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Urban Decay: 'Naked' palette

When My Mum handed me the bag, I just knew what it was. I've been lusting over Urban Decay's Naked palette for months and months and I'm so excited I finally have my hands on my very own one! I'm sure you're all familiar with the palette itself, although if you're not.. here's a little blog post :-)

 Glad a mirror protector was provided!
 It came with a brush. I know the older UD naked palettes came with a double ended eyeliner pencil, however I much prefer having a brush provided for travel/on-the-go use.

Left to right: 

* All images are mine! Please do not copy without permission.
* This was a gift from my Mum. It wasn't a product sent to me to review.
* It was bought at the airport for £26.50 tax free (RRP: £35)

Do you own the Naked palette? What do you think?
Is it on your wishlist?

Back to normality

My Mum, Dad & Sister are back from Turkey! They got back this afternoon. It’s actually so nice to hear people moving around the house. I would suck living by myself. I literally found it so difficult to decide what to have for dinner every night and obviously found it very lonely! Thank god these two weeks have come around so quickly.
My Mum got me a ‘little’ present (she said.. as she handed me the carrier bag). She got Todd some Turkish Delight and whatever was in the bag for me, was exactly the same shape as Todd’s box of TD (i hate the stuff!). I think I died and came to life again… she got me the Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!
I’ve wanted it for soooo long & gave up ever trying to get hold of one, considering Debenhams only get a batch of them in once in a blue moon.. other than that, they’re practically sold out in the UK.. London anyway.
I’ll do a blog post tomorrow including pictures of swatches etc-although I'm sure you already know what to expect! :)

Friday wishlist #1


001: After reading FameKills' blog post about tie-dye fashionable pieces... I began to look around for tie-dye pieces online. I already love the tie-dye look anyway. I bought a men's XXL (you can guess it was far too big!) blue tie-dye t-shirt with a gorilla on it from eBay a few months ago. I ended up trying to 'DIY' it but cutting the sleeves to make it fit my body shape, as it totally drowned me; however I ruined it which I'm gutted about! I really love these leggings from Topshop and I think for £22 they're a complete bargain!

002: Reduced to just £15, I'm in love. I love the triple peter pan collar & also the colour! Shame Summer's nearly over though... 

003: I'm subscribed to Leanne on YT and saw she bought this necklace ages ago. It does look a little 'tacky' I suppose, but I much prefer gold jewellery. I also love the long chain & reckon this could be dressed up nicely!

004: This is the bag I'm going to buy for my second year at college, starting 14th September. It's a rip off the Alexander Wang original version.. but let's face it.. I'm a student who works part time at the cinema.. I'm never going to be able to invest in one! I think this is a great inspired piece. I've already seen  few people on Blogger own it such as Sammi, so I trust them that it's legit and what not!

005: I've been after something like this for ages. I think it would look great with number 002!

006: I'm a huge sucker for jean playsuits.. I need this in my life, that's all. Could this be worn with tights though? That is the question!

007: This is only £1.50 in the sale. Not entirely sure what it's going to go with but I'm sure it'll go with mostly everything!

008: I've been after a statement black skirt like this for ages.. only found one when I was browsing the ASOS sale didn't it?! £10!! It shall be mine! They also have more subtle colours but I want black.

What's on your wishlist this week?

Glossy Box

So, I've finally gave in and subscribed to the famous 'Glossy Box'
I've been wanting to subscribe for a good few months now, however everytime I've been on their website, it's said "due to high demand, your glossy box will be delivered in two months time''. Obviously, that put me off!

I've seen a few people's August Glossy Box blog posts/youtube videos and I don't think August's glossy box was a good one, probably the weakest one since they started in.. June?

I'm sure you're all aware of how it works but incase not:

Every month you receive one pink glossy box, which looks so cute! Inside is 5 high ended/luxurious products, some from well known brands such as NARS, Illamasqua, however some are from brands that are unknown. The price used to be £10 for the box, including delivery… however, it’s now gone up to £12.95 as you now have to pay for delivery (still worth it i say).
You can order from
There’s very limited number of September boxes left so if you wanna subscribe, do it now! Otherwise, you have to wait 2 months for your subscription to start.
Can’t wait to receive my first one mid-September :)! 

25 beauty questions

1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers? 
A brush. Elf powder brush (studio)

2. Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark? or dark to light?
Erm, i apply a light colour on the lid and the darker colour in the crease.
3. Do you prime your eyes?
Mostly, no. However if I can be bothered, sometimes.
4. Concealer first, or after foundation?
After my foundation. Sometimes I just apply some concealer & powder if I really can't be bothered!
5. Go for manicures, or manicure yourself?
I never manicure.
6. Exfoliate lips, face or both?
My face. My lips never need it.
7. On average, how long does it take you to do your makeup?
15-20 minutes.
8. Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere?
Not everyday. If i'm going out I will wear it. If not then no, i like to let my skin breathe!
9. What release are you most excited about?
It's got to be the Sleek 'natural' palette!
10. What’s your weakness?
Shorts. I own too many!
11. Do you whiten your teeth?
12. Wax eyebrows, or pluck?
13. What do you use to contour?
I never contour.
14. False lashes, or natural?
Um, natural.
15. Favourite makeup brands?
ELF & L'Oreal.
16. Liquid eyeliner, pencil or gel?
Gel, it's much easier & more intense!
17. Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?
Lipstick :)
18. Pigments, pressed or cream eyeshadow?
19. If you had to wear only one thing, excluding foundation; what would it be?
Lipstick. I'm a lipstick junkie!
20. Favourite color?
21. Favourite color combination?
Browns, Vanillas, & Beiges.
22. Natural or dramatic eye makeup?
Depends. Usually natural however.
23. Do you care more for quality or name brand?
Quality, definitely. I don't own anything by MAC, put it that way!
24. Do you enjoy using face masks?
Oh yes lol. Soap & Glory's 'scrub your nose in it'. You can use it as a quick morning scrub wash or a 3 minute mask which I use 2-4 times a week.
25. What is your current addiction?
Makeup storage. I keep changing mine!

3rd November 2009.

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers

I haven't really written much about my Boyfriend other than the occasional "today me and my Boyfriend went to..." post. I'm currently home alone, watching junk TV, overdosed with Dr Pepper, with my Dog snoring beside me. What would I love to write about? I'm going to ignore the fact this is a fashion based blog, but it's also a personal one, so here goes.

I started talking to Todd through MySpace (cringe just thinking about it!). I went through a phase where I searched the town where I live, and I'd add any male or female who had a school listed in the area. I sound like such a weirdo and I'm sure 95% of the people I friend requested thought I was a complete and utter bell'end.
We swapped ''msn addies''. Ohh, being a 15 year old was such fun. I do miss the old MySpace & MSN days. It was such fun, wasn't it?! No? Just me then ^_^!


Cutting a long story short.. we ended up swapping numbers and went through these periods of time not talking and then getting back into contact and constantly talking to losing contact again. I had a few relationships. I don't count any of my past relationships as relationships, but one, due to the fact they were nothing like I have now. It was merely just me and a boy talking a lot via MSN and meeting once or twice a week... sometimes not even once.

I knew I had always had different feelings towards Todd. Total cringe moment, but I had spoken to many boys from the same area (MSN whore?) but none were like Todd. The majority were just after trying to get me to meet them or just weren't interested in talking to me at all!

I really wanted to meet Todd and he said he really wanted to meet me, however only really said it when he felt he had to, possibly? I dunno. Being honest, he was and still is the most confusing human being I have ever come across, but maybe that's why I felt and still feel attracted to him? He's different. So, so different.
This sounds so ignorant of me, but I kinda left him with no choice in the end. He either met me or lost me. I was literally fed up of having more and more (getting more in-depth) conversations with him and not getting anywhere. He said he liked me/wanted to meet me, however he never said anything about meeting. I never saw pictures of him. I think I saw one but he took that display picture down quicker than he put it up. It occured to me a few times maybe "Todd Smith" doesn't even exist. Maybe he's just some old guy from Brazil claiming to be a 16 year old lad from the same town as me. However, I had some of his mates on MySpace.. (complete LOL!) so he had to be real?!

He was :-)

We finally met after around two years of talking! Remember, I had never seen a picture of him, so I had no idea what to expect! However, he finally sent a very cheeky picture of himself on holiday in August 2009. A cheeky mirror shot! Oh, how I will tease him till the day I die about that one. Then again, I suppose I cannot talk with my expert 'myspace shots'. Thanx for the add :D xxxx

Forgetting other details of who else was there (it was a double date but it doesn't matter who with!)... Me & Todd went to see 'Up'. I had no clue what the heck it was about, other than the fact it was a new film out, disney and obviously an animation. We laughed so much and both felt like idiots with 3D glasses on. The journey home was the most un-awkward one I've ever experienced with someone I didn't really know (in person anyway). We just spoke and spoke. He walked me home and I think we both knew we didn't want to leave eachother, so we sat on my porch for what seemed like hours and spoke about everything. I can't even remember what about...I just remember feeling so warm inside and praying inside that he liked me and wasn't pretending!

A few days later, after an agonising wait of not knowing whether he liked me or didn't like me.. "we got together" (I hate saying that!). He didn't ask me out, nor did I ask him out. We just kinda "got together"! We never kissed which I liked because he wasn't too full on and liked me for me.

My Parent's never met him till around a month or so later. I'm very anxious when my Mum meets boyfriends or new friends. She met a handful of my previous relationships and only liked one! I made sure me and Todd went slowly. He came to meet me at my porch literally every other day and we would talk and talk.. with a blanket to keep us warm! It was a coincidence that my Mother ever met him...
A robbery of some sort had happened in my area. A helicopter was overhead.. looking for the suspects, when all of a sudden a police officer or two (I cannot remember) walked by my house and onto my drive and told me and Todd to get out of the blanket. She searched us and Todd's bag and basically thought we were th suspects and advised it would be a good idea to get inside... so I obviously had to knock on the door.. to find my bewildered Mother ironing the clothes.
Then the questions began..

And here we are now! Nearly a year and 10 months later :D

November 2009. 
Our first photo together! My Sister made us laugh, hence the huge grins on our faces!

Checked shirt coincidence! 


 Summer of 2010!

 Mad hair changes & shag bands (Cringe!)

 Michael Jackson impersonators!! 

 Goofy moments <3

Big vs. small.

I hope this doesn't make you all sick! I don't like lovey dovey things myself. 
This is complete honesty how we met and stuff :)

How did you meet your partner?
I would love to know!

Travalo Atomiser Perfume Dispensers Review

Hi everyone,

Kelly from Travalo kindly sent me two Extended Atomiser Perfume Dispenser's to review for you guys! I was uber excited to receive them as they're a total different thing to review and the concept behind them is so handy!

So, I got sent a pink one and a black one. I'm not a lover of pink but it's not too girly if that makes sense. However, I much prefer the other one as you can never go wrong with the classiness of black!

So, what are they for?
I think the concept behind them is so, so clever. So, you know when you're packing for a holiday and you get to the dilemma of what perfumes to pack? We all do it! Of course you'd love to take your pricey Chanel perfume but who wouldn't get scared of it getting smashed on the way?! Obviously sneaking it into your hand luggage won't work, so you end up risking it and wrapping your favourite, however most expensive perfume in three beach towels or you settle for the most unpopular, cheaper perfume in your collection.

Well.. here's how the Travalo Excel Extended Atomiser comes to use! The Travalo comes packaged inside its own little case with a really girly floral design, which I love! This will protect it inside your bag and make sure no perfume comes out! Once you remove the outer casing, you're left with the actualu Travalo dispenser, which comes with another lid. I love the packaging!

All you have to do is unscrew the little pump head off your perfume. At the bottom of the Travalo product, there's a little rubber hole thing, which your perfume head will pop into.

All you have to do is keep pumping and pumping until you fill up the Travalo, which you can see via the little window on the front!

 Once you remove the outer casing, there's little instructions inset.

You get around 60 pumps if you buy the Extended Travalo, or you can opt for the Travalo Classic and get 50 pumps.


  • The Travalo doesn't require a funnel. As long as you have a perfume with a removable head (as illustrated above), you can retract the perfume into the dispenser. No spills!
  • Range of colours! Pink, Silver, Black, Gold etc.
  • The little window will help you decide when you need to top up!
  • The Travalo is small enough to keep in your handbag or even your pocket. It's about the same size as the average finger, maybe a tiny bit bigger than a lipstick.. but it's just the right size! It's roughly 8cm long and weighs just 13 grams (made from aluminum), however doesn't get any heavier once filled with perfume!
  • The best thing... Travalo dispensers can be carried as part of hand luggage at the airport. The bottles are also adjusted to make sure there's no air pressure on board.. no leaks!
  • No glass is inside the Travalo.
  • RRP is around £9.99, however the cheapest price is at for just £5.99, including delivery!
  • Suitable for both Men & Women!
  • Lifetime guarantee included!
They're perfect for festivals, holidays, business meetings, gym classes, school, trips and just about anything!

Have you tried the Travalo?
Will you try one now?


I really wanted to buy the Allegra Black Boots from Topshop, but sadly they're all sold out, so I'm going to have to go without... hopefully they get more stock in, please!
I've been looking online for some similar boots and have only found the following ones that I like.

I've literally saved every picture and cannot remember where they're all from (not the most clever thing to do!) but they're a mixture from ASOS & Topshop!

I'm feeling the bottom right ones more (the one marked with ****), however they are the most expensive. They're £155 but they're so nice. Hmmph.

What do you think? Does anyone know where I can get Allegra boots from or similar ones?

Lots of love. 

it's quiet

Tonight’s my first night alone with nobody but my Dog. The house is far too quiet so I put some washing on for background noise (lol).

Me & Todd went to the supermarket today and ended up buying so much junk food but I don’t care cos it tastes good! We had fresh pasta today. I was a little 'nervous' let's say as we picked out two packets (the ones you boil for 5 minutes + mix with a quick sauce). Todd picked out spicy sausage (i'm not a great lover of spicy food), whilst I picked out a tomato filled one, with a spicy tomato sauce. It tasted okay though!
We also took the Dog out. She's a little 'depressed' at the moment and isn't eating or responding to her name. She's like this every year. I keep telling her my family will be back soon (two weeks, they've gone to Turkey till the 29th), however I think she's realised 'soon' doesn't mean tomorrow.
Does anybody know a way of 'un-depressing' dogs? It's her birthday on Thursday. She's seven, so I'll pop to the supermarket on my lunch break and buy her some goodies as I'm doing a long 12-10pm shift at work, so nobody is home!

I have some exciting reviews coming up, so excited for the post this week.

Thank you for all the emails I’m receiving for my giveaway entries. Some of you are so talented!

,Lots’a love.
P.s I have Hersheys chocolate + strawberry laces + Dr Pepper!

Everyday makeup!

I thought I would do a post featuring what makeup I use on a daily basis. There's links on every product mentioned if you're interesting in finding information/retailers or images of them.

Firstly I cleanse, tone, exfoliate & moisturise. I have a skin care video available here if you're interested in seeing the 'lotions & potions' I use!

I use E.l.f's Studio Face Primer which I got sent. I wouldn't of bought it otherwise as my first thoughts on priming skin before applying foundation was rather negative. I thought it was pointless considering I moisturise my face before applying foundation. However, after finishing the whole bottle (i have about one application left!), I'm pleased to say I would definitely buy it and use it for my everyday routine again! It left my skin feeling more moisturised, a different kind of moisturised feeling compared to when you put moisturiser on your face. I can't explain the feeling, but it's great for dry skin! The purpose of a face primer is to make your foundation last longer. I'm not really sure it does this (i can't tell!), however I like how it preps my skin ready for makeup application.

I have been loving Maxfactor's Weightless Foundation' in Light Ivory. I'm running out of that though so I've also been using E.l.f's Studio Flawless Foundation in Porcleain, the lightest shade. I actually purchased this but thought it was funny as I received another bottle in the post for a PR review! Thank you Elf :)! I have a review and demo video using this foundation here.

I conceal my eyes using Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer in shade 1 which I highly recommend. It also lasts ages! I've had mine around 2-3 months and I haven't run out of it yet!

I use a wide variety of powders. Sometimes I prefer the feel and finish of loose powder, but sometimes I like a pressed powder. My favourites:
Loose powders: E.l.f's HD powder, and a cheaper one at just £1.99 Natural Collection's loose powder in translucent.
My favourite pressed powder is one by Collection 2000. Although the image currently on the Superdrug website is a little different, maybe it's changed?

I wear eyeshadow everyday, usually as a base for my eyeliner. However, it does tend to change a lot! Sometimes I wear a very light dusky pink. Sometimes (usually for my classy outfits)I wear a beige colour on my lid and a dark brown shadow in my crease but then otherdays I keep it very minimal or very over the top!

Eyebrow information is in my FAQ.

My blush everyday varies. Sometimes I don't wear it at all! Same with lipsticks, it changes all the time!

Eyeliners. I always get asked questions on eyeliners so here's my favourites:
PEN LINERS: 1 + 2, both in Black.
PENCIL: This one
LIQUID: This one GEL: E.l.f's cream liner, which comes with a variety of colours & a free angled brush!

Lots of love, xx

Look Magazine Blogger Entry

Since reading about the current blogging opportunity that Look are running for five lucky bloggers, I have been thinking about whether or not to enter. I haven't got anything to lose, so here's my entry!

I haven't planned how I'm going to write my entry; I'm simply just going to write.

I started blogging around two years ago on Tumblr and have over three thousand followers.
This is in no way a 'sob story' but I would like to be completely honest in my entry.

From the ages of 11 to 16, I was overweight and miserable. I changed schools because I was being bullied by numerous different people and my life was horrible. My Mum always said to me 'you'll lose the baby fat as soon as you reach 16'. Well, at 16 I was still chubby and it began to effect me emotionally.

Those chubby cheeks have never left me!

I never had an interest in fashion whilst at school. I literally lived in Primark.
My statements were plain long sleeved tops & blue jeans.  

Me on the far right in Spain. Ignore the date. This was around 2008.

Getting to the point...
My first year of 'college' failed. I went to sixth form, hated it and so dropped out.  The people were horrible. I was concious of how I looked around all the other beautiful girls. I planned on starting all over again the following September which I did.

Soon after leaving the first few months of sixth form, my friends began ditching me one by one.  Since that very day I left, (a year & half ago!), I haven't spoken to my so-called "best friends" because they all ditched me for boyfriends. To be honest, I think it was probably for the best. We didn't have a lot in common. Besides, I am in a long term relationship and he's a better friend than they ever were!

I get countless lovely messages on my Tumblr everyday from followers. I have devoted my time to reviewing products for companies such as E.l.f ( I spend hours customising my tumblr to make it look interesting to look at and different compared to everyone else's blogs out there.

Seventeen months ago, I was just a normal teenager who started a blog to post pictures & daily diary posts. My follower number has spiraled out of control since blogging only about fashion & my personal life. I believe every one of my followers are following me because they enjoy my blog; reading about what I've been up to, upcoming events and looking at personal photos and product reviews.

Since losing the weight and being a happy size UK 12, I throw myself into fashion everyday. I am heavily inspired by 1950's classy glamour whilst throwing a raw edge punk style to my outfits.
Whether this be wearing a 'cute' floral tea-tree dress and then adding a leather jacket or doc martens. Or wearing black skinny jeans with a crop top, docs & minimal eye makeup.. but keeping my statement red lip.
I love change, I love dressing up, I love expressing myself and how I'm feeling through the use of clothes, colour & texture.

Me on the left! Little Sister on the right.
Lanzarote, April 2011

Why I would like to be at the front row:
It would be a dream come true to be on the front row at the Westfield fashion show. It would be the most amazing opportunity to take photographs and include them in my college course as references for my upcoming major projects. (I study photography!)
I would also love to get the chance to meet new people (as I said, I lost all my friends... or well, they lost me!!!), especially ones who have the same interests as myself. It would be really great to meet other bloggers who live & breathe fashion, to exchange opinions & advice etc.

My favourite style.
Mark Pedder photography.
(College work)

This is my entry.
Thank you for reading.

Twitter - @ashleigh_lily