Back to normality


My Mum, Dad & Sister are back from Turkey! They got back this afternoon. It’s actually so nice to hear people moving around the house. I would suck living by myself. I literally found it so difficult to decide what to have for dinner every night and obviously found it very lonely! Thank god these two weeks have come around so quickly.
My Mum got me a ‘little’ present (she said.. as she handed me the carrier bag). She got Todd some Turkish Delight and whatever was in the bag for me, was exactly the same shape as Todd’s box of TD (i hate the stuff!). I think I died and came to life again… she got me the Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!
I’ve wanted it for soooo long & gave up ever trying to get hold of one, considering Debenhams only get a batch of them in once in a blue moon.. other than that, they’re practically sold out in the UK.. London anyway.
I’ll do a blog post tomorrow including pictures of swatches etc-although I'm sure you already know what to expect! :)

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