I tried to split this into separate months i.e January, paragraph about that month etc. Not much happened in months like February and March so I'll just have a little type and try to sum up my year!

This year hasn't been my favourite but it hasn't been mean to me. I'm not going to go much into detail but I haven't got any friends but since starting ASHLLYD, I feel I have gained so many ~internet friends~ from the likes of Katy, JaydeSarahAbbyMichelleVicky, etc. Being completely friendless is absolutely horrible but I know as soon as I log onto my laptop or my iPhone, I'll have some lovely blog comments to read or twitter mentions and that makes me feel better. 

My family and boyfriend think I spend too much time on the internet which I know I do but it's what I enjoy. Nothing is better than curling up in bed with a laptop, chocolate and a list of blog posts to read. I've never been the sort to go out on a Friday night and get hammered (although I've had my fair share of 'Friday night pissups' when I was sixteen!). I probably sound like a right gimp but I love bubbly baths, putting on my cosiest pyjamas and jumping into bed and either reading books, watching films or.. reading blog posts.
If there's anyone out there quite like Ashleigh Dougherty, please let me know and we can be gimps together!

You might know already but I am a photography student. Reading blogs has really allowed me to explore and find new blogs that use a lot of photography; whether they take images and blog about them or the blogger takes photographs themselves. My favourites this year have been: REDBRICKLIPSTICKHivennn, and Fashion Your Seatbelts.

I have changed my style completely this year. I have always been a bit self concious of the way I look. I had a lot of 'puppyfat' when I was a little girl and never seemed to completely lose it until around 15/16. Around the ages of 14-15 I would only ever wear Primark blue skinny jeans, Primark basic white and black long sleeve tops and Primark plimsoles (remember when they were "in"? or was that just an Essex thing?). I completely lived in Primark. I then moved into different coloured skinny jeans and went through the ~grune, scene kid, goth~ period. I dyed my hair pink, then black and wore so much eyeliner. I got colourful nike dunks and would only wear band tees. This is all a secret by the way. I am only telling you, nobody else.

I have always blogged (tumblr) but only started up ASHLLYD in July 2011. I never really knew how 'big' blogging was until now when I get lots of emails everyday! I primarily started my blog for beauty and fashion posts but I'm so lazy when it comes to taking outfit posts for example. This is something I hope to add in for 2012. I think I follow more fashion posts than beauty just because I adore clothes more than makeup..but I still love makeup. I don't own anything by MAC for example because you can buy Sleek pallettes for A LOT cheaper and they do the same job! My favourite beauty blog has to be Vivianna. I literally rely on everything she says. I also love Lily's and Emma's beauty reviews as they're always a mix of high end products and affordable ones. Makes everything a little more interesting!

I'm trying not to rabbit on too much but to sum up this year I have turned 18, started my final year at college, applied for University to do a degree in photography, made no real life friends, started a blog, exhibited my work at free range 2011, lost my 98 year old nan who we all loved dearly, had a swollen eye, got back into contact with an old friend, kept to a strict skin care regime, gained 500 followers on twitter, ate way too much mcdonalds/nandos/gourmet burger kitchen, got distinctions in all my projects, been a maid of honour, caught my sister's wedding bouquet (no funny ideas though haha), had a new nephew, ombred my hair...

Favourite Snaps...

 Lanzarote, April 2011 - Free Range exhibition image.

 Lanzarote, April 2011 - Sister Louise and two cousins. The 4 grandchildren.

Big sister's wedding, April 2011

 Apple store, August 2011

 July 2011

July 2011 <3

 Me & sister - December 2011

<3 - September 2011

I'm off to see the fireworks in London tonight with the geek pictured above. We're going for a meal too. You may have seen my untitled blog post a few days ago but everything is back on the mend again. I think when you're in a long term relationship you get so attached to the person that it's hard to become unattached. As much as Todd annoys the hell out of me, I do love him an awful lot and we always kiss and makeup. At the end of day I'm not going to sit back and watch over two years of a relationship just fall down the drain. Happy go lucky!

Farewell Christmas until next year!

Christmas is officially over! These were taken on Christmas afternoon/evening round my nan's on my sister's compact camera. We went round my aunt's yesterday for the last christmas celebration meal, a buffet packed with cocktail sausages, duck spring rolls, spicy chicken cous-cous and mini trifle cheesecakes! I've been so lucky to get so much this year!

P.S: I hate photos of me taken from the side.

P.S.S: I cut my hair just before Christmas and haven't shown you so there it is! ^


Remember my special blog design package is £20 until midnight on 31st Dec! The price will be going up to £30 for this package and all of my other options will be slightly increasing too. My reason is because my special offer is so cheap I get a lot of orders and I can't keep up with them when I'm back at college as I have a lot to work on! I am doing a special deal because I'm nice though: If you tell me that you're interested in the £20 design but don't get paid til mid January for example, then let me know via TWITTER ONLY and I will put you on a list. First 10 people to tweet me about the list shall be put on it and those listed will have until the 31st Jan to pay for the blog design!


When somebody walks out of your life who you love dearly, your heart feels like it's being ripped into a million pieces. It doesn't matter how hard you try to win someone back into your life, it's their choice whether they want to take that step back into it. I have never felt so empty and lost and angry with myself. I have tried to roll over in my duvet and forget about everything but even that doesn't seem to help. I wish I could say everything's okay but I know this is completely different and I've lost everything. I just wish you would comply with the wishes I grant but they never seem to last. I will always love you even on days like today when you hate me more than any other person. I will always stick by you, maybe not physically but in my head we will always be two. You are the best thing to have ever walked in my life. I am sorry.

Christmas 2011

Quite a picture heavy post but I've personally been loving reading Christmas posts with lots of pictures. It's great to see how everybody spends their Christmas and of course what goodies they got! 

Christmas day consists of the same tradition; wake up at 8am, make mum a cuppa', open presents under the tree, lazy about till 12ish, bath, get dressed in 'special outfits', go round nanny & grandad's for Christmas dinner, eat lots and leave about 11pm, followed by collapsing into bed! 
I have definitely been spoilt rotten this year but to be honest I always am every year! My main present from my parents was a new laptop which I am currently posting on! It's super fast with a huge memory and best of all, it's red! I got the usual bits and bobs; pjs, underwear, smellies, perfumes (my two favourites which I ran out of a few months ago - Chanel mademoiselle and Dolce and Gabbana 'the one'.
My boyfriend, Todd got me an instax 210 camera which you may remember being posted onto my Christmas wishlist. However, he got me a Hello Kitty one which I am SO HAPPY about! The instructions were all in Japenese but I have learnt how to use it which is wicked considering Todd bought me a diana cmyk lomography camera last year and I've failed to use it as it's so hard! Japan only made 1000 hello kitty instax 210's so I'm estatic to own one! I kinda feel like a tweenie holding it as it's so big but I absolutely love it! I have taken 9 pictures so far with hello kitty film!

Christmas doesn't end till the 29th for me! My Dad worked on Christmas day and Boxing day so we are having another Christmas dinner in the week and on Thursday we're round my Aunts for more dinner and present exchanging!

I can now reveal the gifts I bought! I bought Todd some mid-top trainers (similiar to Chuckkas), a shirt, street art book, Paul on DVD and a few other bits. I bought my sister sims on xbox as she's been begging for it haha and lots of makeup. My mum's exciting present was a Wii. She has been wanting one since they first came out so I chose a black one with mario cart, the wheel and Just Dance 3. It's so much fun! I also got her a few other bits. Have you seen her reaction when she opened the Wii? 

I would love to hear what you done for Christmas and of course what goodies you received!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Christmas outfits & more...

VECTRA3 studded slippers: £28 (buy here)
CHELSEA GIRL River Island velvet dress: £35
River Island PV collar lace playsuit: £40 (buy here)
Topshop Evil eye ring (£5) & small cross chain (reduced to £2!):

The slippers were a splurge and I never really buy shoes from Topshop but I've wanted them for ages. I didn't want the suede/velvet version as every blogger in the universe has them and I much prefer the leather look ones anyway! I have never bought anything in River Island that I can remember but I walked in there yesterday as an EMERGENCY looking for Christmas outfits. I love the Chelsea Girl dress. I had a chat with the sales assistant serving me and we agreed it looks a bit meh on the hanger but amazing on.
As for the playsuit, it was definitely a splurge. I would never usually spend £40 on one as I never really wear them but it has a leather look peter pan collar and it's lace and they're my two favourite things.  The sales assistant also told me they had just arrived that day (23rd to be precise!) and I was very stylish hahaha :)

I will be wearing the velvet dress on Christmas day (1 DAY TO GO!) and the playsuit on the 29th as I'm spending that day down my Aunt's for another ~Christmas celebration dinner~. I think Boxing day will be spent in my PJS! (:

I've been looking for the evil eye ring for ages and it's literally sold out everywhere but I found one in a Topshop a few miles away from me and I had to grab it obviously. Plus the necklace was reduced from £4 to £2 so I had to have it!

If I don't blog before hand, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

Blog Swap with 'TheEdgeOfBeauty7'

Very late post but I wanted to try out all 5 products before posting this!

Me and Helena from theedgeofbeauty7 decided to do a blog swap a few months ago and I received Helena's box to me a few weeks ago now (oops!).  I am yet to send off Helena's box as I'm waiting for the Christmas period to finish and for the post to get back to normal! Helena sent me a lovely card which I haven't photographed as I find hand written notes, cards and letters from bloggers personal but it really made me smile and I love the reindeer on the front! Inside she did write that she had decided to make her own glossy box to me. Inset was 5 beauty products; 4 full size and 1 a sample size, sent to me in a glossy box which I love as they're great for storage and they're pink!

Products inside consisted of: Soap and Glory's black supercat eyeliner pen, Model's own lip balm in Blackberry, Rimmel lasting finish nail varnish in 193 Black Cherries, Makeup designory satin finish lipstick in Lady Bug and a sample size of the infamous Macadamia leave in hair cream.

I've tried every product out and absolutely love them all! My favourite is probably the lip balm as it's something that I've wanted to try out for ages but for the price, it's something I could spend a moisturising lipstick on. However, I've been turned around and I have fallen head over heels in love with it. It took me a while to figure out what it smells like - not a blackberry smell at all, although the tint is spot on. It smells of bassett cherry drop sweets which is MEGA LUSH and makes me want to eat it, which probably isn't the best thing to do! I have only tried out the hair cream twice and so far it's okay but I will do full reviews on every product eventually. I love the lipstick - super pigmented and moisturising and ahhh I just love everything.

Definitely go check out Helena's blog and follow her on twitter! I'm unsure whether she will do a blog post on the box I aim to send out in the new year but I will let you all know!

week in pictures #5 & #6

Sorry for the lack of the posts all weekend. My internet was broken but it got fixed yesterday so back to blogging I go! Only another 'week in photos' post as I haven't done one of these since week 4. I realised this yesterday, so here's week 5 and 6!

  • I have wrapped all of my presents! My whole living room looks like Santa's grotto, literally! We have such a huge family and we always spend loads on eachother!
  • I tried reindeer nails and they came out really good! I looked at some tutorials but just went for it without reading how to do it. I added some red glitter for the noses and couldn't be bothered doing my right hand (it's always hard to do if you're right handed!), so I just painted them in red glitter!
  • Wore my Mum's brogue boots to college the other day. I am ashamed to say I don't own any ankle boots, other than the ones that are in my blog sale. I am looking for a nice pair of Chelsea boots to add to my collection but I can't seem to find any that are comfy and of a decent price! I tried the ones on in Topshop (the more expensive version, £65 I think) but they weren't comfortable!
  • This is a funny story. I finished college early on Wednesday so popped into Tesco on the way home and picked up two galaxy cookie crumbles for me and Todd. He came to my house after he finished college with a big bag of cadbury buttons and counters. Chocolate heaven!
  • I finally got some thick leggings from Primark for only £6. Bargainous. I wanted them after seeing them in Zoe's haul. They're so warm, thick and comfortable and come in a ton of colours. I want them all!
  • Sort of treated myself to a bit of makeup this week following on from a spontaneous trip to Lakeside with my Mum on Friday. I got some last minute Christmas presents and decided to buy some new things for myself! I surprisingly haven't had a good old splurge for a good 2/3 months! It's the first time I have tried out Revlon's colour stay foundation and I like the coverage so far. However, it's such a pain to get out of the glass bottle! If you have any tips, other than "pouring it onto your fingers", please let me know!
  • My mum drove me to the famous house around our area who collects Christmas lights for charity. There were a few people outside the man's house taking photographs. He has some kind of robot Santa which somehow walks by a window at the top and waves!
  • Saturday me and my mum ventured back into town to do some more Christmas shopping. As I said, I have a HUGE family which is why my Mum always starts Christmas shopping in September and finishes the last week of Christmas! Popped into B&B's (nicest little posh place ever) for our usual chicken, bacon and cheese panini.
  • Had my first Costa item yesterday. I opted for a medium hot chocolate with marshmellows and cream. I don't like tea (EW) and I have never tried coffee but I don't think I would like it so I'm not really a hot drink person. However, when I'm in Starbucks I get a small hot chocolate as I they find are always TOO chocolatey and I get fed up after a few sips. I drank every single mouthful of my Costa one so I'm definitely going to adventure back for more!
  • I CUT MY HAIR. It was ombre'd/dip-dyed as you probably know. It's so damaging (if you're thinking of doing it and are unsure, I don't recommend it). My hair was becoming so frizzy and unmanageable so I asked my mum (she's trained) to cut the ends off. Bye bye damaged blonde. ~Hello Alexa Chung style ombre~. The ombre is still noticable but the picture doesn't do it justice!
  • My mum's coffee in Costa.
  • Our Christmas tree 2011.
  • Shot some more film! All to be revealed.
  • I tidied my room the other day. I really love it when it's tidy and clean and pristine and organised. It's still tidy too!
  • Nearly two years later, my provisional driving licence finally arrived. I've put off sending off for one for so long (19 in just over two weeks!). I've decided my goal for 2012 is to learn to drive. I think my starting month is going to be March!
Sorry it's a text and picture heavy post but I had so much to share!
What have you asked Santa for this year?
Most importantly, are you on the nice or naughty list? 

Christmas Wishlist

I've been summoned to create a 'wishlist' post by my lovely boyfriend. He's a bit stuck for what to buy me 'cos I'm apparently 'difficult' to buy for. It took me ages to think of things I've lusted over this year and some things are items I've randomly found and liked!

Things I've wanted for a while:
chelsea boots (10% off using code ASHLLYD10) | russian red lipstick | 24 nail art pens | striped jeans  (sign up and recieve £10 off!) | black authentic vans (size 5.5 please!) studded shoes (size 6 please!) | the lion king | walking dead series 1 | harry potter DH part 1 | harry potter DH part 2 | Harry Potter tour tickets | Fujifilm instant camera

Things I just found & like:

the chelsea boots, russian red lipstick, harry potter dvds, hp tour tickets (march 2012 though!), the lion king, fuji instant camera & 35mm lomo film pack.

winter wonderland 2011

Finally got the chance to visit winter wonderland in hyde park on Saturday. I didn't go last year! I went with my boyfriend, his mum & sister. It was PACKED full of people. We literally couldn't move! I thought I would do a picture heavy post as I know not everybody will get the change to visit and many of times it's been closed as they can't let anymore people in! The whole place is packed full of little market stalls selling food, hand made items, jewellery, and hats. There's an amusement park side to it aswell, packed full of rides and a giant big wheel. If you're thinking of going I recommend taking a fair bit of money, at least £20. It's free to get in but you have to pay extra for the ice rink and the circus.. which I wasn't able to take photos of. It's a lovely attraction to visit at Christmas. I left feeling so festive! It was a really love day out as we also visited Camden Town and my favourite place in London, Brick Lane. I really recommend going if you've got the chance to, but definitely wrap up warm!