i'm gonna leave the day behind

t-shirt: orange circle co*
camo jacket: unbranded
bag: motel rocks*
belt: urban outfitters
necklace: new look (new!)
skirt: topshop:
creepers: ebay
socks: topshop
all rings: new look (pack of 4) (new!)
lipstick: sleek (heartbreaker)

Being a good blogger and doing another outfit post, yay! Today me and my sister went to the cinema to see The Watch. I knew I would find it hilariously funny due to the likes of Jonah Hill and Vince Vaughn. Definitely recommend it.. even though I hate alien films!

The t-shirt is meant to be in the shade ash grey but my mum accidently dyed it pink in the wash which I was sad about for ten minutes, but I actually much prefer it this pink shade! Literally everybody wears camo jackets nowadays so this is the first time I've worn it in a while but I absolutely love it, even though it drowns me. I adore this little skirt which I picked up in Topshop a couple of months ago for just £18! However, it's one of them lengths that in my opinion, would look silly with tights so I'm trying to wear it as much as possible before the cold weather arrives! 

I have failed to mention on any post that I'm a part of the Motel Rocks street blogger team. There is a little badge on my sidebar but anyway, you can get 20% off any purchase with my code ashllyd - amazing, right?

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my week in photos: 20th aug - 25th aug 2012

Pretty Little Liars catchup · New favourite program! · Sister about to open her GCSE results! · A relevant quote · Tidy bedroom · Back doing outfit posts?! · Me & the sistuuur · Quick shoe swap (I trod in dog p00p lol~!) · New item in my wardrobe - (Primarni!)
001: Only feels like yesterday I put together last week's post! Time sure does fly by! How do you like the new photo layout? I've been experimenting with different ways of showing my week in photos and I quite like this look!

002: Enrolled for Uni this week and got my Uni ID card. Really wanted a new picture but a gorgeous guy was looking at me (awkward!) as I went to get it "re-shot", so I chickened out and just used last years. Hate it though. It's so yellow toned, I look like a simpson! I have my induction week 3rd, 4th and 5th so I'm hoping I meet some cool people! Cannot wait to get back into a routine!

003: Louise got her GCSE results this week, just like every other 16 year old who's sat exams! She is a musical theatrical genuis (I'm not into that stuff so I have no idea how to explain what I mean) but she's into dancing, singing, acting, performing, musical stuff! Pleased to say she got 4 A*'s in her Performing Arts! She starts college next month and I know she's very nervous so if anyone out there studies dance/music/drama etcetc, do let me know a little tip down below that I can pass onto her! Or follow her on twitter @LouiseHatchard - she would love to hear from you!

004: Never did quite manage to find a pair of shoes for my brother's wedding. *inserts huge fat sigh here*. I found myself distracted by clothes (as always). Ah well, saving a few bob I suppose!

Have you're all having a good bank weekend?
Let me know what you're up to below!
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things i like #3

found via tumblr - credit unknown
The opposite of albinism called melanism: a rare trait where the skin and fur are all black. 

found via tumblr - credit unknown
pineapple trousers! 

youtube link here
barak obama sings "i'm sexy and i know it" HAHA 

youtube link here
  kid's magic trick goes wrong! 

vimeo link here
A video about the blogging internet sensation about Gala Darling 
Some people have completely slated everything she believes in and how she portrays herself as a person, but I think she's AWESOME and to make a lot of money out of something you LOVE doing is GREAT!

 dog owners reveal the secrets about their dogs muuuahaha! 
more here!

two little girls discuss a really bad hair cut - SO CUTE! 

watch the other episodes in the series here!
honey boo boo child 
The series is made up of a number of episodes following a family in America who are the cutest and funniest family EVER. I adore them all! At first they seem absolutely crazy and deluded but I'm on the fifth episode now and I love them all! I love that they don't care what people think of them!

 songs i'm listening to:
hole in my heart (alphabeat), changes (2pac), heatwave (wiley feat ms d), read all about it part III (emeli sande), fairground (simply red), don't judge me (chris brown), long distance (bruno mars)

 blog's i'm reading:
sara (WAISTE) - Sara blogs her outfits and I've fallen in love with her style. She has the kind of style that I really like at the moment! I just love her blog and i've only been reading it for a few days so far!

I challenge ANY harry potter fan to do THIS! I didn't even manage to get 100/200 and you all know how harry potter obsessed I am!
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back from the dead

me: jacket: h&m 
top: topshop
american apparel disco pants
authentic burgundy vans
rings: all topshop
louise: shirt: new look | leggings: river island | shoes: new look

Shock horror I know! An outfit post! About time I bet you're wondering! I asked on a post this week whether you wanted to see more outfit posts and people said yes. They do get the most views so I think I may kick myself into doing them more often! Thanks to my sister and my mum for photographing these! I really couldn't be bothered with my tripod and manual focus!

Just a quick post today as I'm off out shopping to find some shoes to match a dress that I'm wearing for my brother's wedding in Italy at the end of the month. It's hard because I can't really do heels and I don't want to wear flats for a wedding! Think I'm just going to have to flatform it up!

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la la la


001: Today I enrolled at University and I'm so excited! I'll be studying a degree in Photography, three days a week and even finish at half 12 on a Wednesday! Not bad! I have my induction week next week and then begin my first proper week the week after.

002: I'm aware my blog has been pretty boring and bland lately. I have decided I'm going to kick myself and start doing more outfit posts as it's what my readers seem to enjoy more and fashion is my favourite thing! I just need to start planning a routine! Would you like to see more outfit posts?

003: I've been testing out a shampoo and conditioner duo that I was sent and I really am falling in love with it! I will review it at some point, I just want to get a real opinion on it! It claims to make your hair grow a little quicker and I'm sure my hair had grown about half an inch since I've used it?!

I'm off to tackle my room now as I have clothes everywhere and I need to do that horrible task of cleaning my makeup brushes *sighs*!
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my week in photos: 12th aug - 19th aug 2012

001: I'm enjoying the last few weeks of the summer break by doing absolutely nothing! I've just been going to work and then returning home and lounging about. I know as soon as September hits, I'm going to be busy with my new course and won't have enough time for guilty pleasures like Pretty Little Liars!

002: I finally splurged and bought the Enrapture Totem Styler! I've used it most days since I got it and I really do love it! I saw it was on a special offer at Argos for just £37.54 which has now unfortunately gone back up to the original price of £75! Amazon are also selling it for just £36 if you're after one, but I know they're selling out like hotcakes! I probably won't review it as everybody seems to have written something about it but I really do love it. It gives various different types of volumnious curls/waves controlled by three different heat settings on the barrel. I was having trouble with the curls dropping after a few hours but I think that was down to a crappy hairspray I was using (Umberto Giannini i'm talking about you!), but I think it's all sorted now due to L'Oreals Elnett hairspray. Thanks to Jayde for the recommendation!

003: I've been talking to somebody absolutely amazing this week and he knows who he is. You know when you begin talking to someone new and you just instantly click? My favourite Pixar film is Finding Nemo and we were quoting bits from it for ages. Then he suggested we watch it together at the same time which was the cutest and most perfect thing ever! It's really strange how someone can make you so happy who you've never met before! He's such a sweetie and bloody gorgeous too! Monkey face ♥ :)

004: Last night, I went to a family party to celebrate my two cousin's 18th and 21st birthday's! It was lovely to catch up with all of my dad's side of the family who I don't get to see that often! The dress I wore is above and is c/o Glamorous, however it unfortunately has a hole in it so I think it arrived like that! :-(

What's everyone been doing with their week? How hot has London been?!
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things i like #2

This is a new feature on my blog where I collect things I have found that have either made me smile or inspired me in some way to show you!

Two gorillas are reunited in their park together after 3 years apart!

"girl on the platform" cover (original advert video here)
(open this video in a new window here
I came across this video months ago and have even bookmarked it. Whenever I feel sad, I watch it and it makes me smile mega! And Jay is a complete babe aswell :-)

found on tumblr, original credit unknown
I think this is a really nifty idea for a kitchen! 

found via tumblr, credit unknown
♥ story of my life! 

♥ the most amazing video, ever 

---- songs i'm listening to:
why does it always rain on me? (travis), i won't give up (tyler ward - jason mraz cover), without you (mariah carey), best friend (50 cent), tutti frutti (little richard) & if i knew you were coming i'd have baked a cake (gracie fields)

----blogs i'm reading: 
jayde (nelipott): I've know Jayde ages and her blog is now one of my favourites. She primarily blogs about music but there's loads of other bits & bobs to read about too!

danielle (danielleyc): I came across Danielle's blog a few months ago and again, it's one of my new favourites. The design is laid out in a way that I personally like a blog to look, with clear photos and really good content. I rely on her blog for reviews of all things wonderful!

stu (not so lonely londoners): I follow a few blogs written by guys, but generally follow mostly females. I love the way Stu writes; straight to the point, with excellent grammar and a bit of humour. He doesn't just blog about fashion, but also adds in various other topics. My favourite post has to be "how to be a fashion blogger" part one and part two!

---- etc:

---- i'm feeling inspired to: 
start a blog design tips feature on my blog, buy new stationary for university, start doing more outfit posts.
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holiday outfits

A: dress & sandals - both from: primark, bracelet KONY 2012
L: dress & dandals - both from: primark

A:  dress: asos & sandals and bag both from: primark
L: playsuit: h&m & shoes: primark

A: blouse: dorothy perkins*, belt: urban outfitters, skirt: pop couture* & sandals and bag: primark
L: dress: AX Paris via New Look & shoes: primark

A: crop top and skirt both from: topshop & bag and sandals both from: primark
L: top: h&m, shorts: dorothy perkins & shoes: primark

A: playsuit: h&m, sandals: primark, bracelets all bought in pafos shops & KONY 2012 bracelet
(right picture)

L: dress & shoes: both from primark
Mum: jumpsuit: primark, shoes: next
A: dress & shoes: both from primark

Long overdue, thought I may aswell post these as some of you prefer outfit posts!
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Fudge Salt Spray

I have never heard of the brand Fudge before, but what an awesome brand name, right?

Before going on holiday, I knew straight away that I wouldn't bother with my hair in forty degree heat, so I was looking around for a product that would help maintain my locks, but at the same time help to keep it nourished. The sun and chlorine from the swimming pool really dried out my hair so I felt like I needed to wash it everyday, but even that isn't good for your hair!

The Salt Spray by Fudge claims to give a "raw, textured, got out of bed look" which is quite possibly my favourite look. I know it's probably bad, but I rarely ever brush my hair and am constantly 'poofing' it up so it looks all messy (I tend to clip two front bits back afterwards). You are meant to apply it on damp hair, which is sprayed on. The nozzle distributes a fair amount of product. I didn't feel like too much or not enough was coming out. You're then advised to almost massage the product into your roots and then scrunch the ends of your hair. I was really amazed at how quickly my hair got the 'beach wave' look. Almost instantly, my hair became wavy and quite tousled. 

The liquid also has some UV protection magicness in it although I am unsure whether this worked or not. It also smells of coconut which I am sure the majority of people will love.. but it's not a smell I personally like myself! I was really surprised that the waves lasted all evening (I only wore it on evenings out). I would say that you should go by the old saying "less is more". I found 5/6 sprays was more than enough. The only negative thing I have to say is that it is quite drying, but it does contain salt so it's expected; however not as drying as most salt sprays available. It's really easy to brush out too! I stuck to a routine whilst on holiday so I could make sure my hair wasn't being too damaged by salt, sea, sun and chlorine! 

day 1 - wash, leave to air dry, go out.
day 2 - get in the pool, shower my hair WITHOUT shampooing/conditioning, use the salt spray, go out.
& then repeat!

Overall, I have really enjoyed using the salt spray and when it's finished (i'm not even halfway through the bottle yet), I probably will get it again! I don't think the price is that bad. It usually retails for £10.81 but you can get it cheaper, at £8.65 via hairtrade.com. I haven't got any images of me wearing it but if there's any holiday photos of me with wavy hair, it's down to Fudge!

Have you tried this? Would you recommend any other salt sprays?
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jessie j LIVE - 04/08/12

Sorry for the crap quality photos. I only had my iPhone and a little compact camera. There was no way I was taking my big camera!

I was incredibly lucky to win two tickets through entering a blog giveaway that Jen ran a few weeks ago. It was a last minute entry.. literally an hour before I left for my holiday! (How bloody lucky was that?!)

The gig was at The Roundhouse in Camden (London) on Saturday 4th August. I was chuffed to win not only a ticket for myself, but a +1 so I took my mum! We was incredibly excited all day, so much so that my mum ended up nicking my Jessie J tee (from Topman!) so I had no ~fangirl merch~ to wear myself! I wore a green crop top which I am still unsure about, american apparel disco pants in black, creepers with black socks and just chucked on my leather jacket.. and of course rocked my red lip!

On with the gig itself...

It was INCREDIBLE. I mean, I knew she was amazing live but now I've actually seen her perform, I cannot even put into words how out of this world she is. Her stamina and energy through every song and her constant   motivation to get the crowd singing and dancing was amazing! My favourite songs were 'Who You Are' which made me cry so much cos I can really relate to the lyrics, 'Laserlight', which turned into a ~jump up and down~ song (even my mum was jumping!) and of course, my favourite Jessie J song ever... DOMINO! This was the closing song when MILLIONS of tissue papery bits fell from the ceiling and I then realised I had lost my voice.

Super amazing night and now I'm stoked for March... her London tour (I have tickets for that too!)

Anyone going to her tour in March? Or have you already seen JJ live? Let me know below!
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2012 Olympics

image credits: here

I wasn't planning on blogging about the Olympics but it's currently 1:21am and I'm sitting down and writing this, because I am just THAT impressed!

I've watched a few days worth of the Olympic games. I'm not really into sport at all so sometimes it was a little tedious and repetitive for me, but I really enjoyed the swimming/diving (how cute is Tom Daly?) and also the women's boxing!

Last night marked the last day of the Olympics, celebrated with the closing ceremony which I thought was just fantastic. Of course, I went slightly berserk (literally screamed and cried) at Jessie J's appearance and was really excited to see the Spice Girl's long-awaited appearance.. which I thought was amazing, although I thought Geri's dress was a bit of a let down?!

It's what every British person says, but I really am so proud to be British! 

Did you watch the ceremony? What did you think of it?
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