Introducing a skin revelation. Meet: Sk:n

Let's face it; unless you're a celebrity earning thousands every day or a footballer's wife, we will never have 100% perfect skin. There will always be those little imperfections that nobody else notices as much as you do. From acne scarring to freckles and moles; you are born with them and they are a part of you. Learn to love yourself! However, in the most extreme of cases, we are fortunate enough to live in an era that offers super hi tech technology which can remove those little imperfections. Let me introduce you to Sk:n - a dermatological company that offer lots of different treatments so you can feel happier in your skin. Mostly famous for its laser hair removal procedure.

Sk:n only employ the most experienced of doctors to work with their clients so you can be sure that you are in the best care available. There are three stages when going for a treatment at Sk:n.

Step one: The in-depth consultation. You will meet your skin care expert who will go through the options and procedures available to you..

Step two: The treatment. Sitting/laying comfortably, your treatment will now begin. You will be in complete care and comfort and can call a break if you wish!

Step three: The aftercare. After your treatment, you will get support from your doctor and anyone else involved in your treatment process.

What treatments do Sk:n offer?
Acne treatments, Teenage skin care, Anti-wrinkle injections (botox), Laser hair removal, Laser tattoo removal, Minor skin procedures such as: Birthmark removal, Mole removal, Wart removal, Rejuvination procedures such as: Leg and facial thread veins, skin peels and more surgical procedures such as: Laser resurfacing.

Book your FREE consultation now! 

XO love, Ashleigh x
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six months

Just before Christmas, Groupon kindly gifted me some credit to buy anything I wanted. I originally wanted to use it towards something for Valentine's day but many restaurants and hotels were excluding any bookings for that weekend. So my account was credited for seven months but I finally found something!

21st May saw mine and my boyfriend's "half a year" anniversary and whilst browsing on Groupon, I came across a really good deal... available for the 21st May! We booked a 12 course taster menu at 'The Crazy Bear' which is a posh, swanky restaurant in Central London (Goodge Street Station is the closest) which cooks modern Thai and Chinese food. We have a bit of a thing for oriental food; being regulars at Wagamamas so we just had to book this! This is the outfit I wore which I posted about yesterday.

Groupon deal*
12 plate tasting at crazy bear

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a lovely lady who signed us off the reservation book (we booked for 7pm) and we were shown to an area of the restaurant which only had one other couple in. However, it was near enough fully booked by 8pm. Leather sofas, wine glasses, mirrored lamps and dim lighting. It was something truly special. A waiter made sure to fill our glasses with water every now and then but we also got cocktails! Although  little pricey at £15 PER cocktail; they were definitely something else! I went for an apple, grape and grey goose vodka one which was the strongest alcoholic drink I've ever had. I had to order a lemonade to dilute it down! Andrew ordered a strawberry one which he seemed to enjoy :)

The food consisted of a 12 course taster menu to share which was definitely filling and VERY yummy! I'm not a big sea food eater but I found myself eating prawns and shrimps without batting an eyelid. Pat on the back for me! Once settled down we were presented with shrimp crackers with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. We were then presented with steamed edamame with chilli powder and rock salt on top, alongside prawn toast and more chilli dipping sauce. Next we moved onto pork and prawn shuimai and soy, chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce (wasn't too keen on this!). The next dish was crispy vegetable spring rolls, chicken breast curry with Thai baby aubergines, crispy duck salad with pomegranate and roasted cashews. With this we had Thai noodles with tiger prawns, bean sprouts and spring onions and jasmine rice. And my personal favourite being dessert; vanilla cheesecake with Thai water chestnuts and sauteed blackberries. Yum!

You hungry yet? ;)

I had a lovely night and I really recommend The Crazy Bear! Although a little daunting at first, I would use Groupon in the future. They have some really good deals on there some days! Some better than others!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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wish want wear

dress: Traseau dress via Wish Want Wear*
shoes: primark
clutch: h&m

Let's face it... as a student with two retail jobs and a little blog on the internet, I am never going to be able to afford designer dresses, shoes and handbags; unless I win the lottery which I never do or possibly land my dream job writing for a fashion magazine in New York City. Well, now things change 'cos I can wear designer dresses and Chanel handbags; thanks to the wonderful website Wish Want Wear

Wish Want Wear contacted me last week introducing the company and asked if I would like to hire out a designer dress. Well, on a quick scan of the email, I left it to be replied to a little later on.. simply because I thought it couldn't be that simple! Hiring a designer dress?! For super cheap?! Hmmmm!

The  online dresses to hire at Wish Want Wear have a wide range and I was surprised to find a lot that I liked. They offer dresses for every occasion including: prom, dinner dates, weddings and lunch with the girls. There's something for everyone! 

On Tuesday evening, my boyfriend whisked me off to central London for a 12 course taster menu (more to come on a different post!) to celebrate 6 months together (we're lame like that). I wore the dress I had chosen from Wish Want Wear which is worth a whopping £330... but you can hire it for £55 for 4 days or £95 for 8 days! Amazing! It arrived clean but needed an iron. I absolutely love the sequined sleeves and the thick material. It really does feel luxurious! They offer next day delivery, and they even include a pre-paid postage packet so it's free to return the dress!

The customer service I received from Wish Want Wear was so, so good. I will definitely consider returning to the website for a dress for a big occasion. I have a wedding coming up in August so I definitely will!
Disclaimer: Any items marked with an asterix (*) are sent to me for reviewing purposes, but this does not affect my overall opinion. Wish Want Wear are a really good website I would buy from with my own money. Even though I have had the privilege of trying out their website and hiring a dress for free, it's down to my discretion whether I want to feature such companies/brands/products on my blog. In this case, I really recommend them and would use them in the future (paid with my own money).
XO love, Ashleigh x
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hefty instagram catch-up!

Me & Andrew in Brick Lane, L-R: brick lane, levi shorts, stuffed minced peppers, popcorn and the walking dead, cake international, deadlines!, assisting a friend's shoot, jamie oliver's restaurant, wagamamas, feet, zizzi's, editing my work, selfie #1, h&m dress, goodie bag from Shoot me fab team, green eyes, perfect day in, primark dress, seek and revive vintage sale, selfie #2, gift from waiste, outfit of the night - dress from she likes, me and my friend kayleigh, white kit-kat, lunch in GBK with mumma, baking mumma's birthday cake, sleepy maisy, outfit, finishing uni work, levi 501's, half a million blog views!, feta cheese tartette (recipe post to come!), oreo cornetto, picnic with my boy, coast event, favourite trousers from next*, uni work FINISHED, swooning with gosling!, happy happy happy!
 It's only when I do these types of posts that i realise how much food me and my boyfriend eat. Ooops #noshame.

I've been suuuuuuuuuuuuuper busy over the past few months trying to finish all my uni work whilst balancing that with blogging, attending events, design work and working. It's been tough, a horrible journey but I am glad to say it's OVER. I finished Uni yesterday and I've never felt better. I've been feeling quite crap about myself for a few weeks and finally told someone about it and now I feel a million gazillion times better. I am going to do a post about my first year of Uni and how I feel about it now compared to when I was clueless a year ago. I have a lot to write!

I have some really exciting news; for me anyway! I have a new job! It was really unexpected as I only applied about a week ago, got an interview within a couple of days and then got offered the position on interview day. Yipppeee! It's a job in a high street fashion store although I feel weird revealing what one! I am still going to keep my other job and give the whole balancing two jobs now I've finished Uni till September a go. Hopefully I don't end up going grey from stress!

XO love, Ashleigh x

#BrightNewThings Coast Blogger's Event

Last week, I was invited along to the Coast store in Oxford Circus for a little bit of dressing up including a hair and face makeover! I'm hopeless with my hair and never do anything with it. It's just a case of wake up, quick brush, 'a poof up' and I'm good to go.

I picked out an amazing green coloured dress in the usual style I'd got for and the on set stylist picked out a bling bling necklace and some amazing heels in a watercolour floral print to go with the dress. A lovely lady did my makeup using Bare Minerals makeup. She used the softest brush EVER(by Dior I believe) to set my powder! We then moved onto hair. It was transformed into a 40's style with two rolled quiffs and loose, bouncy drop curls towards the ends of my hair; fixed with a billion bobby pins and hairspray! Obviously I kept it in for as long as possible; feeling sooo glamorous on the train home!

Coast is a high street brand higher up on the scale for price but with a little more luxury. It's not a brand I am particularly familiar with nor have I ever stepped foot in; but it's a shop I would definitely re-consider. They stock some really beautiful dresses; particularly some that are perfect for Summer weddings! You definitely feel like you're purchasing/trying something on really special when you're in Coast. I did, anyway!

^ My hair and the lovely outfit :)
Thank you so much to Sherin for inviting me, Bare Minerals for the lovely makeup used on my face and Coast for the invitation!

XO love, Ashleigh x

New work: 'Dreamy Love'

The project brief was just a digital project meaning the images had to be digital but I could go down any route in terms of genre. I decided as always to shoot my favourite type of photography; that being fashion/portraiture/editorial. I love free reign projects. I fee like I get involved in them so much more!

I decided to use floral head crowns supplied by the lovely Crown & Glory and use my sister as the model for the whole project! She is quite tall, with a pale complexion and long hair. When testing my ideas, she reminded me of a cherub so I went along with that theme and here are the test shot outcomes. I'm really happy with these! The only things I changed for the final shoot was the colour of the head crown and the location. 


makeup & photography: Ashleigh Dougherty
model: Louise Hatchard
dress: ASOS
floral headcrowns c/o: Crown & Glory*


For the final shoot, it was about a month ago when we had rain in London non-stop and then one day it was gloriously sunny so it was SHOOT DAY!! We headed to our local forest and when I say we.. my mum and dad decided to help! Even the dog came along! The car was loaded with makeup, a fur coat to keep my sister warm, biscuits to keep us going and a big bag of camera gear.

What do you think? 

XO love, Ashleigh x

New work: 'Submerge'

"You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there."

Here is some of the work I have shot for my last semester at Uni this year. The hand in date is next week so I can finally share these now I have them printed! The project brief was titled 'Experimental'.

So you may remember the test shoot I did a few months ago which is for the same project. I liked the outcomes but didn't LOVE them so began to think of more ideas and concepts. That was then when I was talking to a friend about this project and became inspired by the raunchy but editorial photos of Cara Delevingne shot for Love Magazine alongside Kate Moss and Chloe Moretz. They were shot in a bath with coloured water completely naked but tasteful.

I worked with my friend Kayleigh who was sooo easy to work with. She was up for anything and wasn't shy or awkward infront of the camera which was perfect for this kind of shoot. I want to keep it to myself how I achieved the images and how I made the water look the way it does etc as I'm an artist and sometimes you have to keep quiet! 

Here are the final outcomes: 


What do you think? 

XO love, Ashleigh x