Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings (AND GIVEAWAY!) CLOSED

I thought it was about time I said thank you to you lot for being such an awesome audience and do another little giveaway. Seriously though, whoever you are and wherever you are, however many times you've had a read, whether you're a new reader or have stuck around for the past 4 years... thank you from the bottom of my heart :) 

When Gemporia got in touch to ask if I would be interested in working with them, I couldn't help but get a little bit excited at the prospect of luxury and beautiful new jewellery.  Gemporia believe that owning luxury jewellery should be affordable but still of a high quality. Nothing is mass produced which I think is a really nice idea so you know you are getting not only elegant jewellery but rare items that when they are gone... they are gone. 

I'll be honest and say that I'm not really a jewellery person at all. I wear a watch daily if that counts but that's about it. However, when I had a look around on the Gemporia website, I simply couldn't resist picking something out. 

I chose these gorgeous 2.14ct tocantine garnet earrings which also happen to be sterling silver so they will last a lifetime! They are so precious and I've really been enjoying wearing them since I got them. They came presented in a cute little pouch so would make a fantastic gift for someone. 

Even better?? They are only £30!

I often find it hard to find studs that have butterfly backs that don't end up coming loose so much so that I end up losing the back or the earring itself. However, the butterfly backs to these are really sturdy meaning the weight of the stone won't make the back come loose. Hallelujah!

Anyway, giveaway time!!!


I have another pair of these gorgeous earrings to give away to one lucky reader of my blog. 

All you have to do is fill out the little form below. You MUST be following my blog on Bloglovin and MUST follow Gemporia on Twitter. PLEASE ALSO leave a contact email or Twitter handle so I can contact you if you win. There are other little things you can do on the form below for a bigger chance of winning such as following me on Twitter and Instagram etc. 

Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully!


  • UK entries only, sorry!
  • Prize is for one winner to win a pair of the earrings above.
  • I will contact the winner and arrange Gemporia to contact you. The prize will be sent directly from Gemporia.
  • No cash or prize alternative.
  • Giveaway is open for one week only; running from 22nd October until 29th October 23:59pm.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

Ashleigh x

Video: Being A Blogger vs. Being A Girlfriend/Friend

Putting your life online is easy. You know, upload a couple of photos, update everyone on what you got up to at the weekend or what you've recently bought. Easy peasy. However, what if you want to share that tiny bit more?

I share an awful lot of my life on my blog because I want to. Since the tender age of 15 when my 'internet presence' first began, I was sharing a lot. Even now, I am completely honest and probably share too much. I like my blog to be that little bit different. I'm not scared to write, to share, to connect.

I've had comments before where people are like 'I wouldn't have the guts to post that, good on you!'; but I have to have the guts. Blogging isn't just about documenting my life online. For me, it's reaching out to a wider audience to find just one person who can understand where I am coming from. Ultimately, I end up reaching out to a lot more than just one person which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Why? Because I don't have people in life who understand me and who I have a mutual connection with. I've always found it difficult which is why I turned to blogging. It doesn't matter to me if the result of writing a blog post means I'm not physically talking to someone. I am in my head and I get replies from people all over the world. Even if I connect with a Sarah from Canada or a Benjamin from Iceland; it makes me happy to know there are people out there just like me.

I haven't been myself for a while and I thank you all for your concerns on twitter and instagram. I'm okay and I will be okay. Once upon a time, I was a strong woman who would gladly hold the door open to anyone who wanted to leave my life. However, when you are deep in love with someone, it becomes incredibly difficult to say goodbye when you don't want to give up and don't want to go through life wondering 'what if I had done this and that'.

Let's just remember one thing... this time least year, I was single but happy, in my dream job, a busy fashion photographer with far too many bookings to handle and I had a huge group of "friends". Forward one year to now and I've lost everything. Oh, and it just so happens that the things I do want in life I can't have but everyone around me does; their dream job, a boyfriend who adores them (ALL of them) and an amazing social life. It's not my fault that I lost everythng good in my life. I'm fed up of feeling like I only have myself to blame for the way I am. I wish there was one person who could just hug me and say 'I accept you for who you are and who you are yet to become; flaws and all'.
I owe you all an explanation as to what is going on and that is why I filmed a video with no direction/plan; to pour my heart out and tell you how I am feeling. I'm just hoping at least one person can understand why I'm down in the dumps at the moment. Sorry about the cut off head in some places; it's not a video I wanted to re-film so I hope it's still watchable. Blogger problems, eh?

Ashleigh x

15 Snacks To Boost Energy & Productivity

Today, I have an interesting and informative piece that I thought you might be interested in! Go To Meeting have shared 15 snacks that help to boost energy and productivity. I shall definitely be trying some of these foods!

Monday Must-Have's: The October Edit

Skirt / here
Jeans / here
Boots / here
Gilet / here
Metal basket / here

I thought I would kick start a brand new week with a wish list. Is there anything better? So, let's get on to what I'm coveting over at the moment...

1. Firstly, there's this gorgeous blue suede skirt from good old Toppers that's been making me pull emoji heart faces every time I think about it. I first saw it over on Amy's blog who is one of my favourite personal style bloggers ever so I would like to think I could pull it off as well as her, haha!

2. I've some how lost my favourite ripped black jeans which I'm pretty gutted about. Y'know that feeling you get when you think the waiter is finally bringing over your food at a restaurant and it's actually for the annoying couple two tables away? Or when you get that sick feeling in your stomach when you drop and smash your favourite high-end powder? These are basically the feelings I get when I think about losing my favourite pair of jeans. The ones I felt comfortable in, made me have a nice-to-look-at bum and never ever faded in the wash. Yep, THEM ones. So, now I need a replacement.

3. I've seen these metal wire baskets popping up on everyone's Instagram's lately and in home-ware hauls, so yeah. Of course, I am going to be that blogger that buys one because everyone and their Nan has one too. I feel a bit left out!

4. I've been looking around for some new boots for the colder months. I always like to treat myself to a new pair of leather ankle boots every year and these ones from Jones Bootmaker completely and utterly fit the bill. They also come in a tan colour which is indeed very tempting.

5. Finally, let's discuss why I never gave into the hype of (faux) fur gilets when they were really popular a few years ago? I have literally wanted one for ages so I think it's time I invested in this cosy one to snuggle up in. Let's call it... "pre-bonfire night preparation"? 

I'm allowed to justify myself. I'm a fashion blogger, okay?! - - - *sassy emoji face*

Ashleigh x

Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored link.

Outfit: Just Another Brick In The Wall

Surprisingly, I've only seen a handful of blogs feature this utter gem from Primark. Yes of course, I'm on about the sleeveless jacket. I remember these coming in for AW last year but I never managed to pick one up so when I saw this in the Marble Arch store, I grabbed one straight away!

There is just something effortlessly chic and put together about it. Am I wrong?

It doesn't have "real" buttons though but this is something that bothers me too much! Whilst in the same store, I also picked up this skirt which I can see myself getting so much wear out of in the current months. I think A-line skirts are the most flattering on me as my waist is smaller than my hips.

Once again, it has fake buttons for detail but this means I can eat lots of food and have a food baby without worrying about buttons popping!

Forward thinking and all that jazz.


Hat, Jacket, Top, Skirt & Shoes: PRIMARK!
Sunglasses: Matalan*

Being so excited for the colder months, I've bought quite a few of these turtle neck long sleeved tops; surprise surprise.. also from Primark! They come in a range of different colours and there are also stripy versions which I need to go back and get soon.

Obviously, I wore my favourite Lennon-ish sunglasses which make an appearance in pretty much every single post. How will I survive once the sun completely disappears? I'm going to have to start styling umbrellas! Maybe they can be my new statement?

Ashleigh x

Laser Tattoo Removal - Pulse Light Clinic

It's inevitable that these days it's within the norm to walk into a tattoo studio, get a random tattoo and then regret it a few years later. More often that enough, I come across people in day to day life with tattoos but there is usually always that one tattoo that they wish they could change or even remove. 

I personally don't have any tattoos because I simply haven't got around to deciding on something I want to be scratched into my skin for life. I much prefer when tattoos have a meaning but I think I would probably end up going for a small pointless one as a first tattoo anyway!

In fear of getting my first tattoo and instantly regretting it; there are solutions to reversing the decision. Laser tattoo removal treatment is something I have been aware of for a couple of years but something I have never considered. I never really understood how the treatment worked. After all, tattoos are meant to be a permanent thing, right?

Pulse Light Clinic in London is initially a laser hair removal clinic but now offers laser tattoo removal treatments. This is perfect for anyone who lives in London or just outside because the clinic is on London Fenchurch Street.

So, let's get straight to it. How exactly does laser tattoo removal work?

The job is done using the PicoSure tattoo removal system; a laser machine that can remove a tattoo in the fastest way possible. The PicoSure destroys each individual particle of the tattoo which are then absorbed into the body and therefore removes the ink. It takes around 2-6 individual treatments to remove the entire tattoo and even removes stubborn colours such as blues and greens.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, prices can range from £75 to £560, so it's worth checking out the price list if you have a tattoo you're thinking of getting laser removed.

Watch the video below to see how it works!

 1st floor
150-152 Fenchurch St

0207 523 5158

Would you consider laser tattoo removal treatments? I think I definitely would consider it! However, I'd like to think if I did get my very first tattoo; it would be something I love and want on me forever!

Ashleigh x

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Pulse Light Clinic. All words are my own.

Ultimate Ears Portable Bluetooth Speaker Roll

Hands up if your usual morning routine involves dancing around in your underwear to some feel good tunes?!

I'm guilty.

When I upgraded my phone, I soon realised that I needed a new system to play my music through as my old dock only fitted my old phone. My poor little laptop gets so hot if I play music through it whilst working so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Ultimate Ears Roll* which is funnily enough; a portable speaker that connects to your phone via bluetooth.

It actually arrived in a box full of summer game activities such as frisbees, water guns and tennis rackets. I knew my travel holiday would be the perfect time to test out the speaker and of course... play lots of games! You can check out my vlog in Switzerland where we had lots of fun with the water games.

So, how does it work?

It's simple. You have to download the official app called 'UE ROLL' which is free to download from the app store. The app allows you to control the volume, change the EQ and even set an alarm through the speaker itself.

The actual speaker itself connects through Bluetooth on your phone... meaning no silly cable connections! The sound is amazing and sends the bass sounds all around the room; incredible for such a small device. I was really impressed when I very first used it and have since been using it every single day.

The UE roll takes around 8 hours to charge fully and then I find lasts about 5 hours before it needs another charge. This isn't that long but it lasts longer than if you was to play your music through your phone or laptop! A yellow charging cable is provided (thank the heavens for a yellow cable and not black!) which charges the UE roll via a USB connection. This could be through your laptop or through an Apple plug. 

What's your favourite song at the moment? I'd love to know so I can save it on my phone and have a listen!

Ashleigh x

The Rise of Plus Size Fashion

Today, I have something really interesting for you ladies out there. Plus size fashion has always been something that's ever so slightly frowned upon. However, it's now becoming a break through as the fashion industry now sees plus sizes available on the high street and curvier models on the catwalks.

 So, sit back and let's take a look at a graphic by House of Fraser focusing on the rise of plus size fashion.

It's so refreshing to see ladies embracing their sizes no matter how big or small they are. I also had no idea that the average British size is a UK 16. You learn something new everyday, right?!

Ashleigh x

VIDEO: Travel Europe Vlog 1 - Germany

Take a look at my adventures in Germany which I vlogged! If you didn't catch my blog post on my Germany travels, you can read all about it here!

Look out for my Switzerland and Italy vlogs which I shall post over the next week or so! Hope you have all had a great weekend! It's time for X-factor and crumbly macaroni cheese for me.

Ashleigh x

Outfit: Holding Onto Summer

Sadly, this little white crochet number is no longer available from Boohoo, but I still wanted to prance around the streets and snap it up for my blog. 

Hat: Primark
Dress: Boohoo*
Cami dress underneath: Primark
Sandals: Primark

I picked it out for my my travel holiday as I knew it would be perfect; simply because it doesn't need ironing and is light enough for hot weather.  It has REALLY wide bell sleeves which I was unsure on at first but they have grown on me and I almost feel like the forth member of Haim.

If only, eh?

I was a little worried about styling it because it is crochet so of course, it's see-through. However, I just picked up a little white cami dress to wear underneath and it's worked out perfectly for me.

What do we all think about this new location I shot these in? It's a new area I found a while ago and is around the back of a really quiet residential street which means I can shoot in peace with no nosy neighbours watching!

I feel a bit silly blogging this outfit when we are now in October. I have only just started packing up all of my summer clothes and bought a few new pieces for AW; but I didn't want to pack this away and forget about it!

Sadly, this means packing away the sandals too and digging the black boots out (or splurging on a brand new pair if you're like me). I picked these tan sandals up in Primark a few years ago and they've lasted so well. I have one more outfit to share with you wearing them but then after that; it's good bye sandals!

I'm sorry I have hardly blogged this week at all. It's really strange for me to miss out on writing daily posts because I've done it for so long. However, I've had quite a busy few weeks doing stuff. Saying that, I am working on so many exciting things so expect lots of content over the next few months. Oh, and happy October! I'm all about positive vibes this month!

Ashleigh x