week in pictures #5 & #6


Sorry for the lack of the posts all weekend. My internet was broken but it got fixed yesterday so back to blogging I go! Only another 'week in photos' post as I haven't done one of these since week 4. I realised this yesterday, so here's week 5 and 6!

  • I have wrapped all of my presents! My whole living room looks like Santa's grotto, literally! We have such a huge family and we always spend loads on eachother!
  • I tried reindeer nails and they came out really good! I looked at some tutorials but just went for it without reading how to do it. I added some red glitter for the noses and couldn't be bothered doing my right hand (it's always hard to do if you're right handed!), so I just painted them in red glitter!
  • Wore my Mum's brogue boots to college the other day. I am ashamed to say I don't own any ankle boots, other than the ones that are in my blog sale. I am looking for a nice pair of Chelsea boots to add to my collection but I can't seem to find any that are comfy and of a decent price! I tried the ones on in Topshop (the more expensive version, £65 I think) but they weren't comfortable!
  • This is a funny story. I finished college early on Wednesday so popped into Tesco on the way home and picked up two galaxy cookie crumbles for me and Todd. He came to my house after he finished college with a big bag of cadbury buttons and counters. Chocolate heaven!
  • I finally got some thick leggings from Primark for only £6. Bargainous. I wanted them after seeing them in Zoe's haul. They're so warm, thick and comfortable and come in a ton of colours. I want them all!
  • Sort of treated myself to a bit of makeup this week following on from a spontaneous trip to Lakeside with my Mum on Friday. I got some last minute Christmas presents and decided to buy some new things for myself! I surprisingly haven't had a good old splurge for a good 2/3 months! It's the first time I have tried out Revlon's colour stay foundation and I like the coverage so far. However, it's such a pain to get out of the glass bottle! If you have any tips, other than "pouring it onto your fingers", please let me know!
  • My mum drove me to the famous house around our area who collects Christmas lights for charity. There were a few people outside the man's house taking photographs. He has some kind of robot Santa which somehow walks by a window at the top and waves!
  • Saturday me and my mum ventured back into town to do some more Christmas shopping. As I said, I have a HUGE family which is why my Mum always starts Christmas shopping in September and finishes the last week of Christmas! Popped into B&B's (nicest little posh place ever) for our usual chicken, bacon and cheese panini.
  • Had my first Costa item yesterday. I opted for a medium hot chocolate with marshmellows and cream. I don't like tea (EW) and I have never tried coffee but I don't think I would like it so I'm not really a hot drink person. However, when I'm in Starbucks I get a small hot chocolate as I they find are always TOO chocolatey and I get fed up after a few sips. I drank every single mouthful of my Costa one so I'm definitely going to adventure back for more!
  • I CUT MY HAIR. It was ombre'd/dip-dyed as you probably know. It's so damaging (if you're thinking of doing it and are unsure, I don't recommend it). My hair was becoming so frizzy and unmanageable so I asked my mum (she's trained) to cut the ends off. Bye bye damaged blonde. ~Hello Alexa Chung style ombre~. The ombre is still noticable but the picture doesn't do it justice!
  • My mum's coffee in Costa.
  • Our Christmas tree 2011.
  • Shot some more film! All to be revealed.
  • I tidied my room the other day. I really love it when it's tidy and clean and pristine and organised. It's still tidy too!
  • Nearly two years later, my provisional driving licence finally arrived. I've put off sending off for one for so long (19 in just over two weeks!). I've decided my goal for 2012 is to learn to drive. I think my starting month is going to be March!
Sorry it's a text and picture heavy post but I had so much to share!
What have you asked Santa for this year?
Most importantly, are you on the nice or naughty list? 


  1. Your nails look adorable! I must learn to drive soon too.... really don't want to! haha x

  2. Anonymous20/12/11

    have to get me those leggings as soon as poss, nicest colour ever! your nails are amaze, and i know what you mean about the right handed thing- i'm getting more and more pro at only doing one accent nail haha ;)

    looking forward to seeing the film x

  3. Aww your xmas tree is lovely! I also love it when coffees look like that, so cute! x


  4. I love your nail's! I'm the same with doing my nail's on my right hand too, so bad! Didn't know you lived in Essex! :)


  5. @Erin- Haha, nor do I but it will be so easier to get around!
    @Beth- They're really comfortable Beth! So thick and warm too!
    @Evelyn- Thank you lovely & me too!
    @Sam- It's funny isn't it! Oh yes I am haha. Where abouts in Essex are you from? (:

  6. your week looks amazing, seriously can't wait till christmas!!

    hope you'll visit back

  7. Love your nails, they are absolutely fantastic!

    Maria xxx


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