New Year, New Me, lol joke

 Beanie: Beechfield via Ebay
Hoodie: Primark Men's
Bomber Jacket: Primark
Tee: Monki
Topshop Jamie Jeans
Nike Roshe Runs
ASOS rose gold watch*

001: This is my very last outfit post of 2014! It's been an on/off year for the outfit side of things. The truth is, I spend 70% of my time either in pyjama or tracksuit bottoms. I apologise but not really! My cousins are staying over this week and I grabbed the eldest (she is 13) to take these photos. To begin with they were so bad and not "bloggable" at all haha but she got it in the end! Not bad for a kid, ay?!

002: Today is New Years Eve so everyone is apparently going to wake up as a brand new person tomorrow morning? Me? Well I am going to spend more time doing what I love, spending time with family and not giving a damn what people think. I'm kidding. I'M NOT CHANGING! I hope you all have a lovely new years though. I never do much - always stay in with my parents and sister and chill. Except this year I am babysitting my cousins. I took them bowling today (I tragically non-puposely lost) and we ordered pizza hut for dinner so i'm obviously the world's best cousin right now. Go me!

003: I am having a bit of tough time at the moment but I don't want to go too into detail. I am just trying to keep strong and positive but sometimes it is hard to do that when it feels as if the world is about to end.

004: My year has ended somewhat perfectly though apart from the bad news late last night. Yesterday afternoon I went to meet someone who has meant a lot to me for five years. I will talk more about this soon but I couldn't stop smiling all of yesterday as the best things in life happen unexpectedly! I had a really lovely adventure in London. We walked around the streets of Brick Lane and Shoreditch and then ended up at St Pauls to walk around the Tate Modern followed by dinner :-)

Stay safe tonight kids and all the best for 2015!
A x

2014 Work: Ashleigh Dougherty Photography

Hi everyone! I thought it would be nice to sit down and reflect on my year in several categories. The first one will be a look at some of my work I have created in 2014. I am a fashion photographer incase you are unaware or are new to my blog. I primarily shoot menswear fashion but I may switch things up in 2015; who knows!

Bit of a selection here...

My BOYS series began in March 2014 when I was given my FMP brief at Uni. I somehow came up with a plan to shoots boys and eventually use the photographs I created and get them printed into a newspaper. When I look back at who I was and the work I was creating back then, I can't help but cringe a little as the me then and the me now are two very different people. I am a whole load more confident, more experienced and more focused on where I see myself and my work going. I have had a few knock backs in life but have always picked myself up, dusted off and tried again and that is the best way to be!

I am not going to feature all of my work as there would be a LOT and the blog post would simply go on for days on end but I have picked out some of my favourite shots. I hope you enjoy! It will be interesting to do this post again in December 2015 and compare the work my future work to my older work.. and possibly cringe some more!

The first boy I ever shot was a boy called James. I felt under a lot of pressure as this was for my Uni FMP and James was from quite a big agency. James was a dream to work with and since that sunny day in East London when we shot together, I have been so motivated in building my BOYS project and for that I thank him.

I have a publication coming out later this month in Carnival Magazine featuring my editorial titled Brighton Boy. I am incredibly proud of this editorial as I collaborated with a makeup artist who understood the brief I sent her straight away and I actually styled the shoot myself. Carnival Magazine have also interviewed me for the magazine about my work so definitely keep your eyes peeled for Issue 03 that I am featured in! Here is some of that editorial..

I then worked with a new agency and shot a beautiful boy called Cameron. Again, a dream to work with. I had my first problem in terms of my imagery of this shoot being stolen which was definitely an experience to learn from but it was all sorted in the end! I was incredibly lucky with the weather on this day as I remember it being very warm meaning I could work a lot with shadows and contrast.

Then we move onto the gorgeous Lance. Another brand new agency and probably one of my favourites! I ended up shooting quite a few models from this agency and have become quite good friends with the booker so that is always a plus! Lance was such a polite boy from the country side so it was lovely talking to him and comparing our lifestyles which were very different. I am a city girl and he is a country boy...

Next we will move onto everyone's favourite man I've shot.. Treve Stevens. Treve was one of the easiest people I have worked with in terms of he knew what images he wanted by the end of the shoot and when we compared our mood boards via the booker it turned out our ideas were completely the same. Bulls Eye! Treve I know is doing incredibly well at the moment so it was a pleasure to contribute towards his expanding portfolio.

And finally I'll wrap up this post with my two favourite shoots I shot towards the end of this year. Agaaaain, another brand new agency and two great models. I collaborated with a full team this time (MUA and stylist) and am happy to say we got some great images. Here's Wouter and Arthur...

I am so, sooo excited to see what I end up doing in 2015 with my work. I would like to see myself maybe working with even bigger model agencies, working with more teams of people regularly and maybe even begin to work with girls. I can't explain the love I have for what I do. It's been my passion since I was 14 and has seen me studying it at sixth form, college and Uni and now I am freelancing and couldn't be happier.

Don't forget to check out my website! I add a lot of video work and shoots that I don't necessarily advertise on social media.

Let me know what you would like to see more of in 2015... more boys or are you intrigued to see what my girls work would look like?

What I Got For Christmas

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas. It was our first Christmas this year where our parents were married (they got married in October) so it was very special! We have also spent it at home including Boxing Day. We would usually visit family but decided to do things differently this year. It's been super nice staying at home and not having to dress up! We have all worn Christmas jumpers (apart from my Dad, bah, humbug!) which have cleverly covered up our fat bellies full of good food, drink and chocolate.

I thought I would do a little post to show you what my family bought me. I have been absolutely spoilt this year and I am in no way trying to brag. I just personally like reading these types of posts myself and it's always nice to prolong the Christmas blog posts!

My main present was an iPad mini which I had no idea I had got! We always get a main present. I either wanted an iPad mini or a new compact camera and my parents told me we would go out to get either one after Christmas so I honestly had no idea it was sitting wrapped up under the tree! I'm so excited about it as it means I don't have to keep carrying my Macbook around with me for browsing blogs etc. Sooo happy with it!

Below are a selection of some more gifts I got from family. I got Honey by Marc Jacobs last year and it has remained one of my firm favourite perfumes so I was really happy to get another bottle this year. I also got another bottle of One Direction's perfume which I LOVE!

As you can see I got some really lovely gifts this year and I am super happy and grateful for them all! Christmas is always a lovely time of year and as much as receiving gifts is lovely, I do actually enjoy buying gifts for people and watching their faces as they rip open the paper to reveal what's inside. I got my sister personalised nutella this year which was a job in itself queuing in Selfridges for but I eventually got to the front of the queue! I also got her lots of pug related things as she's obsessed with pugs! I also got my mum some massaging slippers and some knitwear from Monki which seemed to go down well!

I hope you have all had an AMAZING Christmas!

The Weekend Before Christmas

I've not only been a bad blogger this year but I've been bad with the festive period. I've still not done anything remotely Christmasy. Winter Wonderland is out of the question! We are now 6 sleeps away from Christmas Day and I've still got 4 people to buy presents for. I've never been so unorganised in my life! I am braving the shops tonight to try and get it all done in a couple of hours. I must be mad. Wish me luck!

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