The Rise of Plus Size Fashion


Today, I have something really interesting for you ladies out there. Plus size fashion has always been something that's ever so slightly frowned upon. However, it's now becoming a break through as the fashion industry now sees plus sizes available on the high street and curvier models on the catwalks.

 So, sit back and let's take a look at a graphic by House of Fraser focusing on the rise of plus size fashion.

It's so refreshing to see ladies embracing their sizes no matter how big or small they are. I also had no idea that the average British size is a UK 16. You learn something new everyday, right?!

Ashleigh x


  1. I love the infographic and am so glad to see plus size fashion being promoted x

    1. Same here! I'm just happy it's now being accepted within the industry :)

      Ashleigh x

  2. love this article! I am happy to see the shift in the industry and hopefully it will continue:)

  3. Although 'plus size' is being recognised more it's still upsetting tithing the average UK woman is size 16 which means we are fighting for average to be accepted. We shouldn't be. There is still so much further to go

  4. This was such an interesting read, I loved that infographic! Great post

    Lyndsey |


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