Christmas Wishlist


I've been summoned to create a 'wishlist' post by my lovely boyfriend. He's a bit stuck for what to buy me 'cos I'm apparently 'difficult' to buy for. It took me ages to think of things I've lusted over this year and some things are items I've randomly found and liked!

Things I've wanted for a while:
chelsea boots (10% off using code ASHLLYD10) | russian red lipstick | 24 nail art pens | striped jeans  (sign up and recieve £10 off!) | black authentic vans (size 5.5 please!) studded shoes (size 6 please!) | the lion king | walking dead series 1 | harry potter DH part 1 | harry potter DH part 2 | Harry Potter tour tickets | Fujifilm instant camera

Things I just found & like:

the chelsea boots, russian red lipstick, harry potter dvds, hp tour tickets (march 2012 though!), the lion king, fuji instant camera & 35mm lomo film pack.


  1. those black and white striped trousers are AMAZING i've been looking for a pair for SO long babe :D love your list. similar style to me :D hope you get everything you want. xxx

  2. I'm going to the studio tour in April and I'm far too excited! I have an instax mini and I love it so much, definitely one of my favourite cameras. & the Lomo films are good too. Basically, you have great taste :)
    Love that you've included the lightning necklace, I didn't realise how popular they'ed be I shall have to restock them ready for next year!
    I've rambled on long enough (!), hope you get your wish list x

  3. You definitely want the instax camera.. I have this and LOVE it! Not as good as the original polaroid but still amazing.x

  4. Anonymous15/12/11

    lovely wishlist really want those shoes too

  5. Definitely get the Motel jeans, I love my leggings which are similar! x

  6. Hope you get everything you asked for this christmas! :) happy festive season! x

  7. I love seeing other people's wishlists but then I just add more things to mine! Haha!

    Maria xxx

  8. I reeeeeally want the camera, I've wanted it for ages!! Thank you for the comments!

  9. So happy that I've discovered your blog - beautiful! xoxo

  10. okay, so I need the camera, the boots, the fur coat and the leggings. oh and the mac lippie. please santa
    fashion junkie


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