things i like #2


This is a new feature on my blog where I collect things I have found that have either made me smile or inspired me in some way to show you!

Two gorillas are reunited in their park together after 3 years apart!

"girl on the platform" cover (original advert video here)
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I came across this video months ago and have even bookmarked it. Whenever I feel sad, I watch it and it makes me smile mega! And Jay is a complete babe aswell :-)

found on tumblr, original credit unknown
I think this is a really nifty idea for a kitchen! 

found via tumblr, credit unknown
♥ story of my life! 

♥ the most amazing video, ever 

---- songs i'm listening to:
why does it always rain on me? (travis), i won't give up (tyler ward - jason mraz cover), without you (mariah carey), best friend (50 cent), tutti frutti (little richard) & if i knew you were coming i'd have baked a cake (gracie fields)

----blogs i'm reading: 
jayde (nelipott): I've know Jayde ages and her blog is now one of my favourites. She primarily blogs about music but there's loads of other bits & bobs to read about too!

danielle (danielleyc): I came across Danielle's blog a few months ago and again, it's one of my new favourites. The design is laid out in a way that I personally like a blog to look, with clear photos and really good content. I rely on her blog for reviews of all things wonderful!

stu (not so lonely londoners): I follow a few blogs written by guys, but generally follow mostly females. I love the way Stu writes; straight to the point, with excellent grammar and a bit of humour. He doesn't just blog about fashion, but also adds in various other topics. My favourite post has to be "how to be a fashion blogger" part one and part two!

---- etc:

---- i'm feeling inspired to: 
start a blog design tips feature on my blog, buy new stationary for university, start doing more outfit posts.
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  1. Haha i love that last video! :D

  2. ohmy gosh the disney princesses just made my day!
    Followed all the blogs you recommended :) xo

  3. Reunited gorillas are simply adorable. Tear welled up and all! Shared it on my Facebook and Twitter!

    Great inspiration

    The Young Bridget Jones


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