Friday wishlist #1



001: After reading FameKills' blog post about tie-dye fashionable pieces... I began to look around for tie-dye pieces online. I already love the tie-dye look anyway. I bought a men's XXL (you can guess it was far too big!) blue tie-dye t-shirt with a gorilla on it from eBay a few months ago. I ended up trying to 'DIY' it but cutting the sleeves to make it fit my body shape, as it totally drowned me; however I ruined it which I'm gutted about! I really love these leggings from Topshop and I think for £22 they're a complete bargain!

002: Reduced to just £15, I'm in love. I love the triple peter pan collar & also the colour! Shame Summer's nearly over though... 

003: I'm subscribed to Leanne on YT and saw she bought this necklace ages ago. It does look a little 'tacky' I suppose, but I much prefer gold jewellery. I also love the long chain & reckon this could be dressed up nicely!

004: This is the bag I'm going to buy for my second year at college, starting 14th September. It's a rip off the Alexander Wang original version.. but let's face it.. I'm a student who works part time at the cinema.. I'm never going to be able to invest in one! I think this is a great inspired piece. I've already seen  few people on Blogger own it such as Sammi, so I trust them that it's legit and what not!

005: I've been after something like this for ages. I think it would look great with number 002!

006: I'm a huge sucker for jean playsuits.. I need this in my life, that's all. Could this be worn with tights though? That is the question!

007: This is only £1.50 in the sale. Not entirely sure what it's going to go with but I'm sure it'll go with mostly everything!

008: I've been after a statement black skirt like this for ages.. only found one when I was browsing the ASOS sale didn't it?! £10!! It shall be mine! They also have more subtle colours but I want black.

What's on your wishlist this week?

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